There’s no doubt that the royal family has a very important place in our society, yet the public image of the royal family has not always been a positive one. The British monarchy is a particularly fascinating one, as it is filled with famous and controversial figures over its 200-year existence. While there are many famous and/or infamous members of the royal family, the queen herself is a somewhat controversial figure. Many people see her as the personification of the monarchy, yet there are many who don’t.

For those of us that haven’t been paying attention for the past few years, it may have seemed like the British Royal Family has slumped into obscurity. However, if you were to ask The Royals Expert, the answer is a resounding a Yes.

The only way to find out if she values monarchy or Prince Harry more is if she chooses one or the other. Both options would be a huge step back, and would shake the very foundations of the monarchy. However, it is not easy to know which royal is more important to the Queen and her country.. Read more about prince harry wants to return to uk and let us know what you think.

Queen Elizabeth Observers of the Royal Family were taken aback when it was reported that Queen Elizabeth did not attempt to convince her grandson, Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex, to return to the United Kingdom.

Instead, Her Royal Highness seemed to be allowing Harry, Meghan Markle, and their son Archie to distance themselves from the rest of the family. 

As a result, several have expressed their skepticism. Is the monarchy more important to the Queen than Harry and his family? 

The startling solution has finally been disclosed by a royal family specialist! 

Elizabeth’s Emotions Over Megxit Revealed by a Royal Family Expert

When Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle initially announced their intention to leave their jobs as members of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth was said to be taken aback.

The announcement, now known as Megxit, was made in January 2020.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, revealed their intentions to the whole world, not just the royal family. And their Megxit declaration was met with a rebuke from the Palace.

Harry and Meghan announced their intention to “step aside as senior members of the royal family” in their statement. They claimed at the time that they would split their time between the UK and North America.

But the couple’s shocking news didn’t stop there.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have expressed a wish to become financially self-sufficient.

Children growing up and supporting themselves now get praise in non-royal households. However, Harry’s remark for financial independence sparked a rift between him and his royal cousins inside the royal family.

And now, according to royal analyst Matthew Dennison, Elizabeth made a decision when Harry announced his “bye, Felicia” statement.

Following Megxit, Elizabeth had to choose between supporting the monarchy and siding with her grandson, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle. 

According to Us Weekly, Dennison remembers precisely what occurred in the days after Harry and Meghan’s departure announcement. The royal family specialist and author of “The Queen” portrays Queen Elizabeth as “sad and disappointed.”

Even though she battled with her emotions, Elizabeth was aware of her responsibility to her nation. 

Queen Elizabeth Has to Make a Tough Decision About Prince Harry, Her Grandson

Queen Elizabeth has not lost her capacity to make fast judgments at the age of 95. As a result, she decided to take away both Harry and Meghan’s “royal highness” titles. Elizabeth supported the monarchy above her grandson and his wife in this way.

“It is the desire of my whole family that today’s arrangement would enable them to begin creating a joyful and peaceful new life,” Elizabeth said.

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That remark, according to royal family analysts, is a means for the Queen to reconcile her connection with her grandson while still supporting the Palace. 

However, that bridge was soon burned in two ways. 

First, Prince Harry and Meghan stated that they regarded their leave of absence as a permanent position rather than a temporary one.

Second, after allegedly “saddening” the queen with that remark, Harry and Meghan started talking about their mental health issues.

According to a royal source, their talks with the media resulted in the Queen holding “continuous crisis meetings.” 

As a consequence of Megxit and the ongoing insults that have been directed at her since the interview aired.

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The life of a royals is a hard one. The pressure of being the most powerful person in the world, the scrutiny of the media, the constant reminders of how important you are. But, unlike the life of a regular person, they have a lot of money to fall back on. And, they also have a whole family who will take care of them and look after them when they need them. So, is Queen Elizabeth the most important figure in the world? Does she have more power than even the President of the United States? Or, does she just get a paycheck every month? We’ll let you answer that for yourself!. Read more about uk royal news and let us know what you think.

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