The Orphans will be the 8th. June 2021 via Kino Lorber via Code Red re-released on Blu-ray. The film was digitized from the original vault elements in 2K in 2017. Characteristics:

Audio commentary by director Jackie Kong
Audio commentary by actor Johnny Dark
Theatrical trailer


In the meantime, here’s our previous review of the film:

All the horror has taken shape

The Being is a 1983 American science fiction horror film written and directed by Jackie Kong (Blood Diner). It was produced by William Osko, who also plays a local detective. The film was shot on Easter Sunday 1980 and was not released until three years later.

The stars of the film: Martin Landau (Ed Wood; The Return; Alone in the Dark), Jose Ferrer (Crash!; The Sentinel; Bloody Birthday), Marianne Gordon, Dorothy Malone and Ruth Buzzy.


Pottsville, Idaho: Dr. Garson Jones (Landau), a city scientist, tries to convince the local media and public that the radiation leaked into the water is not dangerous.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s wife (Buzzi) heads the sweep committee that wants to take on Smut, and recruits Dr. Jones to lead her campaign. He readily agrees and tells the TV interviewer that it’s the pollution we really need to worry about.

But at the local dump lurks an evil creature that attacks anyone who gets in its way. The creature is a genetic psychopath powered by radioactive waste that mutilates and decapitates its victims…..

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It’s a self-indulgent film that gets more ridiculous with each scene, and despite a solid cast (with the exception of Bill Osko, who is hilariously handsome in the heroic role of Detective Lutz), there are too many wacky moments in Genesis to be taken seriously. Leisure DVD

The Being is a great, fun B-movie, as it has a good pace and has something to offer all varieties of low budget horror tastes. No one acts for too long, the involuntary laughter doesn’t stop, and your throat burns so badly you don’t realize how much you’ve spent. Loft Cinema

Making her debut as a writer-director, Kong pokes fun at the genre she works in, delivering a healthy dose of gore and gratuitous nudity; she also manages to create an appropriate atmosphere – images of storm clouds hovering over a small rural community are eerily evocative.

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With decapitations, a heart ripped from the chest of a poor country cop, all sorts of cheesy gory tics, a long chest shot, priceless dialogue, a plot that’s more than a little incoherent, and perhaps the worst day-night continuity cinema has ever had in (un)grace, grindhouse cinema is rarely as much fun as Genesis. A battle of film nerds.

Ultimately, despite its familiarity, The Being manages to achieve a strange, unusual quality […] The film is infuriating, but you never laugh at it, and it’s never palatable enough to land among the greats of the Gorhouse canon. Oh, the horror!

The actors and characters:

Martin Landau… Garson Jones
Marianne Gordon… Lori
Bill Osko… Mortimer Lutz (as Rex Coltrane)
Jose Ferrer … Mayor Gordon Lane (Jose Ferrer)
Dorothy Malone … Marge Smith
Ruth Buzzy… Virginia Lane
Murray Langston… Arn
Kinky Friedman… Willis
Johnny Dark… John
Kent Perkins… Officer Dudley
Ellen Blake… Jenny
Roxanne Osko… Susie (as in Roxanne Sibel Osko)
Jerry Maren … Monster (Jerry Marin)
Eric Helland… On.
Bill Rawlinson… On. No. 2.


Boise and Meridian, Idaho.

Data recording :

6. August 1980 to 7. November 1980



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