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The eight-year-old Alan Bauer almost drowned as a child until he was rescued by a mysterious mermaid. Years later, as an adult, Allen believes that the incident was a hallucination in his childhood, but the incident has since affected all his romantic relationships. When Allen meets the same mermaid for the second time and finally answers the name Madison, his life is turned upside down. All and Madison are soul mates destined for each other, but can their love survive Madison’s revelation of her mermaid legacy, not to mention persecution by scientists who want to capture and study Madison, even if it kills her?

Film review Splash

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Splash (1984) In 1964 the young Allen Bauer (David Kreps) was on holiday with his family at Cape Cod. The family takes a trip on a canal boat, and while Allen’s parents are busy arguing with Allen’s brother Freddy, Allen jumps into the ocean after seeing something under the surface. Allen can’t swim, but a young mermaid (Shayla McArvich) saves him and helps him breathe underwater. However, all are brought up by people on a boat and reunited with his family. A young mermaid cries as she watches the boat move towards the horizon.

Twenty years later, Elder Allen (Tom Hanks) lives in New York City and together with his philanthropic brother Freddie (John Candy) owns a fruit and vegetable wholesaler. All are still haunted by the memory of the young mermaid, which he is now convinced was a suicidal hallucination. However, all of Allen’s subsequent relationships were affected by this memory, which led Allen to believe that he could never fall in love.

After another break Allen drives to Cape Cod in the middle of the night. Once there he meets a nerdy scientist named Walter Kornbluth (Eugene Levy), who thinks Allen is trying to spy on his research. Kornbluth investigates the theory that mythical marine animals exist in the real world. Allen takes a small boat to a far bank, although he still can’t swim. The boat crashed, but Allen restarted it. However, a sudden launch of the boat causes Allen to fall into the sea. The drone dodges and kicks Allen in the head and sends him to the ground. Allen’s wallet falls out of his pocket and lands on the ocean floor. A mysterious hand grabs Allen as he begins to plunge into the ocean.

Everyone wakes up on the beach with a severe headache. He sees a beautiful naked woman (Daryl Hannah) throw herself off the cliff to kiss her before she throws herself into the ocean. The woman says nothing to Allen, and despite Allen’s begging to come ashore, she leaves. The woman is now an adult mermaid, and she takes Allen’s wallet from the bottom of the ocean. She also meets Kornbluth, who sees her but can’t take a picture of her with his underwater camera. Mermaid uses Allen’s driver’s license and a map from the wreckage to determine where Allen lives. Then he sails to New York.

Allen goes back to New York and tells Freddie about his setbacks. Meanwhile a mermaid swims ashore on Liberty Island and starts a tour on two normal legs in all her naked glory. The police stopped the siren and contacted Allen, because the only thing she has on her is her wallet. All hurry to the police station. If the mermaid sees him again, she’ll kiss him passionately first. Allen’s taking her to his apartment in Manhattan.

The next day Allen went to work and the mermaid took some of Allen’s clothes and went to Bloomingdale’s to buy clothes. While she is in the shop, she watches TV and learns to speak English. A desperate Allen finds her in the shop and is shocked that she speaks so fluent English. When Allen asks the siren for her name, she makes a sound that smashes the store’s TVs to smithereens. Because Allen cannot pronounce the siren’s name, he takes the name Madison from the famous Madison Avenue street sign. Madison tells Allen that she will only be in New York for six days and then she has to go home, otherwise she cannot.

In the following days Allen and Madison spent a lot of time together and started to fall in love. Allen, however, continues to suffer from Madison’s strange behavior. However, Allen proposes to Madison, but Madison refuses and runs away when Allen gets angry. After spending Allen’s night, Madison comes back and tells her husband that she is going to marry him. She promises Allen that someday she’ll tell him the truth about herself.

Meanwhile, Kornbluth has been ridiculed by many members of the scientific community. However, he recognizes Madison’s picture as soon as he arrives on Liberty Island and goes looking for her to expose her as a mermaid. Kornbluth keeps trying to get Madison wet so she can get her mermaid shape back. However, he sat on the wrong woman several times, causing Kornbluth to get a broken arm from the other woman.

A few days later Allen and Madison attended a dinner with dignitaries where they greeted the president of the United States. In the middle of dinner, Madison Allen tells him that she is ready to talk to him about her past. They leave dinner and are ambushed by Kornbluth while waiting for a taxi. A scientist sprays Madison with a garden hose to create her mermaid tail. Allen is shocked, but he is quickly fired by the media, who dig up Madison before she can explain it with Allen.

Madison and Allen are captured by government agents and taken to a secret laboratory in the New York Natural History Museum. The research team is led by Dr. Ross (Richard B. Schull), a competitor of Cornbluth, but Cornbluth is allowed to stay on the project. They all pushed and pushed, but if it turns out he’s not human, they’ll let him go. Scientists keep studying Madison, even though she’s starting to get sick. When Kornbluth learns that she needs to be dissected for investigative purposes, she begins to regret her involvement.

Meanwhile Freddie tries to accompany his brother, but Allen expresses his frustration and anger towards Madison. Freddy stalks his brother and reminds him how incredibly happy he was with Madison when they were together. All of a sudden he realizes that he loves Madison and tries to contact the government to see her. If he can’t, he’ll hunt down an innocent Kornbluth who wants to help him save her.

The next day, Kornbluth guides Allen and Freddy to a secret laboratory where they pretend to be Swedish scientists. Allen and Kornbluth took Madison out of the building and left Freddie in her place. They’re rushing through New York to take Madison to the harbor. Once on the dock, Madison tells Allen that despite his inability to swim, he can go with him. She reminds him of his childhood when she helped him breathe underwater. Allen is happy to go with her as long as she doesn’t tell him he can never go back to his brother. Cursed, Allen decides to stay and asks Madison to leave before she is captured. Madison dives into the harbour and starts sailing away.

Government divers start dropping helicopters over the harbor. Worried about Madison, Allen jumps in to help her. Once in the water, Allen starts sinking again until Madison returns. Madison kisses him, which allows him to breathe underwater. They repel all divers and then swim together in the open sea, led by Madison’s powerful mermaid tail. Allen and Madison sail over the ocean floor to Madison’s secret underwater world to live happily ever after.

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