Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) paternity test revealed that John Finnegan (Tanner Nowlan) was not the father. She takes a new tack when she hears about Vinnie Walker (Joe LoCicero). This does not mean that the original results were wrong, only that they were contaminated. What if Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is still the father?

Nice, bold spoilers: – Annulment of the paternity test

B&B spoilers reveal that Steffy was convinced Finn was the father of her unborn child. She called it maternal intuition. So when Dr. Campbell (Tina Huang) said the fetus’s DNA didn’t match Finn’s, it was devastating. She keeps saying that the only thing that’s going to change in her life is Finn becoming a father and not Liam.

B&B Spoiler – Sense Stay Together

Although Winnie thought a false paternity test would tear Cynn apart, it didn’t. Finn and Steffy made it through and stayed together despite everything that happened. They foiled Vinnie’s plan, not knowing he would fake a paternity test. There are several theories as to why Vinny did this. We don’t believe for a second that he would risk going to jail just so his best friend can live out his fantasy.

There was something Vinnie wanted to get for himself. We’ll find out if it’s because he’s still in love with Steffy, despises Finn so much that he wants him to remain childless and indifferent, or if it’s something else.

Bold and beautiful spoilers – advice from Thomas Forrester

Bold and beautiful spoilers reveal that Vinnie Thomas will not tell the truth. No matter how many times he is asked and how much Thomas threatens him, Vinny sticks to his original statement. He only took one test and had nothing to do with the results. Still hesitating, Thomas tells Finn and Steffy what he suspects. He suggests another paternity test.

B&B Spoiler – Maternal Pleasure

Steffy told Thomas and Finn that she wasn’t sure if she wanted a second paternity test. She explains that the first time was traumatic, stressful and devastating. She doesn’t think she can take it all back.

Finn wants to know the truth because he is desperate to become a father. But he also knows that it might make Liam a little less pushy. No more arguing about prenatal appointments and who gets to be in the delivery room. Thomas knows the truth must come to light, not only because of Steffy and Finn, but also because of Hope Logan (Annika Noel).

Spoiler Bold and Beautiful (B&B): Zoé’s new diabolical plan, Paris arrested for shocking crime?

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A Bold and Gorgeous Spoiler – Liam Spencer may still be baby’s father

Vinny didn’t change anything. He’s contaminated Finn’s sample so it doesn’t match the boy’s. They never compared the DNA to Liam’s. So, theoretically, a second paternity test doesn’t mean it’s going to be Finn’s baby. There’s still a 50/50 chance that the child belongs to one of the two men. If the test shows that Liam is still the father, could it get any worse?

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frequently asked questions

Will Liam end up with Hope or Steffy?

Steffy prefers herself to Liam, and he turns to Hope. Liam then marries Hope and starts a new life with her, but Hope cancels when baby Beth is presumed dead. She then marries Thomas to raise Douglas with him.

Who is the father of Steffy’s baby?

Vinnie said not only did he feel guilty for not being there for Thomas, but he was convinced that Thomas deserved a chance with Hope and that Liam, as the father of Steffy’s baby, was a way for him to get it.

Is Steffy pregnant in real life?

Long before the heroine announced she was pregnant, actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood covered her growing belly while pregnant with her second child with husband Elan Rupoli. Round two! She was overjoyed when she announced the good news in October.

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