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Don’t bother my sister.

Savage Streets is a 1984 American action film in which a teen watchdog takes revenge on a group of violent criminals in Los Angeles. Previously, criminals had attacked her deaf sister and murdered her best friend.

Directed by Danny Steinman (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning; Invisible) and (uncredited) Tom DeSimone (Angel III: The Final Chapter; Hell Night) from a script by Norman Yonemoto, Danny Steinman and (uncredited) John Strong, with Linda Blair (Hell Night; The Exorcist), John Vernon (Killer Clowns from Outer Space), Robert Dreyer, Johnny Venokur and Linnea Quigley.

New version :

The fifth. In January 2021 Savage Streets will be re-released on Blu-ray via Kino Lorber via Code Red. Properties :

Audio commentary by actors Robert Dreyer, Johnny Venecourt and producer John Strong
Audio commentary by actors Robert Dreyer, Sal Landy and filmmaker Stephen L. Posey
Audio commentary by director Danny Steinman
Insulated music track
Interview with star Linda Blair
Interview with actress Linnea Quigley
Two interviews with producer John Strong
Two interviews with Actor Robert Dreyer
Two interviews with Actor Johnny Venokur
Interview with Actor Sal Landy
Interview with Actor Scott Mayer
Introduction to Kat’s Scratch Cinema with host Katharina Lee Waters
5.1 Surround (Original 2-track VCR) and 2.0 Lossless Audio
Reverse Art
Theatrical Trailer
BD50 Dual Layer Disc
Region A/B/K



Linda Blair is Brenda, the spirited leader of the Satins, a nice group of beautiful schoolgirls. The Satans get into trouble from the first moment they make an innocent joke about the Scars, a mean gang that messes up the streets of Hollywood.

The Scars and their evil leader Jake (Robert Dreyer) take their revenge seriously, first on their deaf-mute sister Brenda (Linnea Quigley), then on her best friend who is about to get married.

Pursued by a rivalry with the cheerleaders, Brenda initially ignores that Scar is involved, but soon learns the whole truth. Shocked… …full of hate… …in a tight black suit… Brenda tracks down gang members and eliminates them one by one with deadly revenge….

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…the film stubbornly clings to a cohesive center, and it’s easy to see why it has a cult audience. Apart from the main antipathy, played by John Vernon…the lack of adult/authoritarian intervention makes the world of teenagers almost completely insular, and as in Larry Clark’s Kids, events take place in their limited world. 10K bullets.

It is almost the typical 80’s exploitation film in the sense that it tries to work in almost all exploitation sub-genres that were active at that time! It is based on a Death Wisch-like vendetta, but also has features that the connoisseur of bad movies like murder, gang warfare, post-apocalypse, women’s prison and high school striptease will recognize. 1,000 hours missing and counted.

Savage Streets is better than it should be, doesn’t live up to its classic reputation, is briefly scary, intermittently disturbing and rarely boring. Will you like that? Who knows? All I know is that Linda Blair is hot, that revenge is cold and that violence sometimes feels like a big straight cross after a sweet kiss. The horror of the good old days

What is particularly disturbing in Savage Streets is the ease with which the film goes into hyper-violent mode and then sticks to unpleasant material. It fills the film with a certain amount of waste, but the end product is just cheesy and lacks authenticity. In fact, the opposite is true: the most annoying viewers feel dangerous at the border. Blu-ray.com.

…there’s a lot of crackling and the star, with a loyal crowd of fans, has made Savage Street a place of worship. Linda Blair’s Brenda is a fearless character and proves throughout the film that she really is a bad girl. With the kind of motivation the plot gives her, Brenda won’t be a real activist by the end of the movie…… Bulletproof effect

…a solid picture of a gang escalating very rapidly to violent revenge and murder. Of course it doesn’t include The Warriors or even Switchblade Sisters, but it does have punch with beautiful women and 80’s kitsch for a wannabe. And you know it’s an ’80s movie, with an angel watching Linda Blair, who does her best to project the new image of the tough girl, sparingly showing off her rather impressive chest line…… Cinema in madness

Streets of Savage is a very nice little exploitation film. It just smells like the ’80s, in a way it’s an alternative coming-of-age film, unlike all those John Hughes films. But instead of moping, with the fear and sorrow of a teenager, this film channels hatred, amplifies frustration and reaches a climax of revenge, in all good ways. Synesilla

…director Steinman manages to add a few hints of style in many episodes and, on the whole, some good performances by the protagonists. The best and most memorable of the few films he made. The level of violence is very high and can be disturbing for disenthusiastic viewers who are more accustomed to the slightly less macabre antics of Death Wish (1974). If you like your revenge movies with impressive villainy, then this movie is for you. Cool cinema @ss

Steinmann wisely keeps the violence and annoyance at a fairly fast pace, so that due to the rapid succession of these scenes we pay less attention to the clichés and the gaps in the conspiracy than we would otherwise do. The end result is a pretty bad job of exploiting the sand…. Rock! Shock! Daddy! Daddy!

…In his attempts to be shocking, even disturbing, he just sounded ridiculous, like sarcasm, yeah, it’s really annoying, isn’t it? Admit it, you’re pretty surprised how far we’ve come, aren’t you? The passage of time has not made the film any less ridiculous, and if you want to see how cool boys and girls dressed in 1984, look no further than the show. Rotate the image

Director Danny Steinmann mainly works behind the camera. Although it misses a few chances of real intrigue and many scenes take much longer than they should […] when it comes to the distribution of disgusting exploitative goods (scenes in women’s showers, cats tearing their blouses, etc.). ” Vacuum for video

The streets of Savage Street are violent and vengeful. The revenge sequence is inspiring, and Linda Blair is amazing; the supporting roles are excellent too. If you haven’t seen this often overlooked grindhouse classic, it’s definitely worth a look. The horror of evil.

The actors and characters:

Linda Blair… Brenda
John Vernon… Underwood
Director Robert Dreyer… Jake
Johnny Wenocker… Vince (as Johnny Wenocker)
Sal Landy … Fargo
Scott Mayer… Red
Debra Bli… Rachel
Lisa Freeman… Francine Ann Ramirez
Marcia Carr … Stevie
Louise Leshin … Maria
Linnea Quigley… Heather
Ina Romeo… Stella
Jill Jacks… Waitress (as Jill Bunker)
Mitch Carter … Greg
Richard DeHaven… Ritchie
Bob DeSimone… Mister… Meeker
Susan Dean… Nurse
Joy Hyler… Brenda’s mother
Brian Frischman… Wes (as Brian Mann)
Catherine McGoohan…
-Sean O’Grady, head of the agency… Fadden
Rebecca Pearl… Cindy Clark
Paula Shaw… Charlene
Christy Sommers… Valerie (as Christy Sommers)
Troy Tompkins … Bobby
Perla Walter… Rita (as Pearl Walter)
Judy Walton… Miss Young
Carol White… Ms. Jenkins (as Carol Ita White)
Louis Zito … Vince’s father (played by Louis P.).
Helen Kelly… Girls on Hollywood Boulevard (not accredited)
Susie Slater… Fadden’s Girl (not credited)
Brinke Stevens… High school girl in the shower (not credited)

Shooting locations:

Burbank, CA
Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Inglewood, CA (Cemetery Scene)

Technical details :

93 minutes
Audio : Mono
CFI Colour
Aspect Ratio : 1.85 : 1


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