Horsemen of Justice is a Danish comedy about a man who wants revenge for the death of his wife. He was confronted by a motorcycle club of outlaws.

Writer and director Anders Thomas Jensen, lead actors Mads Mikkelsen (The Other Round, Chaos on the Way, Hannibal series), Nicolai Lee Kaas, Andrea Heik Gadeberg and Lars Brygmann.


Marcus, who must return home to his teenage daughter Matilda when his wife is killed in a tragic train accident. It looked like an accident until a mathematician, who was also a passenger on the train, and two of his colleagues showed up. Marcus begins to suspect that his wife has been murdered and goes in search of those responsible…..

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There is a great chemistry between the band members. It is the beating heart that drives the movement. He’s watched very closely, and while the action is often short and sweet, that’s not really the point. The Riders of Justice is a terrible mess and a great comedy. Backseat Mafia

Riders of Justice begins with a simple story of revenge. The connection between revenge and fate can easily be made in this sense, but the film’s themes of dark humor and an unconventional sense of delirium clearly show the man’s desperate condition. Select M for Movie

With a carefully crafted script that comes full circle and undeniable chemistry between all the actors, this hysterically funny villain comedy moves and entertains you in equal measure, leaves you pensive and warms your heart with deeply emotional and universally relatable moments. Riders of Justice is a story about the best and one of the best movies of the year. Loud and clear

Absurdist comedy is suited to the deconstruction of a vengeful plot. Just as Hamlet’s non-conformist temperament sends him in the direction of comedy, Jensen energizes the entire façade. Without losing sight of the violence – and sometimes the admiration for it – there is a deeper philosophical angle. See and hear

Often quirky and comedic, Jensen’s Justice Riders is also soulful. Grief is explored in a variety of ways, not just as a group complaint. Mads Mikkelsen may stand out here, but the entire cast brings a dynamic that makes the story perfectly bittersweet. UK Movie Review

While it’s a bit of a mixed bag in terms of tone, Justice Riders really hits the nail on the head with some dark humor and some tender moments. Featuring a brilliant cast, this Danish revenge thriller is Jensen’s quirky and surprisingly moving story. We got the Hulk.


In the US, Magnet Justice Riders comes out on the 21st. May 2021 publish.

The actors and characters:

Mads Mikkelsen… Marcus
Nicholas Lee Kaas… Otto
Andrea Heik Gadeberg … Matilda
Lars Brigman … Lennart
Nicholas Breaux… Emmentaler 19 Gustav Lind … Bodashka
Roland Moeller … Kurt 19 Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt… Sirius
Ann Birgitte Lind… Emma
Omar Shargawi… Palle Olesen / Aaron Nahas Shadid
Jacob Lohman … Kenneth
Henrik Noel Olesen… Noah (as in Henrik Noel)
Gustav Dykier Giese … Adrian (as Gustav Giese)
Klaus Hühler … Premier
-Rocker Peder Holm Johansen … Officer

Original title:

Knight Retfärdigedens

Technical details:

116 minutes


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