For the first time since 2008. Unfortunately, the world will not be entertained by the new content of the MCU. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the MCU.

Well, here we are. 23 films in the most impressive franchise in the history of cinema. So why don’t we run through the memory? From the beginning. A few thoughts at every click, followed by a 5-star view.

Iron Man

Warden: John Favreaux. The cash register costs $585.2 million. Rotten tomatoes: 94%. Date of exemption : 2. May 2008.

The movie that started it all! Can you believe they originally wanted Tom Cruise to play a billionaire playboy? How crazy would that be? Is the MCU as effective as it is now? I don’t see Cruise playing Iron Man as well as Downey Jr. In fact, I think the treasurers of Disney and Marvel are probably crawling on all fours every day, and thank God he got that role. It was Favraux who convinced them that he was perfect after seeing the RDJ in the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang directed by the future director of Iron Man 3, Shane Black. Simple and clear, it’s the most important film of the century. It has literally changed the way we, the viewers, watch movies. It was a Hercules task, the idea of the MCU, but with the right advice and the perfect cast it all worked out. She even provoked a prickly hobby, a small circumcision at the end of the credits. Iron Man is well outdated and is one of the best MCU films of all time.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see Tony Stark at Burger King’s. I was never any good.


Incredible hull

Warden: Louis Leterre. Cash register: $264.8 million. Rotten tomatoes: 67%. Date of publication : 8. June 2008.

The de facto black sheep of the MCU family is also their long-forgotten solo film The Hulk, and today the only solo film The Hulk because of the rights to hire a character from Universal. I’d say that’s a gross understatement. In the first half of the film there are a lot of good things. Norton is ripe for the role, and Tim Roth in the role of Blonsky/Abomination is fantastic. It’s just that creative differences of opinion really destroyed him. Hulk is still the main character of the UCM, and it will be interesting to see where they take his character next. Looks like Ruffalo’s out of order.

How does he manage to stretch his pants? Maybe he was communicating with someone who was a little bit fantastic. ……….


Iron Man 2

Warden: John Favreaux. Cash register: $623.9 million. Rotten tomatoes: 73% Date of publication : 7. May 2010

If you’re following the most important movie of this century, it’s a pretty big gap to fill! Iron Man 2 suffers from what I call a lack of preparation. They had no idea what to expect from the original Iron Man, and when it became a global phenomenon, they quickly began to prepare for the inevitable sequel. I think this movie suffers from a chaotic plot and a hurried script. Yet he’s still a first-class MCU. It’s just like pizza. Even if the pizza is bad, it’s still pizza. They really start making peace here, with the mocking shield of the Caps and the big point of the Torahammer at the end. He was in such a hurry to spoil the great Mickey Rourke, and his finale only lasted a second. Blink and it’s over. To be honest, of all the MCU’s movies today, he might be the one with the least action.

Justin Hammer, played by the legend Sam Rockwell, is a glimmer of hope here, and I sincerely hope that the bird has been taken care of. All Ivan wanted was a friend and his bird.



Warden: Kenneth Branagh. Cash register: $449.3 million. Rotten tomatoes: 77%. Date of publication : 6. May 2011

I NEED A HORSE! One of the best supply lines in the entire MCU. Shakespeare’s story, so beautifully staged by Branagh, faithfully reflects the essence of the Asgard and his people, including their strength, greatness and mortality, but can also show a more modest and dignified part of their existence. Chris Hemsworth, like all the early members of the Avengers, was so beautifully abandoned, right next to Tom Hiddleton, just like his brother, the god of doom Loki. The two play so well together that Hiddleston stole the show. Without him and his picture of Loki, I’m not sure what will happen to the MCU. The ignorant side of the Torah is the driving force of the second half and there shines Hemsworth. This film really looks like a beautiful Asgard wine, it gets better and better with age.

Do you think they had pancakes at Asgard?


Captain America: First avenger

Warden: Joe Johnson. Cash register: $370.6 million. Rotten tomatoes: 80%. Date of publication : 22. July 2011

First on a unanimous MVP MCU! It was clear from the start that Chris Evans and his Captain America will be something special. Because of his charisma as a boy, because of his world-class heart, it was another role for which the actor was born who landed in him. I’d say his greatness is one of our greatest heroes, and every time we see him on the screen, it’s almost a different hat. His friendship with Sebastian Stan Bucky is special, and he hates bullies and especially Nazi hooligans with red skulls. Unfortunately, there was no difference of opinion between the two, but we now know that it is possible. The most brutal MCU undoubtedly clicks and experiences the most shocking death of the series when a person inhales the aircraft’s propeller. With the MCU, we couldn’t see him anymore.

This is the biggest problem of all MCUs, and it’s a big problem. Captain America, alias Steve Rogers, the virgin?



Warden: Joss Wadeon. Cash register: $1.519 billion. Rotten tomatoes: 92%. Date of publication : 4. May 2012

How much is this group photo worth? A billion? Two billion? The real team movie the world has been waiting for. It was planned 6 long years after Nick Fury was in Tony Stark’s living room telling him about the Avengers Initiative. It’s an MCU at its best, one of the best comics Disney and Marvel have ever made. She’s the one who bothered us the most with the mighty Tano who had the best punch in history. We hadn’t seen it in action for years, but it reminded us that Marvel had a plan and they would stick to it. The third act is the climax of the comic book, and The Avengers is a very important film for popular culture and what it meant to go to the movies.

I’ve always wondered what Pepper Tony was doing at the beginning of …… whispered in his ear.


Iron Man 3

Warden: Shane Black. Cash register: $1.215 billion. Rotten tomatoes: 79% Date of publication : 3. May 2013

Hollywood’s a round man. If it wasn’t for Shane Black, RDJ might not even be Iron Man. Considering that he wasn’t even the highest paid actor in the original, and that he now did everything he asked for and at the end of the trilogy could choose a director, it shows how important he was to MCU. For most fans, this film boils down to one thing: What do you think of the Mandarin twist? It didn’t look good for me, and the film is all clay. Shane Black brings some of his charm and comedy into the mix, but on the whole he seems so inferior to the original Iron Man again. But, hey, where’s your movie about a billion creeps, who cares?

You know how I know you’re still reading this? Because we’re connected. …..


Door: Black World

Warden: Alan Taylor. Cash register: $644.4 million. Rotten tomatoes: 66%. Date of publication : 8. November 2013

Someone has to finish last in the race, and unfortunately for Thor: Dark world, that’s the movie. I wonder what this movie would have looked like if Patty Jenkins had stayed as director? He just loses everything that made him special the first time, and that’s because of the change of director. It looks like a big shoehorn to introduce another stone from infinity into the MCU. It was great because it made the movie at least a little entertaining. He’s one of the fake loners of the MCU, and if you make 23 movies, it’s hard to make a home run every time, because there’s a weak villain, a terrible rhythm, and it’s not enough that Thor is an idiot.

Chris Evans must have won $500,000 in 30 seconds.


Captain America: Winter soldier

Warden: Anthony and Joe Russo. The cash register costs $714.3 million. Rotten tomatoes: 89%. Date of publication : 4. April 2014

Here comes the MVP again! The second phase of the MCU didn’t go as well as they had hoped. With these movies, and they had to come and get me. Come in, Captain America: Winter soldier. This film is like a tribute to the brilliant warmth of the MCU. It’s a fantastic spy thriller that gives us the best of the MCU friendship. The relationship between Bucky and Cap is so important that it sets this universe in motion. We met another couple that would take the MCU in a new direction, the Russo brothers. They were responsible for some of the best materials that caused a stir and delivered one of the best comic book sequences ever made. In my opinion, it is the best rewritable film in MCU.

When I run, I always talk with my left hand when someone runs.


Guardians of the Milky Way

Warden: James Gunn. Cash register: $773.3 million. Rotten tomatoes: 91%. Date of publication : 1. August 2014.

The losers are the MCU! You know you have a serious role if you can make a successful movie with a talking tree and a crazy yonota. But Marvel knew what they were doing then and nothing could stop them. Add to that a perfect cast and a director who really cared about the original material. The reason why GOTG works so well is the chemistry between all these fascinating characters. Each of them is unique in its own way, and they all shine at some point. He may have a weaker villager, but the guards carry that thing with the soundtrack to kick. We also see Tanos in action, based on the suspension of his power.

I think he’s my favorite Big so far.


Avengers: Ultrasonic age

Warden: Joss Wadeon. Cash register: $1.405 billion. Rotten tomatoes: 75%. Date of exemption : 1. May 2015

The boys are back in town! The pendants for Age of Ultron are among the best of the MCU guns. I remember thinking this movie would be dark, and someone might not get out alive. Make no mistake, Ultron’s age is greatly underestimated and undervalued. It just didn’t match the sound of the trailers. Ultron seemed to him a difficult and at least threatening task. But none of that happened, and I think the movie got lost here. The addition of the Maximoff and Vision twins is great, and it’s just great fun, but because it’s a movie sequel, the sequels are usually much darker and it’s just not the right thing to do.

Give the mercury back.


Captain America: Civil War

Warden: Anthony and Joe Russo. Cash register: $1.153 billion. Rotten tomatoes: 90%. Date of publication : 6. May 2016

A film that changed the entire MCU landscape. It’s just like that mini Avengers movie. Instead of the big bad guy, they’re all our favorite heroes fighting the living snot. Of course at that moment they took the two strongest avengers, the torso and the Torah which probably wasn’t better for anything. The way Rousseau Bros. combines and integrates two MASSIVE cartoon characters – the Black Panther and Spider-Man – into a single mix makes the latter light and homogeneous, so impressive. It’s one of MCU’s most touching films, especially between Cap and Tony and the final confrontation, which always hits you right in the stomach.

Were you or the team captain or the team’s Iron Man, which one was yours?


Strange doctor

Warden: Scott Derrickson. Cash register: $677.7 million. Rotten tomatoes: 89%. Date of publication : 4. November 2016

Master’s Degree in Mystic Arts! Another superhero, who didn’t even smell like a movie ten years ago, has a sequel now. Dr Strange is a reserved and powerful kind of avenger who doesn’t bend his weapons too much. Only one man can control time, and he was the cause of the soul with which they defeated even Tanos in the first place. It’s all about power now. But for this film, it’s generally well done. Big bad guys, Benedict Cumberbatch is damn good at it. There are no real drawbacks, but if you’re in competition with other MCU films, it’s hard to be at the top, given the civil war that followed. They just know that what they have in the MCU lab for their next walk will be special.

Do you think Wong’s already a Beyonce fanatic?


Galactic Protectors: Volume 2

Warden: James Gunn. The cash register costs $863.6 million. Rotten tomatoes: 82%. Date of publication : 5. May 2017

Those idiots are back, and you know it’s a problem. I misjudged this movie the first time I saw it. Looking back on my first exam, I was before GOTG 2. They have become so dear to me in recent years because their characters have become so dear to me. Maybe it’s because the Guardians are at war with Infinity, and I realized how special this group of heroes is. This film really moves with its big heart and all the little emotions it contains. So many relationships flourish and fall apart, and it turns out that family really is what it means. Chris Pratt is so gifted and continues with such a phenomenal achievement in the war of infinity. The Guardians are growing and their new member is bon……Thor!

Here’s how to put Mary Poppins in part 3.


Spider-Man goes home

Warden. John Watts. Cash register: $879.7 million. Rotten tomatoes: 92%. Date of publication : 7. July 2017

The best part of the UCM Spider-Man is when he’s on the team. The Civil War and the Endless War are among his best series, because in my opinion they are struggling with the way he deals with his character in his own little universe. The Spidey MCU has only one goal: Tony Stark. It’s just not what we expected from this character, and we want his own universe to be built on his back, not Tony’s. It shows that coming home is great fun and is certainly the best of Spider-Man’s two solo films. Michael Keaton as a vulture is really great, and you always understand his dynamics. Tom Holland makes a lively plea for the best living Spider-Man.

Anyone from Churro?


Door: Ragnarök

Warden: Tyka Vaititi. Cash register: $854 million. Date of exemption : 10. October 2017

The last time we saw Thor, we spoke 180 degrees. Everything’s changed, even his hair. From one of the lowest MCUs to a fairly high MCU with Thor: Ragnarok. Even the Hulk decided to come back after a long absence. After this movie and the epic race that Thor will follow, I think he is by far the most attractive character of all MCU. He changes all the movies, and Hemsworth just skates. Everyone in the film makes an absolute explosion, Hela Cate Blanchett is a terrible villain who brings out the best in Loki and the Torah. With Loki we are even more comfortable when we see him in a new light. With a great soundtrack, fun action and one of MCU’s funniest movies, Hulk is just stupid and tall and anger is a strong point for me when it comes to his character. Because for the big green man it goes downhill.

Just when your Loki………… started to like Loki…


Black panther

Warden: Ryan Kugler. Cash register: $1.347 billion. Date of publication : 16. February 2018

After the tragic death of Chadwick Bozeman, this film takes on another dimension. The MCU will be changed forever. It is an epic story about sacrifice, family, loyalty and what it means to be a true king. He’s so full of heart and beauty and emotion, and he’s connected to the bad guy’s films. Killmaker Michael B. Jordan gives us one of the best comic villagers because he put a lot of effort in the role. Killmonger is amazing, and even his motive makes you wonder if he’s right. This film means so much to so many people, and it’s wrong to think we’ll never see Chadwick in this role again. I don’t know how the character will proceed, but I know it will be a difficult decision. The Black Panther remains now and forever the heart of the MCU.

May I have his royal sandals?


Avengers: Endless war

Warden: Anthony and Joe Russo. Cash register: $2.048 billion. Date of exemption : 23. April 2018

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. It was inevitable. So did Tanos. This film begins with an explosion. One of the best introductory scenes in a comic book, the holy shit they wanted to show Tanos right away. Even his four horsemen are great. The Avengers: Endless War is the best of MCU, it’s a crown jewel. It’s never better than here. It never gets better. The full list is here, and everyone’s fighting for their lives. We have a team we didn’t know we wanted, new friendships are made, ties are forged and we always have the best ending. Once the dust settled on the screen, you knew the MCU would never be the same again. The war of infinity is perfect.

Mr. Stark, I’m not feeling well. …….


Avenger game over

Warden: Anthony and Joe Russo. Cash register: $2.798 billion. Date of exemption : 26. April 2019

Seeing him in the theaters was like a rock concert. There’s no other way to describe it. Everything that has been built since 2008, since Tony Stark said the words I am the Iron Man, everything has been built for this. So many memorable moments, Cap takes Mjolnir, Thor becomes a party lion, Black Widow a victim. Moments you won’t forget, like a movie star. It’s so hard to keep track of your most valuable possessions in a war that never ends, but Endgame is doing a great job closing all the doors while opening new ones that will keep the MCU running for years to come. It’s a film that reminds you how epic this trip has been, something like the best summary of so many good times that have happened in the last ten years. I wonder how the MCU will continue!

The portal sequence can be seen in the film all the time.


Spider-Man: Away from home

Director John Watts. Cash register: EUR 1.132 billion. Date of exemption : 2. July 2019

First film after the game. It was terrible to see Peter trying to accept that five years had passed in his life and that his mentor and best man, Tony Stark, was no longer with us. It’s a fight in which he discovers that he looks more like a hero than he knows, and much more like his own hero than he understands. Jake Gyllenhaal gives a strange performance as Mysterio, and some of the battles between them are amazing. Apparently it was built for Spider-Man against the Six Ominous Sisters. Her relationship with MJ grows as she finally reveals her secret identity. At the end of the credits we get an incredible peak, and Spider-Man 3 is planning to become fully BONKERAMI!

I hope Ned turns out to be Peter’s future villain. That would be interesting to see.


What a magical journey. On the big screen and here in this blog! MCUs are still so strong that 4 out of the last 5 films have earned a billion dollars or more. The future of cinema is in the air right now, but one thing remains unchanged. The MCU is the royal family of Hollywood and there are many more great moments and movies waiting for you!

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