Prince Harry The British royal family reports that there may be a fight between Queen Elizabeth and her wandering grandson, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in March. Then the Megxit agreement needs to be revised and a royal observer speculates on the potential of fireworks.

Last January, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided that they could no longer be active in the British royal family. This led to the so-called Meggsite agreement between the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. It is said that at least one of the provisions pisses off the Duke of Sussex, who feels cheated out of something that is rightfully his.

News Royal Family: Prince Harry wants to be in charge.

Prince Harry was stripped of his honorary titles when he decided to handcuff his family and country. A loss that makes sense to everyone except Harry, apparently.

The correspondent for the Daily Express Royal, Richard Palmer, tweeted: Harry is clearly unhappy with the loss of his military patronage, but there is no sign that this changes. His military protection is expected to be extended to other members of his family later in 2021.

Many sources say that the loss of his military ranks has been devastating for Harry, and he thinks they should come back after his assessment of Megxit. Yet Buckingham Palace has told the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they understand that they must withdraw from their royal duties, including formal military appointments.

News Royal Family: Is Harry getting what he wants?

Before leaving the Company, Harry had the titles of Captain in the Royal Marines, Honorary Commander of the Royal Air Force Base in Honington and Honorary Commander of Small Ships and Submarines in the Royal Naval Commands.

After leaving his military ranks, Harry complained in March to the commander of the Royal Marines, Matthew Holmes, that he had been destroyed: I’m devastated that I have to quit. I feel like I’ve let people down, but I had no choice.

That’s not true, Harry, and you know it. They had a choice between remaining king or becoming free as a bird. You choose the latter, and your later party of mercy is not suitable for someone who wants to be a warlord.

News Royal Family: Is Prince Harry’s mega-flux the biggest success?

Prince Harry’s popularity has plummeted since he fled the UK. This last dissertation is the result of a study in which an overwhelming majority of the respondents said that he should be excluded from the British royal succession. Harry is ranked sixth on the throne list, behind his father Prince Charles, his older brother Prince William and the three children of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

A survey by shows that 96% (6,132 people) think Harry should give up his place in the queue because he planted his circus tent in the United States.

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