Pink: Love Story is a 2020 British horror film about a young woman with a cruel and sinister disease who lives in seclusion with her husband. But the arrival of a stranger shatters the fragile protection they have built. Do you know how easy Rosa is

Directed by Jennifer Sheridan from a script by Matt Stoko, the film also stars Sophie Rundle, Nathan McMullen and Olive Gray.

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The real star of Rose’s show is her script. I mean, there’s a twist or a revelation, but the truth is, if you focus on it, it won’t be a big surprise. It’s very well done, very scary and gave me that warm feeling inside that only a good horror movie can give. Media addiction

Martina Knitter’s photography creates a tangible sense of fear and accentuates the feeling of claustrophobia. Both make a strong impression, especially Stoko, who also wrote the script. Pink: Love Story is an intelligent and beautifully made film by a talented director. Backseat Mafia

Pink: The love story is a bold, almost Tarkovskian attempt to integrate nature and environment into a story about human dilemmas. Beautifully shot and with subtle but powerful performances from Randle and Stokoe as husband and wife, the final scene gives away almost too much; this is a film that works with abstractions and nuance. The dark eyes of London

The tight framing and cinematography reinforce the sense of closure and isolation. The public is stuck with them. The result is that you never doubt the decisions they make, because of the connection with the characters. No matter how dangerous or absurd they may seem in this situation. Flickflack

A shot at the Powys that has always perfectly represented the middle of nowhere, Rose: Love Story is an example of the silent horror that British film (and, in the 1970s, British television in particular) is so good at. He approaches his subject with care, gentleness, and love, and the result is a moving and thoughtful work that we highly recommend. House of mortal cinema

His frame of emotional collapse under isolation borders on the prophetic, and his use of a covered face is completely inexplicable. The confident, melancholy meditation on obsessive love and forced guardianship in this self-aware debut is worth exploring for those who enjoy grounded, cerebral horror. Movies for people

Everything is delivered with confident patience, from Martina Knitter’s forest photography to Cato Hoeben’s understated score. Beware, Rose’s subtlety will not please everyone. I struggled a bit in the first half of the movie to figure out what was going on, and I encourage everyone to calmly watch what’s going on….. Finished stable cut

Both main characters are sweet and kind, with steely seriousness under their belts when things turn and turn. Playing into the undeniably jaded but determined mindset of a family facing a chronic illness, it’s an interesting exploration of what it means to love someone unconditionally. Movie We Speak


Pink: Love Story will take place on Monday the 5th. April 2021, digital release by Signature Entertainment.

The actors and characters:

Sophie Rundle… Pink
Matt Stoco … Sam 11-9 Nathan McMullen… Driver
Olive Grey… Amber
Boadicea Ricketts … Salesperson

Technical details:

86 minutes


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