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The appearance, sound, smell, taste and touch. If someone had lost one of the senses of the human body, the loss of smell would have had the least effect on us. But without them, life would certainly be much more turbulent. In the food we eat, it is the smell that gives it flavour, while the taste has only four senses: salty, sour, sweet and bitter. Psychologist Rachel Hertz has studied that smell is the only feeling that provokes an emotional reaction in the mind. The smell of rain on dry land, the aroma of coffee, the smell of jasmine, the scent of hair – all these bring unique sensations.

Films seen as children leave a lasting impression in life. One of my first memories of perfume in films comes from Agni Sakshi, who was inspired by the star Julia Robert in Sleeping with the Enemy. There is a very trade-friendly Vishwanat (Nana Patekar), who at one point asks an employee of his tannery to cover his handkerchief. An employee could barely stand the smell of dirty skin. Vishwanat is insulted because to him the smell is his bread and butter. He immediately fires the employee because he feels that people shouldn’t work in a place where they feel they can’t breathe.

Writer Caryl Rivers is known for what she said: For a human being, smell is closest to a time machine. A photograph can evoke memories, but the smell can evoke memories of the time and place of its creation. When he moved into his new apartment in Wake Up Sid! Aisha (Sensharma Concon) restores some of her old things in her hometown. The first thing she does is feel it. She opens the book, closes her eyes and breathes in the scent of the paper. E-books may be the future, but physical books will remain romantic because of their smell.

Films usually show that the smell is associated with a lover. In Fitorourour an inexperienced artist, Noor (Aditya Roy Kapoor), holds the scarf of his childhood love Firdaus (Katrina Kaif) in his hand and feels it when he thinks of her. Later in the film Noor Firdaus tells that he wants to go back to the time when he smelled the perfume: Foulon Valley, Hushbu Din Valley. Firdaus’ mother, Begum (Taboo), tells her daughter that it was her smell that brought her Norwegian. Kheench hi layi na tumhari khushboo use, she says. Even the disposableufti Begum (Akshai Oberoi) was enthusiastic about the smell in his youth. When he meets the fugitive, he says: Pagal kar degi yeh khushboo mood.

In Hamari Adhuri Kahani the perfume Aarava (Emraana Hashmi) leads to her death. On the way back from Bastar Aarav he smells the Hushbu of flowers, which remind him of the time he met Vasuda (see Balana). It follows the Hushbuh and heads into the jungle to a remote spot lit by lilies and land mines. Unaware of the danger, Aarav stepped on one of the mines and died instantly. A minute earlier, Aaraw said: Inke Laye Tou Chief Mar bhi sakta them. His prophecy turned out to be a cruel truth. Years later, Vasuda’s ashes were spread over the same lily field, where she was finally united with Aarav.

In Luther Pakhi (Sonakshi Singh) tries to get close to Varun (Ranvir Singh) by sniffing at his coat and wearing his hat. In Devdas love transforms the Chandramawha with golden eyes (Madhuri Dixit) into a Meerrabay expert who worships his Dev Bab (Shah Rukh Khan). When Paro (Aishwarya Rai) calls Deva, Chandramookhi Hamari nazar se dehogi, chaaro taraf paogi unko says. Aaj bhi mehehkta hai yeh kamra unki khushboo se If she looks from her point of view, she will find Dev everywhere. His scent is still in the room.

It is often shown that a non-resident Indian fetishizes the scent of Nede-ski Mitti’s homeland. Chowdhury Baldew Singh (Amrish Puri) in Dilwala Dulhania The Jaenge is transported to the fields of Punjab after smelling a letter from his Indian childhood friend. He even asks his wife to sniff a letter that smells like Sarson-Ka-Saga and goes Ki-Mund. In Ham Toom, Aunt Bobby (Kirron Kher) returns from Europe to India and says Khushboo hi aur hai iss desh ki, and then points out a gang of young people defecating in the street. Even in Swadsa Mohan Bhargav (Shah Rukh Khan) remembers his country: Mitti ki jo khushboo, tu kaise bhoolaayega.

In Snuff !!!! The boy Sunny (Cushmit Gill) suffers from an abnormality in which he can’t feel anything. After the incident in the school laboratory, Sunny is miraculously cured and can smell things up to two kilometres away. His newly discovered olfactory powers make him a superhero who solves the problems of many people. He even becomes a detective and helps uncover the hype surrounding car theft in his community. The film also has philosophical shipyards, where it is amazing that there is a unique smell of fear and pain.

In Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Huran, a Punjabi family tries to recreate the taste of their patriarch Daarji (Nagpal wine), the famous Huran chicken dish after his death. Her grandson Omi (Kunal Kapoor) tries everything, but fails. An accident leads to the discovery that the secret ingredient in the chicken choir, which gives it a unique taste and aroma, is nothing but marijuana. In October Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) falls out of the hotel building as her flower of the same name and remains exhausted in a coma. Her friend Dan (Varun Dhavan) brings Shiuli flowers for her to the hospital and she starts to react to their smell. The scent of night jasmine has a healing (or miraculous) effect on Shiuli.

This Oscar-winning parasite uses scent to indicate the division of class between the rich and the powerful. At the beginning of the film, the grandson of the park notices that his new driver and his new housekeeper smell the same. Mr. Park (Lee Soon-kyung) told his wife that he couldn’t stand the smell of Mr. Kim (Song Kang Ho). When his son has an attack on his birthday party, Mr. Park doesn’t like the smell of Seun Se (Park Myung Hun), even in this situation. When he heard Mr. Pak’s reaction when he saw him, Mr. Kim was angry. In the interview, Bong Jung-ho, the director of Parasite, shared his thoughts on the use of fragrances as a medium in the film. He goes on to say: Talking about one’s own body odour is taboo, even among good friends, because it is considered very aggressive and rude. Talk about different smells: The film examines the issue of class. The smell of the film creates tension and suspension, ultimately creating a layered basis for the coming tragedy.

When the parasite uses the scent to talk about classicism, Akson uses the scent as a representation of racism. Axon is a fermented soy paste that is used in many parts of Northeast India to give food a unique taste. It has a strong smell that smells good for the people who use it. Those who don’t know him will be turned away by him. In Aksone’s film, a group of girls wants to surprise a friend at her wedding by serving her pork to Akson’s taste. The film tells the story of the difficulties and mockery they encounter as they try to prepare a strong and smelly meal while living in an apartment building in Humayunpur, Delhi. The smell becomes a metaphor for racism, which the inhabitants of the Northeast regularly encounter in their own country.

The films also used the scent to depict the cruelty of the caste system. In Bhawni Bhawai, King Chakras (Nasiruddin Shah) can smell an unpleasant scent in his palace. We told him the smell was caused by shit, including his. The palace was not cleaned because the lower class people responsible for this task went to a one-day wedding. The chakra of anger is angry and calls them and orders them to be beaten. Article 15 proposes a similar arrangement to protest against the fact that no investigation was carried out into the murder of the two girls when low-level workers went on strike and started bringing the waste to government institutions.

The writer Sachin Kundalkar has made an entire Ganda film about scent. The nationally awarded film Marathi consists of three short stories based on scent. The first story is about a girl who is physically attracted to a man because of his smell. The second story is about a divorced couple who remember their old days together. The woman is disturbed by the stench of the house, while her husband seems to have lost his sense of smell. The last story is about four days in the life of a woman who is separated from her family because she has a menstrual cycle. She’s trying to get through these hard days, she’s sniffing around. Ganda’s first story was rewritten in Hindi under the title Ayaa, which over the years has gained recognition for the representation of the female point of view and desire. Ayaa Manaksi (Rani Mukherjee) has a keen sense of smell and is attracted to Surya (Pritviraj), an art student at the university where she works as a librarian. If a bee is attracted to a flower, Manaxi follows Surya when he is around. At one point she even went into the men’s room, fascinated by the smell. Another Minaksi fan is Madhav (Subodh Bhav), who likes to work in the garden. However, the scent of her roses is not strong enough to attract Manaxi, as she is completely hypnotized by the scent of Surya’s flowers.

In Rajnigand, Deepa (Vidya Sinha) faces a dilemma similar to that of Manaxi, where she is trapped between two men. She chooses between Sanjay (Amal Palekar), with whom she now has a relationship, and Navin (Dinesh Takur), with whom she has had a relationship in the past. Sanjay and Navin are diametrically opposed in terms of characteristics. But just like Minaxi, Deepa chooses the man who brings the scent into her life. Sanjay wanted to bring her Rajniganda flowers, so she chose it. As she says: Rajnigandha phool tumhare, meheke yun hi jeewan mine, yun hi meheke preet piya ki mere anuragi man mine. These tuberose trees you gave me to spread their perfume in my life, I wish your love would bring the same perfume into my life.

There are countless songs in films that use perfume to describe a lover. In Dil Se, the poet compares his lover to perfume. Woh yaar hai ya khushboo ki tarah, he serenades. In Do Pal (Veer Zaara) a lover presents his lover as a perfume. Tum ze yaa khushboo hawaaon my thi, – he’s interested. In Kajra Re (Bunty Aur Babli), the poet compares the conversations of his beloved with the scent of kimam, an ingredient used to make pane. Teri benefiton my qimaam ki khushboo hai, he sings. In Yaaram (Ek Thi Daiyan) a lover wants to feel loved in her absence: Jo tum gaye tumhari khushboo soongha karenge hum. In Ek Ladki Ko Deh Toh Aisa Laga (Love Story, 1942) the poet compares the girl he saw with the fragrant breeze of Yaise hushbu lie aye tandi hava. In Mann kasturi khoje apni gandh na paave the poet portrays his heart as a musk deer going crazy looking for the smell of musk without realizing it’s coming from inside – Mann kasturi khoje apni gandh na paave. One of my favourite songs in which the scent is mentioned is Tera Zikr of Guzaaris, where a lover feels drunk just by mentioning his lover’s name. He calls itr (spirits) – Ke tera zikr hai, ya itr hai, jab jab karta hun, mehekta hun, chehekta hun.

While many songs use scents to describe someone, Ayaa has a beautiful song about scent. Mahek Bhi, beautifully represented by Shreya Goshal, appears in the film every time Manaxi thinks of Surya. The front lines are beautiful. Mahek bhi kahaani sunati hai, sunlo agar. Hawaaon ke zariye batati hai, samjho agar Even perfume tells a story if you listen to it; and it tells it in spite of the wind if you try to understand it. The last parts of the song are a bit confusing because the lyrics are easy to understand, but I’m struggling with the images she’s trying to convey. It has something to do with the mixed flowers that gather on the canvas and become a painting.

The breakfast box uses perfume to convey two different emotions of the main characters Ila (Nimrat Kaur) and Saajan (Irfan). Ila’s suspicion of bastard cohabitation is confirmed when she smells the lady on her husband’s shirt. And it’s this smell that makes Saajan aware of his own vulnerability and mortality. The day he meets his pen pal Ela, the smell in her bathroom reminds him of his grandfather. He’s surprised how old he’s become. It’s just me and the smell of the old man, he wrote, after not finding the courage to meet her in person. It’s time to dream about the future with Ela, who is still in the prime of life. Death must be waiting for him somewhere around here.

I couldn’t help remember the office of Sutapa Sikdar, who recently wrote a few words about her late husband Irfan. Yaad tumhari aati rahi raat bhar, yeh khushboo mehakti rahi raat bhar. Rahe na rahe hum, mehka karenge. Even when people leave, their scent lingers.

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