Slated as a direct sequel to the original game, “Sprites” is a science-fiction film with a budget of 3.5 million dollars. The movie has the same creators as the original game, but the actors have been replaced by ones who are more well-known.

With a cast that includes both the meteoric Sandra Bullock and the legendary Betty White, the new movie “Sprite” is no ordinary romantic comedy. The movie is about two women living on opposite coasts of the United States, and how their lives are changed when they find out they have both been dating the same man. The man, who goes by the name “Sprite” (due to his penchant for the drink), is a notorious cad that uses his charms to woo women.

In the shot where the Eternals are gathered in human clothing, a child can be seen in the Eternals teaser. It’s not a mascot, it’s an eternity in itself: Sprite, represented by Leah McHugh. In the movie, Sprite looks like a 12-year-old girl, but she’s actually much, much older, and apparently Searcy is the only one who treats her like a child, which makes her very sad. In the comics, Sprite is actually a boy (though his gender was changed in the final script to match his counterpart in the movie), and instead of being sad or reserved, he’s pretty mean, and the sneakiest of them all. Let’s take a look together.

As part of the new generation of Eternals, Sprite lived in Olympia, Greece, one of the hidden cities of the Eternals….. but he was not like his peers. A born trickster, mischievous and evil, he used his divine powers to pull pranks and anger other Eternals. He spared no one, not even the great Zuras, who often punished him for his follies. Usually he stayed in custody for several decades, changed his habits for a while, and then inevitably returned to his usual behavior. Realizing that he always got caught after playing a prank on other Eternals, Sprite started attacking people and didn’t care if they got seriously hurt by his pranks: It wasn’t his fault they were so vulnerable. His appearances have intrigued people around the world for centuries, and he has sometimes been confused with human gods like Loki, Anansi or Hermes, and has even served as inspiration for artists’ works of art. In the 17th century, while living in London, he performed a trick in the presence of William Shakespeare, who based his play on Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. When he returned to London a few centuries later, he met another playwright, James M. Barrie, who inspired his most famous and successful character, Peter Pan. But all the good that came from his jokes was always purely coincidental ….. Until the arrival of the Fourth Master, the Judgment of the Wicked, who could put a final end to his pleasures by destroying life on the planet.

As the Fourth Master approached, Sprite wanted to laugh about it at first, but Icaris’ and Sersi’s earnest retorts to his antics convinced him that the situation was indeed formidable. When Zuras asked all the Eternals to unite and reach the undead mothership, Sprite was left behind, but he did not stand idly by: From Domo’s central processor, he saw a nuclear ship piloted by the Deviants, ready to attack the undead. After pulling his biggest trick, Sprite went to the eternal prison , where the Forgotten had been chained for his crimes centuries earlier. Against Zuras’s orders, Sprite freed him, but also convinced him to channel his incredible power against the Deviants: the ship was destroyed, the undead and the One Spirit were saved, and the Forgotten One was even allowed to return home… where Zuras punished him and Sprite by making them responsible for each other, in an uneasy dependency between a serious warrior and an enthusiastic prankster. Later, Sprite led nearly all of his fellow Eternals to their deaths by accidentally luring Olympia into the Negative Zone, but he also saved the life of his cousin Searcy by advocating for the Gunn Josyn (a forced, unbreakable mental bond) between her and her human lover, the Dark Knight, instead of the death penalty that Icaris wanted to implement. His good and bad deeds had only one thing in common: Whatever the results, whatever the consequences, everyone treated him like the child he was, and the fact that he was incapable of growing up seemed to condemn him to an eternity of overthinking. To avoid this, he came up with one last big joke: He used the power of Tiamuth, the Heavenly Dreamer, to erase the memories of all the Eternals, give them human lives and aliases, and spread them across the world. Then he created the human character of Colin, the child actor from the sitcom That’s So Splashy! and finally prepared to grow up as a human being….. He sacrifices the immortal lives of all his peers to fulfill his wish.

Sprite is a prankster and a wizard who is always coming up with new jokes and pranks for his fellow Eternals and even the humans, who sometimes get hurt a lot because they are so fragile. Apart from his appearance, he is an eternal adult, virtually immortal and invulnerable, endowed with unusual strength, power, speed and stamina, able to fly, teleport, absorb and release cosmic energy. For his strokes, he mainly uses telekinesis, the ability to transmute matter and his most advanced power – creating illusions of life using all the senses. Behind Sprite’s smile and playfulness is a growing frustration of being a child of the millennials who is treated like a child by everyone: This frustration inevitably leads to resentment and can become a very dangerous anger.


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