Silence and Darkness is a 2020 American dramatic thriller drama about two blind and deaf sisters who live with their father in a small isolated town.

Writer-producer-director Barack Barkan, who made his film debut at Linton Productions, directs Mina Walker, Joan Glackin, Jordan Lage, Sandra Gartner and Ariel Zevon.


Blind and deaf sisters Anna and Beth live happily with their father in a small remote town. But when a neighbor visits them, Anna and Beth begin to realize that their father’s mental health has been deteriorating all their lives, and they wonder if he really has their best interests at heart.


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“Silence and Darkness” is a clever combination of mystery, drama and thriller that succeeds thanks to the interplay of Walker and Glackin. Indeed, director Barack Barkan forgoes subtitling the conversations, a masterstroke […] Silence and Darkness is an inventive and disarming opening film. The mafia in the back

“It would have been good if the story had gone a little further and relied a little less on the viewer’s emotional reaction to the big reveal (which isn’t too hard to see) and went a little deeper into the thought behind it. The psychological journey of the girls goes well, but the story, which impresses at the beginning, ultimately chooses the easy way out. “An Eye for Cinema

“Silence and Darkness is not perfect, and those who seek definitive answers to everything in it will be cruelly disappointed. But those who want to meditate on mental health, parenthood and the bonds of brotherhood will be rewarded with a beautiful film with truly outstanding performances; you just have to be patient.” Cinematic Threat

“Fear Here” terrifies and stalks its dual prey with a dreamlike love […] comes from behind writer/director Barak Barkan’s boldness, restraint and dedication to complex characterization and world-building that absolutely destroys his first feature film. Stay for the nuanced and brilliant performances of Walker and Glackin….Rue Morgue”.

“A pleasantly scary thriller that concentrates on building up while very gradually destroying the ‘perfect world’ it created in the first act, and only by allowing the audience (and the girls, of course) into the cracks of this world that has always been there and is only slowly coming to the surface. And the film is cleverly structured never to give up its game…” Search My Garbage

“A cloud of metaphorical misfortune hangs over a beautiful home, haunting its inhabitants with a burden of uncertainty as the film moves toward a climax that reveals the real truth. Running 81 minutes, Silence and Darkness is an astonishing film, but it is damned compelling and effective as it transforms the key elements of its story into a compelling spectacle.” Next


The actors and characters:

Mina Walker… Anna Joan Gluckin… Beth Jordan Lage… Father Sandra
Gartner… Bishop Ariel Zevon… Mrs. Long…

Technical details :

81 minutesDelivery
: 2.35 : 1

Working Title :



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Frequently asked questions

What does silence mean?

It can convey acceptance of the other person as he is at that moment, especially if he has strong feelings such as sadness, fear or anger. This kind of silence means that you are ready and able to give the other person your full attention.

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What exactly about silence?

The period film has some basis in history, but Silence is not based on a true story, as some may think. In fact, Scorsese’s passion project is based on Japanese author Shusaku Endo’s book, also called Silence, although it contains some references to real events.

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