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The perfect killer has met his match.

Skin Collector is a 2012 American horror thriller about a serial killer who becomes obsessed with a single victim to survive an attack; a shy young secretary with an indomitable will to survive. When a psychopath infiltrates a police line to kidnap her target, she must use all her resources to survive the ordeal. Originally published as Shiver.

Directed by Julian Richards (Rebirth, Daddy’s Girl, Summer Scars, The Last Horror Movie, Dark Lands) from a screenplay by Robert D. Weinbach (Mutations), based on the novel by Brian Harper. Produced by A.J. Gordon and Robert D. Weinbach.

Movie stars: Daniel Harris (Redwood Massacre: Annihilation; Victor Crowley; Halloween 4 & 5), John Jarratt (Boar; Wolf Creek and its sequel; The Needle), Casper Van Dien (Dead Water; Alpha Wolf; Starship Troopers), Rae Dawn Chong (Reborn; The Borrower; Tales from the Darkside: The Movie) and executive producer Brad Harris (Lady Dracula; The Mutations; The Mad Butcher).

The soundtrack was composed by Richard Band (The Deep; Resurrected; Re-Animator; Sister Party House).

New version :

In the UK, Skin Collector will be released on the 15th. February by Danse Macabre, a brand of Jinga Films, released on DVD and VOD.


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The actress Danielle Harris as Wendy is very believable in her role as a hunter. I love her interesting depiction of a victim defending herself, and she raises the fear factor when confronted by Griff. In support, Wang Ding and Chong make their detective roles believable and heighten the tension in the face of an evil killer. But the film belongs to John Jarratt in the role of Gryphon with his moving portrayal of a character so diabolical that he broke me. Aced Magazine

Everything from the story to the script to the finale is like a million other movies we’ve all seen. Gryphon’s manic chatter and Wendy’s pleading are some of the most melodramatic and clichéd dialogue you’ve ever seen. Bammel’s story, staging and tone are brilliant in every way. Isn’t that good news?

The film itself is pretty stereotypical, but Jarrett and Vinnie Roode’s terrifying performance takes it to the next level. Branch 65

The film is not as exciting as the text suggests, but it is interesting. Were it not for the central performance of Mr. Jarrett in the role of Franklin, it would be no different than recent horror films like Pick (2010) and ATM (2012). Shiver is a step above these films and allows you to stay focused until the last frame. Retro Cinema

The already bumpy ride becomes even more painful when the wheels fall off the car in the second half of the film.  This nervousness turns into disappointing moments, such as the reckless relationship between Danielle Harris and her on-screen suitor, an imagined eleven-hour romance, an absurd dream sequence that ends for the second time, and an unfortunate misuse of the digital sound effects of blood splatter and shotgun. The cultural crypt

Ultimately, Richards brings nothing new to a serial killer movie, but what he delivers is at least entertaining. For Harris, it’s worth looking into if you’re interested in gender, as long as you understand that sometimes it can seem a bit like numbers. However, it is gritty and atmospheric and quite entertaining. DVD Conversation

…Director Richards makes the most of some visually stunning locations; he provides powerful, visceral sets and unveils a deliciously scary show when Killer Rud Wendy gives his little light show. Some digital bloodwire effects soften the impact of the decisive shooting… But Shiver is a Danielle Harris film, and its performance alone is worth the price of admission. Locks and fugitive paintings

I thought Shiver had reigned supreme. I loved it and thought it was one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in a long time. I really can’t complain and I think anyone who likes a good suspense film will love this one. Try it if you get the chance, you won’t be disappointed. Terrible news.

Gryphon is a deranged serial killer who, like Danielle Harris’ lead role, is memorable and superbly played.  The film is not without its flaws, some of the characters’ actions leave marks on your mind, but that doesn’t take much of the fun out of the film as a whole. Shivering is a dark, disturbing and strangely hellish ride, highly recommended! Society of Horrors.

I thought the Danielle Harris character was a little flat. There was something missing from the film. I couldn’t feel her or connect with her. John Jarrett playing Franklin Roode/Griffon did a great job. He said it’s real madness. He played a socially awkward prick who was clearly difficult as a child. She’s a census taker.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and what attracted me the most, the casting, was incredible.  In my opinion, one of Danielle’s best performances.  She really has it.  Especially with the role, you don’t usually see Danielle […] I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish.  This keeps the audience engaged throughout the film, and there are few moments of boredom. twisted center.

Shiver exceeded my expectations; I expected the B-horror film to be full of all the familiar clichés of the genre, and since the film isn’t new in this regard, it still managed to entertain me and keep me interested… it had a great rhythm; there was always something going on, so I never got bored with the plot. Upcoming campaigns

The actors and characters:

Daniel Harris… Wendy Alden John Jarratt… Franklin Red-Casper Van Dine… Detective DelgadoRae Don Chong… Detective Birdin-Brad Harris… Captain Valerie Harper… Audrey AldenNikita Esco… Katie (as Natalie Sesko)Shan Applegate… JeffreyLisa Foyles… JenniferCasey Hogref… Officer Melinsky-Drew Barrios… Officer Porter-Mackenzie Coffee… Julia/Julia The Severed HeadDino Castagno … Officer BradenKen Jeffers… Officer Of NessDavid Bodine… Mr. Khoury (as David Bodine) Mike G. . Prisoner Sanchez-Alex Hill… The busboy, Garfield Wedderburn… The man in the cuffs, Terry Ward… Mr. Cashman-Delsea Adams… Foster-Alina Johnson… Sister Rutan Lentz… Journalist Laura Weinbach… Jazz singer Anton Patzner… The violinist Jessica Sokolowski (as Anton Patznar) … ServerHanna Stone… Waiter Julian Richards… Police Officer Andrew Koraleski… Police Officer Joe Dustin… Police Officer Paul Welch… Police officer Jonah Prost… Police Officer/Team Leader ElizabethConnor Wilkes… Detective Britta Hellquist… Forensic Detective Robert A. D’Esposito… Forensic Detective (with Robert D’Esposito) 1×9 Matthew Karcheski… CSI 1×09 Savannah Kay Gordon Police Station Call Girl (starring Savannah Johnson) 1×9 Heather Dominguez… A police department calls the girls A.J. Gordon… Guard Stephanie Batten… The paramedic Esther Gordon… Paramedic (as Leah Gordon) Matthew Ambrose BullyDodi Vega… BullyJoshua Ambrose… Young Red…

Shooting Locations:

Los Angeles, CAPortland, Oregon.

Technical details :

91 min
aspect ratio : 2.35 : 1


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