An amazing takeover of Superman from another world. Writing a review of the film Superman Red Son about a film based on a comic from 2003 by Mark Millar. Another film directed by Sam Liu, the film tries to do things differently, a world that might make it difficult to become an instant admirer, but which is well used from a unique perspective.

With the different lifestyles of the different versions of the Earth, it comes directly from Earth 30, where Superman’s childhood took place mainly in the streets of the Soviet Union. The Red Son tries to build around the atypical possibility that the contrast between education and different ideologies gives us a completely different superhero.

A superhero who contradicts his principles and thoughts and is not afraid to take a life if necessary. He has the idea that he has the world inside him, and he tries to shape it in his own way with a hook or a crook.

The film is divided into different subgroups that try to cover as many alternative realities as possible. Although it’s nice to see that these versions try to cover as much ground as possible, you feel a little toasted in the end. There is a certain hurry in the film, and the emotions are not cooked.

Stop talking. Let’s go to Superman Red Son with a little analysis to start.

Conspiracy on the Red Son of Superman

The film begins with hooligans trying to cling to a little boy while a girl named Svetlana (Lana Lang in this universe) follows them and tries to protect the poor boy.

In his defense, the child shows Svetlana that he ran away from them so that he wouldn’t hurt them. So young and yet so strong in his mind!

When childhood memories are forgotten, the child grows old and joins the government to fulfill the destiny that Svetlana implicitly imposed on him.

Criticism of Svetlana's film and Soviet Superman

Lois Lane

Lois lane, wait, lex luthor’s wife is in this universe. What? Crazy, huh? As you can easily guess, Lois disapproves of Luthor’s methods.

She interrogates the Soviet Superman and tells him what the Russian government had to hide. He leads Superman to the Gulag where Svetlana is being held prisoner. It’s a penetrating look at how Superman forgot about them after they were involved in a government joke.

The dying Svetlana breaks them down into Supers:

This is a world of the strong, and you’re the strongest of us all.

The Soviet Superman is rude in his decisions, the quality they try to portray in his creed as inbreeding. He let him burn Stalin.


The Luthor is still a genius in this universe. He uses his DNA to make another version of Superman and calls him the Supreme Being. A duet fights with her, and you’ll see a hint of strangeness when Lex the Higher Man tries to make the most of it.

It’s supposed to represent America and its ideals. By working with the president and eventually becoming him, the film tries to give us a perspective on the Cold War from the past.

When Luthor and Superman are on top of the world, the former continues to attack the superpower in different ways, which also puts pressure on his relationship with Lois.

Superman lobotomizes rebels and those who don’t share his thoughts with a reprogrammed psychiatrist.

History of Batman

The story of Batman is probably one of the best parts of the film. The way in which a character becomes familiar with the death of his parents in a gulag with bats in the background (interestingly enough this happened in many of these realities) indicates the horror that Soviet Superman will soon face.

Batman is still a man with a twisted past. Only this time, the government he’s fighting against is led by Superman… . Blinks from the past when the Dark Knight returns, and lightning bolts from Batman to Superman: Dawn of Justice, join us when you see Betsy exploiting Superman’s weakness. This time it’s the Red Sun, oh, irony!

A boy and a beautiful woman in a red son...

The amazing news is that even in this universe, Batman remains cool when he provokes Wonder Woman against her. After defeating Superman, he sacrifices himself if things go wrong before Superman can lobotomize him.

You wish he could last longer, but his term was so short.

Wait a minute, and turn your attention away from the Superman Red Son movie review for once:

From here you can buy the movie Superman Red Son:.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a controversial issue. He feeds mainly on admiration for the Red Son, but at the same time he is against the actions of Superman.

The film is somehow interwoven with different ideologies. Wonder Woman learns the truth about Superman the hard way, when you see what he has done to people, the punishment he imposes on those who did not follow his dream.

She decided to go blind for the best half of the film, but in the end she decides to leave her life.


There have been so many interpretations of a criminal masterpiece, but Brainiac’s interpretation in this film can’t impress you very much. Despite the fact that he is working on a trick to deceive Superman, his visualization in the film is in bad taste.

You can almost feel how well it needs to be written, but the image just removes all the internal milling work we had to do.

The part in which he tells Superman that he always had the choice to bring back the miniature world of Stalingrad, but didn’t choose it, is an exciting part that makes Superman think about what he did. It also gives him a revelation that constantly changes his way of thinking. Superman, the embodiment of hope and justice becomes what he should have been on another earth.

Shortcomings of the Superman Red Son film

The film Superman Red Son tries to open the debate with a literal image of an attempt to bring peace into a bottle. Seen in this light, this justifies the above argument. They just want more substance.

Apart from the fact that the film tries to combine too many subgroups into one film, which could easily become one episode at a time, there is the lower click direction, which cannot be followed.

One can’t help but compare that with the quality of work DC has done in the past, as in the film Killer Jest, and wonder why we haven’t found a common language for DCAU films as technology has evolved.

Management can use the treatment because you don’t feel the core of your emotions. With so many stories rolled into one, we keep going from one branch to another without the emotions being screened properly. It’s one of the biggest shortages of Superman Red Son.


If you look at the Batman story, it has so much content, I mean if someone made a film or a series on the subject, it could be much more substantial. So much content can be extracted from it. So much so that the comedian and the animation show couldn’t do him justice.

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Look at the Superman trailer: This is Red Son:

Superman red wire

Superman Red Son Poster


  • A fascinating history
  • Batman’s Teeth


  • Too many stories in one.
  • Not being able to use your emotions
  • bad leadership




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