In the decade since it’s release on the PS4, this game has defined the gaming landscape of the early 21st century.  First released in 2055, the game is a single player game that allows the player to take on different quests in the Monster Hunter universe.  The player has the option of playing as one of 15 different characters, each with their own personality and set of skills.  The player can also choose from 3 different difficulty settings.  Depending on the difficulty setting, the player might be forced to go through the game with only one life, similar to the first generation of games.  This is definitely the most difficult challenge, but it gives the player a new perspective on how to play the game.  There

With the overwhelming success of their last collaboration, one expects the team-up of Monster Hunter and Godzilla to be on par with the most successful blockbuster films of all time, or at least better than the World War Z sequel. It’s a little surprising then, to find the latest joint venture from this prolific partnership to be, well, kind of a disappointment.

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Capcom returns to the Nintendo platform for its next big series

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It’s no secret that most major video game franchises come from Japan. From Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda to Pokémon and Resident Evil – hit video games and Japanese developers have become associated terms, and rightfully so. But some franchises take longer than others to establish themselves. Capcom is known worldwide for its fighting games and other franchises like Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) and the already mentioned Resident Evil (Biohazard, as it is known in Japan). Monster Hunter, however, has always been a niche game. Although the game’s fan base has always been strong, Kill-Big-Toothy-Things-And-Make-Shiny-Things has always had a high barrier to entry; this, combined with gameplay that was unique among action games at the time, prevented Monster Hunter from gaining wider acceptance and becoming a game.

But that changed when Capcom released Monster Hunter World. Its initial release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC marked a new era for the franchise. Monster Hunter World is selling fast in stores. It became the best-selling game in Capcom’s 40-year history. But what led to such a drastic change in a franchise that has remained largely unchanged since its initial release on the PlayStation 2 system in 2004? Remember the high barrier to entry he was known for? Capcom has decided to lower that number. It was a pretty big risk for the developer, but it paid off well. We will return to this subject in the near future.

The premise and story of Monster Hunter Rise is very much in line with the franchise’s brand, which means there’s not much going on. This accusation is not entirely accurate, but it is also not far from the truth. I would like to preface the rest of this review with the following: If you’re playing Monster Hunter Rise for the story, you’re doing it wrong. So the story goes like this: You are a new hunter, which means you have been given the authority and privilege to protect your home, the village of Kamura. After receiving a promotion from the Viverian twins, Hinoa and Minoto, you learn that there are signs that the rebellion is returning. This disaster is a reenactment of most of the other Monster Hunter disasters around which the plot is built, and refers to the event where huge hordes of monsters suddenly attacked Kamura and nearly wiped it off the face of the earth. The rest is a copy and recreation of Monster Hunter, in that there is a specific monster (in this case Magnamalo, a wyvern with horns like a Japanese Kabuki mask) that serves as the game’s mascot, and you must hunt it down and beat it to a pulp with a weapon of your choice. That’s about all there is to say about the plot of Rise, but don’t be disappointed: Now we come to the heart of the matter!

What has attracted Monster Hunter fans for so long is the addictive gameplay and ever increasing difficulty. The cycle is simple: You are tasked with finding a particular monster, going after it, and cutting up its carcass to make material. When you return to your base – in the case of Rise, it’s the village of Kamura, but this applies to all entries – you can use these materials chopped from the forge to forge armor and weapons from that particular monster. But that’s where this cycle really comes in: You won’t get all the parts you need to make the five pieces of this armor set (head, chest, arms, waist, and legs) or new weapons the first time you try to fight this monster. You’ll have to hunt him down a few times before you have all the materials for your new gear. This is especially true when you upgrade to a higher hunter rank and the monsters become significantly stronger. New materials are dropped by monsters of high level and higher when you cut through them. This allows you to unlock and forge their armor into high-level versions, or upgrade and perfect their weapons over their lower-level counterparts. Some materials have a small drop rate, so you’ll have to pray to RNGesus to get the part you need. In addition to the standard equipment, you also have Charas and Petals. Amulets are secondary armor for the sole purpose of gaining an additional skill, be it another V attack power or resistance to paralysis, etc. Petalace is a brand new piece of tertiary gear that uses the new Spiribird mechanic when hunting, allowing players to increase their strength. Spyberds are found on all maps and increase HP, stamina, attack or defense depending on the type of Spyberd you collect, and different Petalace value the Spyberd boost differently.

Once you get past tutorial mode (lower rank) and start playing Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll want to do more than just make weapons and armor for your travels. This is a multi-faceted goal, as most kits have pros and cons of items, as well as bonuses for the kit’s capabilities. If the resistance or weakness of the fire element is simple, the abilities are much more subtle and varied. Skills such as attack acceleration are explicit and increase your base attack speed by X units for each skill level. With earbuds and Quake Resistance, two of the franchise’s most valuable skills, you can withstand the roar of large monsters or earthquakes. This is important because these effects stop you in the middle of the attack and give you a chance to take out your fighter. Other skills can protect you from the effects of conditions like poison or paralysis, or make it easier to destroy parts of large monsters, for example. For example, cutting off tails or breaking horns. This is an essential part of hunting and crafting, because for rare materials you usually have to break down parts of the hunted object to have a chance to craft it later. It is important that all these factors are taken into account when hunting an animal to ensure the best chance of success. If you get slaughtered three times (the typical number of kills awarded to a player), you won’t succeed in the quest, and nobody wants that.

Now that that’s all behind us, let’s talk about the most important thing of all: the hunt. When you start a quest, you’ll be taken to a specific location, which changes depending on the quest in question, as each monster has its own environment in which it thrives. Your goal, before going to war against the big, scaly (or hairy), hideous specimens, is to take out your target. Most large monsters have standard habitats and territories where they patrol. So if your target is not in one place, it is probably on the move and can be found anywhere along its usual route. One of the quality of life improvements in Monster Hunter World is the lack of seams on the maps. Before World, the maps were divided into a dozen small numbered areas, each separated by a loading screen. The ability to move through the landscape with more freedom is one of the most welcome changes, but perhaps the most important is the range of moves players now have access to. Monster Hunter World gives players the claw to quickly grab monsters and inflict damage on them. This changed the game, especially for weapon classes that were much slower and less maneuverable, such as the spear, greatsword or hammer. In Monster Hunter Rise, the new feature is called Wirebug. The Wiredashing Beetle allows for incredibly agile maneuvers, both when moving through the landscape and in combat, and is called Wiredashing. The Wirebug meter is consumed during the wiring process, which will balance out over time. But quick attacks and dodges are now possible at the same time, and if you use them skillfully, they can make for a great combo and an impressive show.

Hunting is not just about swords and arrows. You can mount and ride a monster, which is especially useful if you have several large monsters in front of you. Once you’ve built up your strength to ride a Wyvern, you can saddle it up and ride it for a while. On your not-so-reliable horse, you can perform new actions, including simple strong and light attacks, smash the monster against another monster’s wall to do heavy damage, or hit the monster with a Horse Punisher attack to do massive damage and knock it over. Experienced hunters can use the trigger function in conjunction with a wire fly to trigger, reset and repeat for high damage ranges. These improvements in combat and non-combat mobility have significantly lowered the barrier to entry for new players to the franchise, growing the fan base.

Like every recent instalment in the series, Monster Hunter Rise is intriguing in its own right, but it really shines when you team up with friends and strangers online to battle fearsome monsters. It’s pretty simple, even for a Nintendo system: Just go to the Courier Felyne store in Kamura and choose the Online play option. From here you can search for or create a lobby, from where you can join a lobby created by a friend or ask them to join yours. Up to four players can form a hunting party together. The difficulty of the hunt increases with the number of players in a given quest, and the monsters become increasingly difficult to destroy. You should agree with your friends where each of you will focus your attacks, so as not to get in each other’s way. An equally important part of a successful multiplayer hunt is a balanced group in which each player takes on a different role, for example. B. Impose condition effects, stun a target, give group buffs with common items like demon powder or hardshell powder, or specialize in a class of hunting horn weapons (a bagpipe that hits like a bag of bricks). The three-death rule always applies in multiplayer hunts (unless otherwise stated in the quest) and applies to your entire team. So don’t be the player who catches the third car and ruins the hunt for your team.

One of the most appealing elements of Monster Hunter is the companion system – NPC characters you create yourself at the beginning of the game that accompany you on a single-player hunt. These companions come in the form of palikos (bipedal cats) and palamutes (fangs as big as those of wolffish – so of course they are bigger). Your companions can be customized at the beginning of the game, right after you create your character, and you can change things like their coat color, pattern, ear shape, tail type, etc. It’s incredibly entertaining, but its utility goes far beyond aesthetics. Palamut and Paliko have their own weapons and armor that can be made in Druzhka’s Forge, next to the Equipment Forge. And even if the buddies’ equipment isn’t as deep as the hunter’s, it’s still important that they’re properly equipped to avoid a head-on collision. The Paliko have been an important character in the series from the beginning, but their role has grown significantly in the last few episodes. In Monster Hunter Rise, when you create your Palico, you can choose a role that ranges from an attack-oriented bomber to a healer and helper that increases your survivability while hunting.

Palamut is a new feature in Monster Hunter Rise. As with the Palico, you configure your Palamut before you start the game for the first time. You will not assign a role to your dog, as he must be DPS oriented by nature. Your Palamute companion has its own controls and tactics to help you in battle, as well as skills that can make hunting easier. The hunting lodge also has unique equipment. In addition to the standard armor, he also has a number of weapons with different properties. For example, with the Guard Parasol weapon, the Palamute can fend off incoming attacks, while with the Steel Fang you can grab the monster to divert its attention and open yourself up to attack. Palamutes also have access to unique Palamute rolls that provide additional bonuses: The distraction roll turns your attack dog into an aggro siphon. The scroll Heal Blade, when activated, heals all the inhabitants of the area as well as a few other people. But one of the best features of the Dodge is that it acts as a standard. A recurring complaint about the series is the slow card change, but if you have Palamut with you, you can jump on his back and move much faster. But not only that: You can keep sharpening your weapons, taking potions and mining materials while sitting on your lupine.

All of these factors should be considered before you begin your search. Going to the cafeteria and eating out is also important for health and stamina, as well as various other benefits. The theme of the dining room changes a bit with each entry, and at Rising, the theme is Dango. You can create custom Bunny Dango sets as presets to consume the most useful for your current search. Speaking of presets: Remember the need to make multiple suits of armor? Monster Hunter Rise allows you to create presets for your gear, so you can quickly switch between them. Proper preparation for the hunt will allow you to complete it and move on to the next rank if the requirements of your current rank are met. As you reach higher ranks, you’ll probably want to start thinking about your own skills, meant (pun intended) for hunting specific alt-dragons or apex variants of other monsters.

On a technical level, Monster Hunter Rise is very well designed. The limited hardware capabilities of the Nintendo Switch mean that the game runs at 30 frames per second, with a few instances of slight frame rate drops, but outside of those few instances the game runs as well as it can on the Switch at 30 frames per second. Rise’s predecessor on the Switch, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, was a step up from previous games on the 3DS. But after playing World, there was a big step back in terms of visual credibility. While still not World, Rise certainly looks better than Generations Ultimate, both in terms of textures and overall graphical quality. The shadows, general lighting and textures are pretty good for a Switch game with this visual style, but the foliage doesn’t move much, if at all. Of course, this is due to the economy of the console’s limited processing power, but it feels stagnant at times. It would have been much worse if the game hadn’t dropped leaves in some places to simulate a living environment. Monster Hunter has always had memorable melodies and sounds, and Rise’s sound design is no exception. Everything from the sound effects to the music design is immersive and appropriate to the setting. The theme and aesthetic of Rise is decidedly Japanese and traditional, and the music fully reflects this. The atmosphere in the game is excellent in each of the five existing locations, and the graphics, sound, and challenging but addictive gameplay make for another solid installment in the nearly two-decade-old franchise. And given Capcom’s habit of releasing free updates to Monster Hunter games, with everything from new monsters and special gear to brand new regions to explore, Monster Hunter Rise is sure to have stellar status and a great start.

Gameplay – 9.5
Difficulty/duration – 9.5
History– 8.5
Graphs – 9
Noise design – 8.5



The atmosphere in the game is excellent in each of the five existing locations, and the graphics, sound, and challenging but addictive gameplay make for another solid installment in the nearly two-decade-old franchise. And given Capcom’s habit of releasing free updates to Monster Hunter games, with everything from new monsters and special gear to brand new regions to explore, Monster Hunter Rise is sure to have stellar status and a great start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monster Hunter rise worth getting?

Monster Hunter is a game that is based in a world that has creatures known as monsters and hunters live in a small village known as Dundorma. The hunters hunt these monsters to collect items from them such as their hide, bone marrow and essence of life. In this game you start out as a hunter with no weapons or armour and you will have to kill monsters to get better weapons and armour to become stronger. This game is part of the PS Vita game line and is the first game that has been released for the PS Vita. Today, Capcom released the newest installment of its monster hunting series to the 3DS, and I’m going to review it. The game is called Monster Hunter Rise, and it is the latest installment in the long-running Monster Hunter franchise. In the game, you’ll play as a new hunter who’s just been invited to join the Val Habar hunting guild. The guild has been around for hundreds of years, and its members are tasked with hunting down monsters that have begun to terrorize the local populace. The game has more than 150 quests, and, according to IGN, it’s the most content-rich game in the series to date. This game is an RPG, and you’ll earn experience through the quests you take. You’ll also

Is Monster Hunter rise easier?

But is it easier then the other Monster Hunter Games? I’m going to be honest with you guys, I’m not sure. But I will tell you how it is different. There is a lot of hype about the latest installment of the monster hunter series, hunter rise. It has almost been a decade since the last monster hunter was released, and with the release of hunter rise, the expectations for the game were sky high. With that said, the game is a huge improvement over the previous installments, and although still not perfect, is a great game to play.

Is Monster Hunter rise as good as world?

The Monster Hunter series is one of those franchises that varies in quality from release to release. The first title was a solid action RPG, the second was a disappointing mess, and the third was a return to form. Generations, the fourth video release in the franchise, is a curious beast. The game is a compilation of sorts, featuring elements from past and future Monster Hunter titles. This hybrid of sorts makes the game a lot harder to judge. There has been a lot of speculation about this latest entry to the monster hunter series. It is the first time that the game has left its handheld roots and headed to the big screen. (Although it did begin as a game) The game is being released at a time when there is a lot of hype surrounding it as well. There was a lot of secrecy surrounding the new monster included in the game, and the game is being released shortly after one of the most successful movies of the year.

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