The secret lair trope is a common theme in cartoons, and one of the most famous has to be from the Disney classic Aladdin. From where does it come? How did we get so many cool ones!

“Best secret lairs mtg” is a list of the coolest secret lairs from cartoons. The list includes some of the most popular and well-known cartoon characters, such as “The Simpsons,” “Adventure Time,” and “South Park.”


Every self-respecting cartoon villain worth their salt has a secret hideaway. Dr. Doofenshmirtz, what’s up? Has a hidden hideaway. Dr. Drakken (you don’t remember the blue man from Kim Possible since Shego was the true show-stopper)? Has one as well. Even Mojo Jojo, a mutant monkey who, if he were real, would certainly qualify for r/BodyHorror, has one.

They’re so awesome, in fact, that heroes have their own hidden lairs, similar to Flint’s in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

We may be too old to make pillow forts and pretend to be the treehouse from Code Name: Kids Next Door, but you know what? We have younger relatives, nephews and nieces, and children, all of whom provide enough opportunity to construct cardboard hidden lairs. So grab a pen and paper, make a play date, and choose one of the best hidden hideaways in recent cartoon history.

The Gravity Falls Underground Laboratory


It’s no wonder that a wooden cottage with a name like “The Mystery Shack” has some unusual mysteries. During the day, it functions as a souvenir store where visitors are overcharged for kitsch, low-cost things imported from other countries. Dimension hopper Ford Pines and his brother, Stan, use the hut as a base of operations at night.

The chamber’s existence is revealed in the first episode of Gravity Falls, “Tourist Trapped,” in which Grunkle Stan enters a room concealed behind a vending machine. Bookcases? The item is old and evident. Vending machines, perhaps? Totally original.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Gravity Falls’ opening sequence is what first drew me in to the series. In the 20th episode, “Gideon Rises,” the lengthy wait to see what’s beyond that vending machine, and below as suggested by the handrail on the wall, was eventually rewarded.

Because this is one of the newest programs on our list, I won’t tell you what’s down there if you haven’t watched it yet. You may live out your Grunkle Stan fantasies by claiming your basement holds a dark, Lovecraftian secret if you have a paranoid, inquisitive nephew and an ignorant niece.

From Totally Spies, Jerry’s Office


Spies, Spies, Spies, Spies, Spies, Spies, Spies, Millions of young girls across the globe were sold on the concept of becoming covert spies and relocating to Beverly Hills thanks to the animated action series. The sitcom follows best friends Sam, Clover, and Alex as they balance high school and gushing over handsome guys with working as spies for WOOHP and combating nefarious groups.

The offices of WOOHP, located in downtown Los Angeles, aren’t nearly as mysterious as typical secret lairs. It’s secret in the same sense that the Pentagon is secret – you know it’s there and that there’s sensitive information going on inside, but you’ll never know for sure and will never have a chance to sit on Jerry’s office sofa.

Despite the fact that we only ever see Jerry’s workplace from his and the ladies’ perspectives, it’s clear that Tony Stark would feel quite at home at WOOHP. Given how many high-tech devices and weaponry are stashed inside the walls of Jerry’s office, it’s more of an armory. At one time, Jerry had an AI helper named G.L.A.D.I.S, but she was deactivated before she could pull an Ultron.

From Justice League: The Animated Series, The Watchtower


Or, for that matter, any of the Justice League animated series.

The Watchtower is essentially the International Space Station above whatever was floating about on planet Krypton at the time. It was developed by the Justice League team after an alien invasion attempted to terraform Earth into a more facehugger friendly environment, demonstrating colonial forces are dangerous once again.

Superman asked the rest of Earth’s top superheroes to establish an organization that would safeguard and develop the values of peace and justice after defeating the Imperium invaders, thus the name Justice League.

The Watchtower is featured prominently in “Eclipsed,” when the Flash attempts to flee his superpowered colleagues after a mystical stone transforms them into violent, mind-controlled zombies. A medical facility, a control center, and a pretty amazing network of crawlspaces that link to various regions of the space station are all included. The design of the Watchtower looks like something out of a Star Wars film.

Dexter’s Laboratory (Dexter’s Laboratory) (Dexter’s Laboratory) (Dexter’s Laboratory) (Dex


Here’s another another hidden laboratory lair, this one so wonderful that the program is named after it.

One of the great Cartoon Network classics is Dexter’s Laboratory. The series, which was created by Hanna-Barbera and first broadcast in 1996, follows Dexter, a young prodigy with a passion for robots, nuclear energy, and chemistry.

This redheaded kid, for some odd reason, was able to construct his own covert laboratory in his chamber. It’s a bit more typical, given it’s an older episode, and it follows the “hidden chamber behind a bookshelf” cliché. Secret laboratories hidden beneath furniture, huh? Perhaps this was the inspiration for Gravity Falls’ hidden lair.

The fact that although the lab is built to keep everyone out, Dexter’s elder sister Dee Dee can always sneak in is a recurring source of contention in the series. Dee Dee’s wacky and happy-go-lucky habits create havoc in the lab, as she often spills acid vats and sets off lasers with her pink ballerina flats tiptoeing into Dexter’s lab.

The laboratory seems to be more than simply a standard component of the home, apart from its technology. If you look at the outside of Dexter’s family home, you’ll discover that the lab cannot fit in the house unless it is a non-Euclidean space. Is there a crossover between House of Leaves and Dexter’s Laboratory in the works?

Steven Universe’s Rose Quartz’s Room


While Dexter’s lab’s actual nature is unknown, this next hidden hideaway makes no attempt to disguise the fact that it functions on alien magic logic.

The Crystal Temple, a colossal statue of the gem fusion Obsidian with a nice beach home lying on her lap, will be remembered by fans of Steven Universe. The Crystal Temple is a hidden hideaway in and of itself, but there is one section in the temple that has remained a mystery to the gems for millennia: Rose Quartz’s room.

We’ve previously discussed Rose Quartz’s dark past, so it’s no wonder that a lady with so many secrets would have the oddest bedroom in television history.

Rose’s chamber seems to be a pink paradise floating in the clouds, with pink sky spanning as far as the eye can view, when you first go in. Steven seems to be able to travel in any direction for many minutes, if not hours, without coming across a single wall.

This would be terrifying enough, but the fact that you can materialize anything into reality is what makes Rose’s room so amazing. That isn’t some new age nonsense. The chamber, like the Room of Requirement from the Harry Potter novel, may truly construct any object or situation that its owner desires.

Rose Quartz’s chamber, however, does not seem to be a magical world, but rather a kind of gem V.R or A.R. When Steven requests the chamber to recreate the whole city of Beach City, it crashes like a computer.

Treehouse in Sector V Codename: Kids Next Door is a film based on the book of the same name.


You can’t tell me you didn’t want your own treehouse after seeing this program.

When it comes to cartoon secret hideaways, nothing beats the Child’s Next Door operatives’ treehouse for pure coolness and kid appeal. Because of its size, the treehouse stands out like a sore thumb, yet its surroundings indicate that it’s in a suburban region in the United States, with some fans thinking that V stands for Virginia or Vermont.

The treehouse is separated into three major rooms as well as individual chambers for each member of the KND’s Sector V branch. The briefing room, a key gathering location where the youngsters assemble to get briefings and plan operations against their dull adult opponents, is featured in the majority of episodes. The real pleasure, however, takes place in each KND operative’s bedroom.

The methodical Numbuh 1 features a room that seems to be more of a storage space than a bedroom. It’s crammed with KND devices, toys, and books that are strewn about the room like strewn about a kid’s room – a portrayal of a kid’s room that couldn’t be more accurate.

Meanwhile, Numbuh 2’s quarters seems to resemble a plane’s cockpit. Numbuh 3’s room is stuffed with Rainbow Monkey plushies, Numbuh 4’s is a mini-gym, and Numbuh 5 has the nicest bedroom, complete with a bathtub, pool table, and DJ equipment. You know which room to claim if you find yourself in a KND treehouse.

The Incredibles’ Edna Mode’s Mansion


It was difficult to choose a hidden lair from among all of the incredible secret lairs shown in The Incredibles, and for good reason: the film is full with stunning mid-century architecture. Whatever you think of Syndrome, the man had style.

His hidden fortress on Nomanisan Island featured large windows that overlooked the rest of the island, providing his minions and Mr. Incredible with a breathtaking view of the tropical splendor that surrounded it.

But, because this is all about complimenting aesthetic sense in hidden lair design, we can’t dismiss Edna Mode’s house without committing blasphemy.

This million-dollar piece of excellent real estate in Metroville seems to have been cut from a single solid slab of marble. Edna Mode’s home lies on a hill and can only be reached by a lengthy, gated road that makes you realize how poor you are in comparison while also conveying a sense of exclusivity and mystery. The home includes a pool with a fountain on the interior. Bright crimson carpets and sofas break up the large, empty areas.

It’s bold, dramatic, and heroic, as Edna would say.

Teen Titans’ Titan Tower


Nothing screams sleek and opulent like a hidden hideaway on its own own island.

The Teen Titans’ home and center of operations is the Titans Tower, which is located on a tiny island just outside of Jump City. It’s like the Kid’s Next Door treehouse if it were erected on Batman’s dime, which, given that Robin is Batman’s adoptive son, could not be far off the mark.

Because the Titans spend much of their non-fighting time in the tower, we get to see a lot more of it than we do any of the other fantastic hidden lairs on our list. Often, Beast Boy and Cyborg spend their leisure in the main operations room, where they play video games on the Tower’s various monitors.

The tower has its own armory, gaming area, and gym, making it one of the most luxurious co-living settings ever shown on television. Just don’t go inside Raven’s chamber or you could find yourself in another world, or worse, the bathroom of a demon’s hidden lair.

The “best dc mini series” is a list of the coolest secret lairs from cartoons. These are all fictional locations that have been used in popular cartoon shows and movies.

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