The second character to appear in the first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is Falcon’s sister, Sarah Wilson. Played by Adepero Oduye, she’s still living in her hometown of Delacroix, Louisiana, trying to run the family seafood business on her own… and unfortunately she’s broke because things haven’t been easy since her parents and husband died and her brother disappeared into obscurity for five years. Sarah’s life hasn’t been easy in the comics either, but she’s in a better position than her real-life counterpart. Let’s see.

Sarah Wilson was born in Harlem, NY, the daughter of local minister Paul Wilson and his wife Darlene. She grew up with her older brothers Gideon and Sam and lived a relatively happy life for a few years: Although he lived in a rather rough neighborhood, her father was loved and respected throughout the community, and Sarah always saw the best in those around her. Things changed drastically when Paul was killed trying to stop a street fight. Two years went by, and then Darlene was killed by a burglar. The Wilson siblings’ lives were never the same, but luckily for Sarah and Sam, they had Gideon: Gideon, a godly man like his father, cared for his brothers and sisters and raised them as best he could. But while Sarah was grateful to him and did her best to keep the family together, Sam had suddenly changed from a charitable young man who always volunteered at the soup kitchen and helped everyone, he had become angry at the world and even criminal and wanted people to call him Snape. Although it was later revealed that Snap’s new identity was the result of interference from Red Skull, who used the Space Cube on her brother to use him as a pawn in an intricate plot against his archenemy Captain America, Sarah suffered greatly from his behavior, and even more so when Snap left the house and never returned. Fortunately, the effects of Skull’s intervention were removed some time later by Captain America himself, and Sam, who had become the superhero Falcon, was once again the generous and loving big brother Sarah had always known…. But the scar remained, as she confessed some time later to her friends Leila Taylor (who was also Sam’s friend) and Carol Davis.

Meanwhile, life went on and Sarah met a wonderful young man, Mr. Casper, with whom she fell in love. They married and Sarah had two children with him: a son Jody and an unnamed daughter. But life is not over, and soon her husband dies, leaving her alone with her two children. Fortunately, her two brothers are now there to support her: After a brief period of grief and anger over the death of his son Jim, Gideon got back on track and gave Sarah all the economic and spiritual support she needed; Sam, now back to his old selfless -self, was the best uncle their children could wish for, and he passed on when his missions with the Avengers or Captain America allowed. Problems arise when Jodie takes the same path as her brother years earlier: Enraged after the death of his father, he turned to the dark side and began working for a local criminal, one Stoneface. Sarah called her brother Sam for help, and he became Falcon to fight Stoneface and put an end to his little criminal empire….. and make sure Jody realized how wrong he was doing, both to himself and to the rest of his family. After a brief touch with the law, Jody became again the sweet, caring boy he once was, and the family was finally reunited. Things remained stable for a few years, and Sarah was always happy to bring a little normality to her heroic brother….. Especially after the original Captain America became an old man because Arnim Zola drank the supersoldate serum he had in him and left his shield to Sam. When she became the new Captain America, Sarah was proud of her big brother. She used her new position to testify about all the things Mom and Dad had taught her….. But she was also worried about him, because if he dedicated his entire life to strangers, he would not be able to start a family of his own, which he had always dreamed of. Maybe it was time for Sarah to remind her brother that Sam Wilson needed to be taken care of from time to time, too.

Sarah Wilson is a good woman, forged by many setbacks and personal tragedies. An orphan and widow, she is a single mother trying to raise two children in a difficult and often cruel world, and she has learned through experience to accept all the help she can get….. but she is also not afraid to give, despite all that has been taken from her. Sarah always offers a world of advice, affection, and at the very least lemonade to those who seek her help.


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Is Sarah Wilson single?

Speaking of people, Sarah is philosophical: I have the answer to most of my questions, but I don’t have the answer to why I’m still single. I’m optimistic and so open-minded, but I’ve also walked into three blue in the last two weeks.

How old is Sarah Wilson?

Sarah Wilson.

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