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I don’t know how you can wear these things. And by you, I mean the Mandalorians.

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In Faithful Mando, Mando and his friends are on their way to the New Republic Prison to rescue Mayfeld (Bill Burr). Cara uses his position in the Republic to take him under her tutelage, and although he reluctantly helps Mando at first, his knowledge of the Empire is useful. They go to the planet Morak, where Mayfeld says they can find a secret Imperial facility with a computer that can locate Moff Gideon. Din and Mayfeld command the Imperial truck and wear the correct uniform. So Boba, Cara and Fennec run and keep Slave 1’s engine on. Even this prevents them from entering the building safely, because pirates attack them and try to blow up their unstable cargo. One by one Mando eliminates them, and with each attack becomes more desperate. When they finally arrive, problems soon arise when Mayfeld is afraid that someone will recognize him and that circumstances may force Dean Jarin to betray his faith and show himself. That’s exactly what he does by having the Imperial computer scan his face to get the coordinates of Moffa Gideon. But the trial isn’t over yet. The officer starts questioning Dean about things like his CT number and his homeworld. Mayfeld replaces him and the officer takes them drunk and congratulates them on the only successful delivery of rhodonium, the explosive of the shipment. Mayfeld spends most of his time with an officer on subjects such as the military operations he has been involved in. In the end, the officer is too careless when he talks about the people he’s killed, and Mayfeld gets away with it. This makes things even more complicated, because he and Mando now have to get rid of everyone. As soon as they escaped and were safely aboard Slava 1, Mayfeld struck the freighter with extreme precision, set the rhodium on fire and took the entire ship with them. Eventually Kara decides to let him go and reminds him of the shame he felt when he died in the explosion. Mando sends Moff Gideon a message of obsession that reflects what Gideon said at the end of the first season.

It is amazing how good this series is without exception, but also how it always causes tension from one episode to another. I had sincerely hoped that Mayfeld would stay with the main characters long enough to get Grogu back, but it was a good way to get him back. After the prisoner’s events, Mayfeld seemed to be a fundamental character of the camp, with Mando’s chops simply being broken and offering humorous relief. And make no mistake, there’s a lot of that too; Kara’s report highlights the atmosphere of an episode of varying intensity and action. He also questions Mando’s choice to wear a helmet in general, but also goes into detail and reminds us that there is a difference between showing a face and taking off a helmet. However, it turned out to go deeper than we previously thought. It compares the journey of the Mandalorians and their warriors with that of the Empire and illustrates how their senseless wars destroyed and killed innocent bystanders. Seeing the closed and destitute faces of the children on their way to the imperial base, he reminded them that the Empire and the Republic are the same for the little people. I really liked this aspect of the series; I liked how the previous ones, especially the clone wars, deepened the failures that led to the collapse of the Republic; Mandalorians often explore the negative side of the New Republic and how little it benefits the people of the Outer Rim.

The Mandalorian himself is also great in the believer. I like the uncomfortable atmosphere when he sees Mayfeld again in the beginning, but the best is of course his beliefs (hence the name) and what he is willing to do to get Grogu back. I know I’ve said this before, but I’d be a little upset if he actually handed the baby over to a Jedi. First of all, they’ve already got us emotionally cuffed. If Mando and Grogu separate at the end of this season, I reserve the right to cry and I doubt if I will be alone. It would also be a disappointment from the point of view of the plot; it would take at least two whole episodes to get it back in one piece. I know the gunsmith wanted Groggy to go with someone like him, but I wouldn’t want him reunited with Mando just to hand him over to someone else. I also doubt he would have been safe with a Jedi himself; Mando has traveled all over the galaxy, and people still take Groga with them. I really like the way they started wearing mandalorian masks this season. First of all we finally got a statement that the Mandalorian faction of Mando is essentially a splinter group and that most of them are still taking off their helmets. He also crossed Boba Fett and Cobb Want, which did not correspond to the form Mando was accustomed to seeing in armour. In this episode he has to take off his helmet in the presence of other living creatures, which he has never done or done in the series since he assumed the faith. It’s a big dramatic moment, and it proves how much he’s willing to sacrifice for Grog. At first sight this sounds stupid, but in practice it means that in principle he will break all the rules of his faith to protect the child. And I liked the message he sent to Moff Gideon at the end; the way he sent his words back to his face gave me goose bumps.

A Believer is a great episode of Mandalorian chant, and great television in general. The episode looks and sounds good, but more importantly, it takes the characters in new and interesting directions. I’m really looking forward to next week, but until then I only have one question: Why was Fenneck looking at Mayfeld like that? What are you trying to say here? In any case, there is hope for a season finale worthy of this incredible season.

Plot – 10

Action – 10

Progress – 10

Production technique – 10

Action – 10



A Believer is a great episode of Mandalorian chant, and great television in general. The episode looks and sounds good, but more importantly, it takes the characters in new and interesting directions.

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