Harry and Meghan News from the British royal family reveals that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, or as they prefer to be called, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are rolling in 2020. Their last profitable deal was announced this week, a podcast deal with Spotify.

While they cheerfully broadcast a super cheesy introduction to their podcast, the enthusiastic couple refuses to reveal how many millions of dollars they have added to their bank account thanks to the streaming giant.

However, insiders believe the deal is worth tens of millions of dollars. But listeners of this exciting new series of Archewell Audio should not expect to know the exact payday, according to Royal Observer Katie Nicholl, who spoke with 9Honey.

Harry and Meghan’s deal is worth tens of millions, but they’ll never say.

Nicholl said: I’m sure the Sussex are deliberately trying to keep the monetary details of the deal secret, because they know of course that all these commercial transactions will lead to accusations of profit with their royal connections.

They know that. You must ensure that the parties are divided into groups.

Nicholl believes that their last performance represents a lot of money for a couple who left their family to get rich, and that it will probably be the same amount as their planned $100 million Netflix contract.

The clip of Meghan and Harry for the first episode of the Archewell podcast is out and people can’t help but laugh.

She went on to say: It’s gonna be a big deal, it’s gonna be a lot of money for them, because it’s Spotify – it’s just like Netflix, they went to the two big TV and audio giants, it’s a very smart move.

And yet the couple tried to play both sides, to be royal and yet not. When the two men left their roles as professional members of the British royal family, they swore to become financially independent, but it seems that they could not have done so without exchanging their royal nicknames. Harry and Mags just don’t have the same ring as, drum roll please, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Did Harry and Meghan’s effects help get the pile of money they were looking for?

And yet, despite their desire to be freed from the shackles of royal titles, they cannot bring themselves to shake off the shackles of their titles, which many consider to be everything to them in a famous and infamous world.

One of the main reasons I’ve heard they want to leave the royal family is freedom and financial independence, and they have both, Nicholl told 9Honey.

They are free to talk about whatever they want, and they make very big, life-changing business deals, which they absolutely wouldn’t be able to do if they were working for pay – not to mention the royal family’s penchant for signing a multi-million dollar contract with Spotify or Netflix.

It’s about making money. You have to make money. But would they have done it if it wasn’t for their principality?

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