Prince Harry News The British royal family has dropped the sensational revelation that Prince Harry has claimed a long-standing plan to return to the UK to see his family for a joint 12-month review of Meghxit.

When Harry and Meghan Markle relinquished their duties and roles as members of the royal family last year, it was on condition that Harry would later meet with his grandmother to renegotiate the arrangement. It was considered essential that all parties concerned review this unprecedented split to ensure that it complies with the spirit and the letter of the law. Apparently Prince Harry can’t come after all.

News Royal Family: Prince Harry drags his leg

The annual evaluation would take place on 31 December. Deadline: March 2021. A few days earlier, the newspaper had reported that the couple wanted to extend the transitional period. The message is more radical now: they just don’t want to show up at all.

Royal sources told the Mirror that Harry hasn’t made any new appointments yet, but it is to be hoped that he will soon.

News Royal Family: Prince Harry does not leave America

What is the purpose of the meeting? Presumably Harry wants to keep his privileges and patronage.

But senior advisors are reportedly worried about the speed with which the two men have swallowed appointments in the media, without a shred of relevant experience or training between them.

After they fled the UK, they didn’t waste any time drawing with Netflix, Spotify and the Harry Walker agency. The only thing that has been produced is a teaser podcast for 2020, at the very last moment, at the end of December.

Now that all communication and business channels are compromised, the courtiers of the palace will have to spend a lot of time trying to understand what Markle said to the Mirror.

News Royal Family: Prince Harry now lives large in Cali

The Sun revealed that Harry, Meghan, William and Kate had a very uncomfortable encounter when the Frosty Four got back together.

And Harry can gently come back when his grandmother intimidates him for his strange and inappropriate behaviour.

The source told the sun: There is a lot to say, not only about his political statements, but also about his visa situation in the United States.

News Royal Family: What will Prince Harry do in 2021?

In 2021, the royal family will experience several important events. If the guts aren’t there, he looks like a snob.

The year 2021 marks the 95th anniversary of the Queen’s 100th birthday. Birthday of Prince Philippe and inauguration of the statue of Princess Diana.
I think it would be very embarrassing if they met, Phil Dampier, author of Royal Suit: Harry and Meghan have learned, in their own words, The Sun Online.

I think they will be united at the unveiling of Diana’s statue, and I’m sure they will be united at the birthday party, but there will probably be a lot of tension behind the scenes.

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