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Kate and Teddy are a brother and sister whose father died recently. His widow, Claire, has trouble keeping order in the house and the two children have trouble not killing each other. Kate still believes in Santa Claus, making Teddy laugh at her. While recording a video of Santa’s kidnapping, she and her brother accidentally break Santa’s sled, causing him to lose his magic hat and a bag full of presents. Now Santa Claus, Kate and Teddy have to sort everything out before the time runs out, so Santa delivers the presents and the Christmas spirit is never there again.

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The Christmas Chronicles (2018) Claire Pierce (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) is a mother of two widows in Lowell, Massachusetts. After the untimely death of her firefighter Doug (Oliver Hudson), she struggles to keep her family together. Their son Teddy (Judas Lewis) becomes a juvenile delinquent and seeks refuge in the wrong circles. Worse, he has lost his Christmas spirit, which his younger sister Kate (Darby Camp) has in abundance. Kate’s made it her mission to keep the Christmas spirit alive in her house. Despite her brother’s teasing, she continues to make video messages for Santa Claus (Kurt Russell).

On Christmas Eve, Claire is called to work and leaves Teddy at home. She gives him the responsibility to take care of Kate and finish the Christmas decorations. To pass the time, Kate looks at old Christmas videos from the past and notices that a hand comes out of the fireplace and places a gift under the tree after her parents have left the room. She thinks it’s Santa Claus on the video and blackmails her brother to help her prove it’s him. With two traps the house is closed with a cable and a hidden camera is installed to catch the man in red.

Later that night, Kate wakes up her sons to see Santa Claus in the living room. Unfortunately he escapes to the roof before she can make a good video recording. She wakes Teddy up and the two kids follow him outside. You will discover Santa’s sleigh and reindeer hovering above the street while Santa delivers presents to other houses nearby. Kate gets up and jumps into Santa’s sleigh, and Teddy reluctantly follows him. Santa gets back in the sled and starts driving, not knowing that the children are sitting in the back seat. Kate patted Santa on the back when the sled arrived in Chicago, Illinois. Santa gets scared and loses control of his sled. Santa’s gift bag flies out the back and Santa loses his hat. The sled collapses, causing the reindeer to spread and the sled to break.

Santa Claus showed up and made sure the kids were okay. Santa Claus explains to the children that he has to come back to deliver the presents, otherwise the Christmas spirit disappears. Santa tries to fly, but he finds that his hat is missing, which prevents him from moving quickly or navigating in confined spaces. The children offer to help Santa Claus after he threatens to put them on the naughty list forever. They stop at a nearby restaurant to ask the customers for help. The bartender kicks them out after some customers get angry. They stole the car from the bartender, who stole it from someone else.

Santa Claus is stalking his reindeer, but the police shows up and goes after Santa Claus and Teddy in a stolen car. Kate befriends reindeer and rides them in pursuit of her brother and Santa Claus. Santa Claus is in a car accident and is arrested by agents Dave Poveda (Martin Roach) and Mikey Jameson (Lamorne Morris). Teddy jumps on the reindeer and flies away with Kate while the police watches the reindeer fly away. Children use the beacon to find Santa’s gift bag. Kate climbs into the bag to find help and teleports herself to the North Pole, where she meets Santa’s elves. The elves are willing to help him.

Meanwhile Teddy was attacked by a gang who brought him and the bag back to their hiding place. When each gang member reaches into the bag, they each take out a piece of coal. The gang leader throws the bag through the chimney, and Teddy jumps out, for fear of his sister. The gang takes the bag and threatens to kill Teddy. But then the elves come out of the bag and release Teddy. The elves are going to repair Santa’s sleigh, while Kate and Teddy try to find a way to get Santa out of jail.

At the same time Santa Claus tries to talk to agent Poveda to get him out of jail. He tells the cop that his wish for Christmas is to reconcile with his ex-wife Lisa, and adds that Lisa feels the same way. Poveda is skeptical about Santa Claus and locks him up in a cell. However, Poveda becomes suspicious when he sees more arrests on Christmas Eve than usual, which Santa Claus attributes to the low Christmas spirit.

In the cell, Santa Claus uses his magic to pick up all the prisoners and show that Santa Claus is back in town, convincing most other agents of his identity, except Poveda. When Lisa Poveda suddenly calls on her cell phone and invites her for the morning coffee, the policeman becomes a believer and lets Santa Claus go, just like the elves who show up to save him. The fairy gives Santa a spare hat, which the man in red uses to slide through the vent to the roof, where the elves, Kate and Teddy are waiting for him with the repaired sled.

Santa’s watch warns him that he only has an hour to make the delivery. Santa tells the children he can’t come at this hour. Kate comes up with a plan in which she and Teddy help Santa Claus by taking over some of the work, which speeds up Santa’s delivery time. Together with the elves, the trio manages to deliver all the presents on time all over the world, saving Christmas and restoring the Christmas spirit. Santa’s gonna drop Kate and Teddy off before his mom gets back. Santa gave Teddy his hat as a souvenir, which meant he didn’t always need it. He responds to Kate’s request to say Ho, Ho, Ho, something he says is an urban myth about her.

The children’s mother comes back a few minutes later. When the three of them come in, they find their house fully furnished for Christmas, just like their father. They start opening presents and Teddy finds another present from Santa Claus. Teddy finds a Santa ornament, which tells the boy with regret that he can’t get his father back, which Teddy had asked Santa in a secret letter. Instead of the ornament he got, the reflection shows a picture of Teddy’s father. Father and son are proud of each other, something they have never been able to do in their lives. Kate got the skateboard she wanted.

Back at the North Pole, Santa Claus cuddles Mrs. Claus (Goldie Hawn) the way he enjoyed Christmas this year. With a wink he looks forward to next year.

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