The year 2021 is going to be a year of massive change and transition. With the advent of the mass mind-sifter, the time has come to look back on the past five years of our lives and make some serious changes. It has been a good run, but it’s time to go out with some style.

This is a soundtrack review of the film Panic (2021). This is my first attempt at writing a serious post on this site and it’s not perfect. I’m expecting more feedback and if I need to edit it, I will. I hope you enjoy it.

The movie is directed by J.A. Bayona and stars an ensemble cast of the very talented actors. Also, the movie is classified as a thriller and stars Oscar Isaac, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Glenn Close. This movie has been produced by the Oscar-winning director of The Impossible, and it’s scheduled for an April 13, 2021 release.. Read more about the dig soundtrack and let us know what you think.Milan Records has released the album Panic (Music From the Amazon Original Series) by composers Isabella Summers and Brian H. Kim.  The album is available now. It features the music the duo wrote for Amazon’s latest original series, based on Lauren Olivier’s bestselling young adult novel.

Isabella Summers, better known as Florence and the Machine and an Emmy® Award-nominated composer, brings extensive writing, production and recording experience to the project and has collaborated with pianist and classical composer Brian H. Kim to create the show’s soundtrack.  The resulting 15 track compilation is an intensely visceral and emotionally gripping soundtrack that embodies the story of a TV series about desperate teenagers fighting for a chance to escape from their small town.  The soundtrack also features a new original song by pop singer Tate McRae, titled Darkest Hour. All 10 episodes of Panic will be released on Friday, May 28, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories worldwide.

Panic is a new one-hour drama series on Amazon Prime Video, written and created by Lauren Oliver (based on her bestselling novel).  The action is set in a small town in Texas, where graduates compete against each other in a series of challenges each summer. The winner gets everything, which they see as their only chance to escape their situation and improve their lives.  But this year the rules have changed: the prize pool is bigger than ever and the game is even more dangerous.  Players face their deepest and darkest fears and must decide how much they are willing to risk to win.

On Panic’s findings, co-authors Isabella Summers and Brian H. Kim said:

The score for Panic had to be visceral and modern.  The story is told from the perspective of 21st century teenagers. The story is set in the early twentieth century, but it’s about life and death and the challenges are borderline generic.  We used aggressive synths – tons of viruses, distortion and effects – combined with huge action drums and offensive strings.  Many of the synth arpeggios bordered on the abstract, but everything was still based on the emotion of the character.  We were able to break down these sounds into more subtle references to family arguments, tensions between friends, and romance, as the show explored more personal themes.  We are happy with the evolution of the music.  We believe it is different from everything else.  It’s a punch in the gut.

The music in the movie Panic is really good. I was already intrigued by the series’ plot: an almost dystopian setting where high school students compete in a twisted competition to earn enough money to go to college; but hearing the music raised my interest to another level. This is the kind of music I can get into: It’s really quite visceral (depending on the composer) and almost manic in places, due to the intense synthesizers found throughout the score.

These aggressive synths give Panic a gruesome feel at many points, which is more than appropriate given the premise of the series. I mean, the concept is pretty awful, right? The idea of teenagers being forced into a twisted competition just for the chance to go to college and leaving town like they have no other options, if that’s not a horror story, I don’t know what is. And with these synthesizers, you can almost feel the raw emotion they represent. It’s not a clean or pretty score like Game of Thrones, it’s very brutal and hard, and I love every moment of it.

To reiterate what I said before, the soundtrack to Panic is really good, one of the best I’ve heard for the series this year. I highly recommend listening to this soundtrack if you get the chance.

List of titles

1. On the way to the farm (0:57)
2. Don’t Know What To Believe (1:39)
3. Cortez Will Joust (3:33)
4. Spurlock House (5:18)
5. Case (1:59)
6. We are both trash (1:25)
7. Darkest Hour – Tate McRae (2:41)
8. The invitation came from Cortez (2:29)
9. Unraveling the Marquise (0:37)
10. There we go (1:13)
11. Greybill Legend Murders (2:14)
12. Duel, Part 1 (5:18)
13. Duel, Part 2 (3:33)
14. Tiger Lily (3:10)
15. Heather’s jumps (4:12)

Let me know what you think of Panic and the soundtrack in the comments below, and have a great day!

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