–-Whos-Who.png The new episode of WandaVision is great, and this cameo is incredible …..But the new character in the comics is probably the one who has spent the least amount of time on screen. In “A Very Special Episode. When Billy and Tommy were growing up, they found and adopted a dog, eventually named Sparky after several attempts, including Sniffy. Unfortunately, the poor animal dies soon after, in a sitcom-like “twist.” Sparky comes from the comic book and, although he is very different from his living counterpart (he is green to begin with), he is actually a dog that was only created to create the illusion of a perfect and normal family of one of the two main characters of the Avengers. Let’s look at this together.

When The Vision created three Synths like him to literally form the perfect family, all seemed well and even the town of Arlington County, Virginia seemed to be a welcoming community for all. The dream began to crumble when the Skinny Reaper attacked the family and continued to haunt Vision in his obsession to desecrate the memory of his brother Wonder Man with his existence: during a brief argument, Virginia, Vision’s new artificial wife, killed him and buried his body in the garden. Vision’s neighbors, George and Nora Knowles, had an adorable little dog, Zeke, who smelled a strange odor and began digging to–-Whos-Who.jpg unearth the Grim Reaper ….and was eventually electrocuted by his scythe. This happened as a blessing: on the one hand, Vision was very shocked to find the bad guy’s body in his backyard, and this discovery threatened to destroy the family ties from within; on the other hand, Vision was inspired by Zeke’s presence and decided that the pet would heal the family’s wounds. He took poor Zeke’s brain, copied samples from his brain and used them to create a new synthesizer, this time in the shape and size of a dog: Sparky was born. Sparky’s life was like that of a normal dog, except for the super powers, and Vijn and Virginia’s children, Viv and Vin, loved him dearly. Sparky spent most of his time with Vin in particular, but this led to Vin’s death: one night the two Synths were playing together as usual, and they ran into “Uncle” Victor Munch, who sent a coded transmission to the Avengers: his family visit was actually a secret mission, and he spied on Vision and the others after Agatha Harkness predicted a global tragedy emanating from the synthetic family. To silence Vin, Victor used his electromagnetic powers to subdue him, but the miscalculation and the damage to his nervous system were irreparable. The young host Sparky died before his eyes, grieving for his father.

From that moment on, the family was never the same, and Sparky was one of the next victims of the destruction of Vision’s dream of a normal life. Virginia was dealing with one of her most suspicious and fanatical neighbors, Leo Kinzky, and when the man tried to shoot him, she stepped in and let the bullets go through ….her and hit Leo’s son, Chris, who was standing right behind her. But Chris was a friend of Viv’s,–-Whos-Who.jpg and so Virginia confessed to him what had happened, hoping her daughter would understand…. But Viv understandably reacted badly and had an emotional outburst against her mother and ran away from home. Sparky approached, wanting to comfort his mistress, but Virginia was quite angry with him and beat him to death. Among the remains of his dog, she found a petal of Wundagore Everbloom, a plant that allowed her to see the future he had eaten earlier, and she devoured it: the vision she received led her to kill Victor Munch and become a global threat, resulting in her own suicide and the dissolution of the Vision family. But despite this tragedy, it was not the end for Sparky: Vision and Viv continued to live in their home in Arlington, trying to process what had happened, and Viv received a special gift. Saddened by what had happened to her ex-husband, the Scarlet Witch took Sparky’s remains, and with the help of Tony Stark, used her powers to bring the synthetic dog back to life. Sparky continued to live with his owners in the finally quiet Cherrydale neighborhood until Vision resumed her service with the Avengers and Viv joined the Champions instead. Apparently Viv was killed trying to save the world, and Vision built a new girl, Vivian 2.0, who became Sparky’s new lover until the original Viv returned and the two sisters merged into one being. The dog must have seen a lot in the few years of her life.

Sparky, seemingly “just” a green Scottish Terrier, is a marvel of science, an extremely loyal and intelligent canine intelligence inhabiting a high-tech body. A synthesizer, he is remarkably stronger and more resilient than the average dog, and he can alter his molecular density to become as hard as diamond, or completely immaterial, while still being able to fly. Sparky is the ideal pet for The Vision’s family, bringing joy and happiness wherever he goes …..And he tries to do so even in the saddest, dullest place, his owner’s kitchen.

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Frequently asked questions

What does it mean when someone calls you Sparky?

Sparky usually means someone who is fast or energetic. In the past, it was also a common nickname for people who worked in electronics or radio (or electricians, as Lob said).

What does Sparky mean?

Wiktionary. Sparky(ProperNoun) Alias for someone who is alive and well. Etymology: spark + -y.

What does Sparky mean in Australia?

Sparks are extremely important professionals, both in Australia and around the world. Their job is to install and repair electrical wiring systems and other electrical equipment used in commercial and residential settings.

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