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Schemers is a Scottish film from 2019, written and directed by Dave Maclean, based on his first life in Dundee before he became a rock manager.

Directed by Dave Mclean from a script co-written with Kyle Titterton, with additional material from Khaled Spiewak, film stars Conor Berry, Sean Connor, Grant Robert Keelan and Tara Lee. Produced by Virginia Lee and Dave McLean.


Davie (Conor Berry) is a dreamer of Dundee City Council flats who constantly outgrows a few pounds and then loses on the horses. After a football injury, Davy falls in love with student nurse Shauna (Tara Lee) and tries to impress her by running the disco.

With friends John and Scott, the trio started promoting the bands – culminating in an extremely ambitious Iron Maiden concert at Caird Hall in Dundee. With ambitions so grandiose that they become indebted to Fergie, a gangster of legendary violence, Davy must use every trick in the book to achieve the greatest plan of his life….

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…Apart from Berry’s great performance and Maclean’s natural passion for his story – the film takes on a very predictable pace, and the supporting cast are very believable characters. Of course they all play with passion, but that doesn’t stop them from being confused about a film made by someone who should be friends with their real counterparts. As far as Shauna’s (Tara Lee) love interest is concerned, her character is unfortunately marginal and underdeveloped. Battle Royale with cheese

In any case, it is a story told with a sense of self-awareness and a good ear for post-punk melodies. But that doesn’t alter the fact that McLean borrows a lot from other top filmmakers (including his boss Danny Boyle), that he relies too much on his largely useless story and that he uses gruesome editing tricks (freeze frame! photo editing! rewind!) to try to get over the cracks caused by an inexperienced cast and an extremely tight budget. Rich

Without the added pressure of being based on a true story, the film struggles to be a multi-genre story and eventually doesn’t quite fit into the general form of a musical biopic, crime thriller or comedy. The story is based on an interesting storyline, but with the budget limitations needed for editing the script, too little time and space is given to the musical element, which is the best part of the story. It would be nice to see some bands playing, no editing. Movie greyhounds

Twilight tries to keep up with the pace of Trainspotting, but shows only a small emotional range. It’s not a crime for a novice filmmaker to miss Danny Boyle’s expert impulse and pace, but McLean simply doesn’t invest in the characters, except in the way they serve his own plot. After all, image pairs are the cause of annoying madness in most productions…. Guardian

In his best moments, he trembles in the veins of the Cute Boys and pays homage to the culture of working class youth. But above all, it is a potential train wreck, as evidenced by the hyper stylized aesthetics that incorporates the kind of still images, rewinding, editing and sneaky storytelling that characterize the Danny Boyle classic. Despite his efforts, Macklin cannot escape Boyle’s shadow. Filmwafel

An ambitious and seemingly unattainable story has outgrown the production possibilities here. The jokes never stop, the drama feels forced, and the editing is just weird. Too bad, because I really wanted to enjoy it, but it turned out that this production didn’t match the story it was based on. Get ready to roll!

Beginning with a quote from Hunter S. Thompson about the cruelty and veniality of the music industry, McLean himself wrote little more than diatrices as he articulated every thought of his character on screen with a somewhat untrained voice, filling the film’s budget deficit with frozen shots and fast-forwarding. What he did not do on his own was to transform the do-it-yourself energy that animated many groups of the time into an aesthetic virtue…. Scottish

The good thing about Schemer, a vain plan by former Scottish rock promoter David Maclean about his own unhappy childhood in Dundee, is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously….. The soundtrack helps, and there are excerpts straight from Trainspotting, but the promise of a modern Gregory Girl collapses for the writer-director – or her character – or herself. Daily display


The schemers were born on the 25th. September 2020 in cinemas in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The film will be released on DVD in the night of 25 January 2021 and can be downloaded digitally on Lightbulb Film Distribution.

The actors and characters:

Conor Berry… Davy
Sean Connor… Cattle
Grant Robert Killan… John
Tara Lee… Shauna
Keith Clark… Woolley McClean
Blair Robertson… Pike
Mingus Johnston… Kenny
Paula Masterton… Ann
Carolyn Bonniman… Moira
Richard Mason… … Rod wood (as Richard Hazlehurst Mason)
Alastair Thomson Mills … Fergie
Rynn Farley… Chrissy
David Isatt… Malky
Shand… Burton
Jim Sweeney… Father Vetrianio
Gordon Morris…
-Football manager Alec Westwood… Bernie McConnell.

Shooting locations:

Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Technical details :

91 minutes



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