News from the Royal Family of Prince Harry and Megan Markle shows that Prince Harry and Megan Markle hoped to start a new life in Los Angeles after the controversial announcement of their mega-course, but so far it has not worked out as planned. Here are five things that have happened so far that Harry and Megan didn’t expect after moving to the Golden State.

#1 Global coronavirus pandemic

As many fans of the royal family know, Prince Harry and Megan Markle had big plans to build their own royal empire after the seismic announcement that they would hand over their duties to the royal family. However, the global pandemic, i.e. the coronavirus, forced the couple to press the pause button in their plans. Harry and Megan had to stay home in Vancouver for a few weeks before moving to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, by order of California, they’re still at home.

#2 Paparazzi follow every movement they make.

If Prince Harry and Megan Markle don’t hide the fact that they want their son Archie Harrison to grow up as a private person, that can’t happen in Los Angeles. Harry and Megan have only been in the City of Angels for a few weeks, and the paparazzi have already managed to capture all their movements, including a short walk the couple took with the dogs on the trail in front of their home. Sooner or later the paparazzi can photograph the whole Sussex family when they least expect it.

#3 The royal family still needs it at home.

According to royal experts and biographers, Prince Harry and Megan Markle County for a better life in North America during the global pandemic may have been the worst time for the couple. Because with the coronavirus crisis in Britain, the royal family needs Prince Harry more than ever. Because many high-ranking members of the royal family, such as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, are quarantined for the coronavirus, only Prince William and Kate Middleton can strengthen it and give the rest of the monarchy extra work.

#4 Unopened Hollywood doors

Before Megan met Harry, she was the star of cable television costumes. And while she only became famous after dating the prince, Megan has starred in several films, but in this case she was never the protagonist or even an important character. While Megan Markle supposedly hopes to play a big part in a big-budget Hollywood project, this hasn’t happened yet. In fact, some critics think this is not happening at all, because Megan does not have the A-list status that some other actors do. So far, the only gig Megan has been able to get is working on a voice-over for a Disney+ documentary called Elephants.

#5 Assessment of the British tabloid

One of the main reasons why Prince Harry and Megan Markle decided to pack up and leave royal life in London for the sunniest and most beautiful days of Los Angeles is that they wanted to be financially independent and, yes, they also wanted more privacy. But the British tabloids and their critics, coming back to Britain, felt they couldn’t rely on celebrities living in Los Angeles to maintain a sense of privacy. No matter what Harry and Megan say or do, their critics will always have reason to criticise their actions, no matter what time zone they live in.

Don’t forget to catch up with the royal family. Check back here often for all the spoilers, news and updates from the royal family.

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