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Saint Maud is a 2019 British horror film in which a devout young nurse becomes dangerously obsessed with saving the soul of a dying patient.

Writer/director Rose Glass (Moment of Terror), making her feature film debut, stars Morfidd Clark, Jennifer Ail and Lily Fraser.


Nurse Maude (Morfydd Clark) arrives at the home of Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), a famous dancer, weakened by illness and confined to her large, isolated home. At first Amanda is intrigued by this young religious woman who distracts her from her own discomfort. Maude, for her part, is happy with her new patient.

But Maude is not what she seems. She is haunted by the cruel mystery of her past and the ecstatic messages she believes come directly from God. She comes to believe that she was sent to Amanda, not just as a nurse, but to serve a divine purpose. As her grip on reality spirals out of control, Maude’s concern turns into a deadly mission to save Amanda’s soul by any means necessary…..


St. John’s Maude was supposed to be released in the U.S. in spring 2020 by A24 (Midsommar; Hereditary; The Witch; et al.), but it was canceled due to the pandemic.Jan. 29, 2021 St. Louis Maude will be released in select theaters and at the box office and is available from 12. February 2021 on Epix.

Saint Maude’s day will be the 13th. May 2021 also published on Amazon.



Saint Maud is both a horror film and a moving psychological study of a sensitive, lonely and troubled mind. The film is stunning, powerful and compelling, and also manages to captivate with a daring and terrifying ending. Saint Maud is an impressive and confident start… Attack on Planet B.

While Mental Illness relies on horror films to show monstrosity, Saint Maud actually tries to understand and sympathize. His subjective perspective forces us to see the world as the protagonist experiences it. Saint-Maude sees isolation neither as a reaction against society nor as its direct symptom. Cinevue

Some viewers will be disappointed that Glass’s script seems to leave an open-ended explanation for the events of the shocking denouement. (Is Maude really crazy? Has God been guiding her all along?) But it all comes down to a stunning final shot by cinematographer Ben Fordesman […] in a style that Carl Theodore Dreyer himself would have loved.

Holy Maud certainly has a subtle style. Whether it’s Maude’s modest home or Amanda’s relatively luxurious apartment, the setting tells stories about the personalities of the protagonists. The camera, aware of its limitations, is not afraid to turn against itself in a new attempt to portray Maude’s mental tendencies. The film also seems to say something about religion, self-esteem, and thoughts of murder/suicide….. The cultural crypt

…It never fails to animate, despite the slow pace. Instead, the assembly allows the film to flow with minimal grease and directionality. The director’s style adds to the movement, using the mise-en-scène to convey character and tone from the beginning. This is especially true of the main character, the use of the glass frame helps to create an ennui around Maude. Culture Vulture

With elements of psychosexual horror, viciously biting comic undertones, and an exploration of the psychosis of religious sanctification that plays the will of these two determined women against each other, Saint Maud is a truly disturbing character study that slowly sneaks up on you and doesn’t let go until the film’s violent and shocking climax. Daley Tot

Saint Maud is aesthetically thoughtful, devotes himself with agonizing devotion to investigating humanity’s most selfish afflictions, and, yes, commits holy nonsense – if not a little overconfident in his influence on the result. Rose Glass takes a simple grooming scenario and keeps her holy infection even simpler, for better or worse, depending on the scene you choose. A staggering myth

I mentioned the Joker movie at the beginning. If this film is considered good, in terms of common sense, frankly, St. Louis is not. Maude stomped on it. It’s a captivating, disturbing, unsettling and terribly powerful film. Simply put, this is the best movie I’ve seen this year. Growling in disgust

…maybe the scariest horror movie of the year. It leaves you sitting on the edge waiting for Maude to break. He fills out his characters’ human grotesques, both physical and moral, before entering the underworld. After all, it might make you think that Maude really is a saint. A ruthless Old Testament saint, determined to save our souls even if it kills us. HeyUGuys

Shot in Scarborough, showing the strange and nightmarish wear and tear of the waterfront, and built around the excellent work of the female frames […] Tension is created as the film wonders whether Maude or Amanda is the greater threat – or potential saviour – of the other.  A very impressive debut for Glass. Kim Newman’s website

Saint Maud is both a horror film and a moving psychological study of a sensitive, lonely and troubled mind. The film is stunning, powerful and compelling, and also manages to captivate with a daring and terrifying ending. Saint Maud is an impressive and confident debut – a bold and insightful exploration of psychology and religion that offers multiple layers of complexity under the guise of horror. Movie waffle

Solid performances, combined with some gripping scenes, keep the film interesting even in the most static parts, though it should be noted that these concerns are challenged by the increasingly compelling third act, when Glass delivers a tense and palpable climax….. Movie reviews

In Maude, the evocation of wild day visions and spiritual torment skilfully blurs the line between a possible pathological condition and pure madness, while slyly suggesting that the film’s heroine might be possessed. In this sense Glass borrows a page from psychoanalysis, by presenting zealous spirituality as psychosomatic, but giving the last word neither to religious dogma nor to medicine. See and hear

It takes talent to present a flawed character like Maude, who speaks to us through all her flaws and actions. Add to that a fantastically shot film, in which a sadly faded Scarborough artifact serves as the backdrop for the action, and you have a fantastically sad, challenging, but oddly redemptive story. Distorted perspective


The actors and characters:

Jennifer Aile… Amanda 19 Morfydd Clark… Mod
Lily Fraser… Carol
Fiona Thompson… Nurse 19 Thurlow Convery… Christian
Noah Bodner… Hilary 19 Lily Knight… Joy
Linda E. Greenwood… Passersby on the beach…
Rosie Sansome… Esther 19. Marcus Hutton… Richard
Karl Prekop… Homeless Pat
Vera Edwards… Woman Agency 2
Jonathan Milshaw… Beau
Jal Jal… Bartender 19 Suzanne rips her pussy… Amanda’s friend

Technical details:

84 minutes, format
: 2.39:1


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