Skinned Deep is a Severin Films production that first sampled the original in 2K and got negative results.

His outstanding work as an FX artist includes everything from Frank Henenlotter’s Brain Damage and Frankenhooker to Matthew Barney’s Cremaster.

And in his debut as writer/producer/director in 2004, Gabe Bartalos created this insane gift from the B-movie gods (Bloody Good Horror) about a rural clan of psychotic psychopaths, a murder that takes us places and shows us things we’ve never seen before (Dread Central), and the latest girl who could be their tainted death.

Star Warwick Davis (Leprechaun) and Jason Dugr (St. Bernard) – with the emergence of fandom legend Forrest J. Dugr. Ackerman – in this violent, gory and forgettable masterpiece (Morbidly Beautiful) ….. Characteristics:

Deep Cuts – A discussion of Skinned Deep with writer/producer/director Gabe Bartalos, actors Jay Dagre and Caroline Brandt, and weapons technician Jake Lee
Audio Commentary with Making Of in Cast and Crew
Trailer Archive

Skinned Deep is available in a limited edition of 2,000 copies from Severin’s online store, which includes a bonus CD of David Davidson’s first-ever soundtrack, with additional tracks by Jonathan Beepler and Captain Sensible from The Damned.

In the meantime, here’s our previous review of Skinned Deep:

A new horror icon for a new horror generation, this is the Surgeon General.

Skinned Deep is a 2004 American horror film about a vacation that turns into a nightmare when a family is kidnapped by deranged killers.

Special effects and makeup artist Gabe [Gabriel] Bartalos wrote, created and directed. In some areas it was released under the name Berserk.

The score was written by David Davidson (Blood Surf; SleepStalker) and Captain Sensible of the punk-goth-psychedelic rock band The Damned.

The Ring Center Entertainment production stars Les Pollack, Aaron Sims, Kurt Carley, Linda Weinrib, Forrest J. Ackerman (Braindead; Scalps; Queen of Blood; editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland), Eric Bennett and Warwick Davis (Leprechaun series).

On a family trip, the Rockwell family got lost on the highway. When their car breaks down, father Phil (Eric Bennett) goes to a local store to get help. A strange old lady invites him to stay with her while one of her sons repairs her car.

The old woman introduces the family to her strange sons: Plaques (Warwick Davis), The Brain (Jason Dugr) and the one who calls the woman the Surgeon General (Kurt Carley). When Mrs. Rockwell shoots the surgeon general, he kills her.

The plates are thrown at Phil, who is then killed by the surgeon general. Rockwell’s children, Tina and Matthew, escape through a window and are pursued by the surgeon general and Plates…..


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Skinned Deep’s bizarre scenes include vomit being filmed from the air, a completely naked guy with an extremely large brain running through the streets of a busy city, a villain named Creator in the torso of a headless bodybuilder with dynamite in his shorts, and so on. Great, huh? These are just a few of the scenes that are bad, worse, funny, painful and strange. Absolute horror.

Bartalos is clearly more interested in unsettling the viewer with his quirkiness, and throws in scenes that are more memorable than shocking. There is a good amount of blood and some good special effects, made even more impressive by the obviously low budget, but most of these effects are either played for laughs or too weird to be offensive. Outside of Hollywood.

Nothing in the film even remotely resembles a real situation or person, the plot is annoyingly incoherent and the director barely manages to keep the tension up by haphazardly combining a bunch of gruesome shots. It’s terribly bad, but never scary or suspenseful, and the attempts at comedy are incredibly childish. The only decent actor in this movie is Warwick Davis….. Eating Horror

There’s just no grey area with Deepsiders – you either love them or hate them. I love this movie and highly recommend it to like-minded people. For those of you who can live without Bartalos’ shaky direction, numerous slapdash performances and outrageously stupid script, a Lynchian gorefest awaits that won’t go over any of your heads. Killerflix

Gabe Bartalos is an absolutely talented makeup artist. His artistic creations were often the only good thing in otherwise excellent and lousy films, including some of the more recent Leprechaun films. Unfortunately, old Gabe, who knew how to make a latex stomach drool, made him a competent writer and director at some point in his gin-soaked mind. For the record, this is not the case. Something terrible.

…echoes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Eraserhead and Mad Max. The story of a young girl falling into the clutches of a maniacal country clan is more like a series of silly plays and is likely to bore many a viewer with its incessant exaggerations. Nonetheless, that’s what the cultists do. Variety

It’s all about the wacky, weird laughs, the gore is too short to get a top rating, and there are some very strange scenes, like when a man’s brain is opened up and blocks of letters come out of his head to form the word Love. And where else can you see an 80-year-old man having a bloody fight with a pelvic gnashing midget? Global pulp slaughter.

The actors and characters:

The Pollacks… Jedaron Sims… Surgeon General Kurt Carley… General SurgeryLinda Weinrib… Gloria Jean RockwellEric Bennett… Phil Rockwell (as Eric Scott Bennett) Lee Cociela … Matthew RockwellCarolina Brandt… Tina RockwellJim O’Donoghue… SheriffLiz Little… Grandma Warwick Davis… Plates. Jason Dugr… The Brain (as Jay Dugre) Bill Butts… GraneGeraldine Stone… Miss M.I.A. Joe Little… Major JoNeil Dooley… PigpenAllen Richard… Shakes Philip Jones… Salmon Ben Williams… Baby Forest J. Ackerman… ForreyClayton Martinez… Clay (as in Clay Martinez) Bevis Faversham… Bevis (as Bevis Haversham) Peter Iasillo Jr. … Petey (as in Peter Yasillo) John Dill … Johnlan Tuskes… Big Alan-but-no-head Sean… CreatorJoel Harlow… Octopus Ruta Empacheris… SecretaryTonopa… Sidecar DogLittle Willie… Strangled cat


Los Angeles, New York, NY.

Technical details:

97 minutes.


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