(PCM) In 1943 author Philip Van Doren Stern could not find a publisher for his short novel The Greatest Gift and wanted to give up hope that his works would one day be available for readers. In the end he printed 200 copies of the story and gave it to his family, friends and colleagues as a Christmas present.

In any case, Van Doren Stern’s novel will be in the hands of the producer of the film, who will buy the film rights immediately. The story caught the attention of RKO producer David Hampstead, who showed it to Hollywood agent Cary Grant. In April 1944, RKO Pictures bought the rights to the story for $10,000, hoping to play a leading role in it for Grant. RKO produced three unsatisfying scripts before the planned film went on stage, and Grant continued to work on another Christmas film, The Bishop’s Wife.

At the suggestion of RKO studio director Charles Kerner, Frank Capra read the most beautiful gift and immediately recognised its potential. In 1945, RKO, which wanted to get rid of the project, sold the rights to the production company Capra, Liberty Films, which had a contract with RKO for the distribution of nine films, for $10,000.

The story has been adapted over time to the film It’s a Wonderful Life, which over time has become a classic of traditional festivals. But when it first appeared on the big screen in 1946, it didn’t do very well in sales. Today, it is considered one of the most popular films in American cinema.

Even though the cash register was not greatly influenced, this wonderful life on television found a whole new life – especially when copyright lost its validity in 1974 and was made available free of charge to anyone who wanted to show it for the next twenty years. (This explains why it was constantly on television during the holidays). The program Free for All ended in 1994.

In the film James Stewart plays the lead role of George Bailey, a man who has given up his dream to help others and whose inevitable suicide on Christmas Eve leads to the intervention of his guardian angel Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers). Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how life in his community at Bedford Falls would be different if he had never been born.

Seneca Falls, New York City, says that when Frank Capra visited their city in 1945, he was inspired by the later created Bedford Falls model. In December, the city hosts the annual It’s a Wonderful Life festival. In mid-2009, the Clarence Hotel in Seneca Falls, named after the guardian angel George Bailey, opened its doors.

The 10th. In December 2010, This Wonderful Life Museum opened in Seneca Falls, where Caroline Grimes played Zuza in the film by cutting the tape, according to Philip Van Doren Stern in an interview in 1946: By the way, the movie’s set in Westchester County. Actually, the town I was talking about was California, N.J. The historic Iron Bridge in California looks like the one George Bailey thought would jump off.

This Wonderful Life is considered one of the most famous films ever made by critics. It was nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture, and was recognized by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 best American films of all time.

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