Most of my readers, I hope, are planning to receive one of the KOVID-19 vaccines or have already received one or both (if necessary). And if you’re one of those people, I applaud that!

As of this week, I am part of the partially vaccinated group and have received my first dose of Soverna vaccine. (California just allowed vaccinations for obese people….. The only good thing to come out of my chronic obesity).

I’m happy to report that, with the exception of a ridiculous 36-hour ache in my left forearm, which is now thankfully back to normal, I’m doing very well. I didn’t die, I didn’t get anaphylaxis, I didn’t faint, and I didn’t get a second head.

In fact, now that I’ve had my first hit, I feel something unusual:


I honestly didn’t realize how much I had lived with this almost constant pounding of anxiety and fear for the past 14 months. Just like in a science fiction horror movie, there was finally a super virus that could kill me! And sure, COVID-19 isn’t lethal for everyone, but if you’re 6 feet tall, weigh 100 pounds and have high blood pressure, this unpredictable virus can get to me…. a lot. and probably even end my life at 54. If you feel like you’re exposing yourself to life-threatening risks just by going to Costco…. It’s exhausting!

I now know that with the Soverna vaccine, one dose is still not enough. Full immunization doesn’t happen for me until the second vaccination in mid-April. But over the next four weeks, if I get an infection, my chances of surviving will increase dramatically!

It bothers me that many people in our film fan club have no intention of getting vaccinated (I won’t name names). I even corresponded with a member of my own INTERLUDE team while waiting for my shot at Rite Aid, and that person sent me the following instant message: …..

Do you really want to take a vaccine that hasn’t had more than 4 months of clinical trials? You really are a player. Also remember that you are 3 times more contagious within 2 weeks of vaccination, so make sure you have St. John’s wort on hand for your family. Chances are they’ll get it from you.

Nothing like a little emotional boost right before a real one! So I showed the note to Helen, my Rite Aid pharmacist. I have known this woman for over a decade and have literally entrusted her with my life, my wife’s life and my son’s life.

Helen explained something about the vaccine that I didn’t know…..


So, no, I don’t have to worry about infecting my family with COVID-19 in the next few weeks because I have not been exposed to the real virus – I have been exposed to an amazing but harmless copy of the virus.

In fact, as I learned more about these new vaccines, I realized that they represented the kind of breakthrough in space medicine that Dr. McCoy would develop to treat a mysterious alien disease….. something like what COVID-19 is proposing. Although it comes from the earth, it is something that our human body has never encountered, and that is one of the reasons why it kills us.

You see, Bones would never use one of those old Earth vaccines, like the flu shot, where doctors inject a small amount of a live virus into a patient to make his immune system produce antibodies against it. Fiddlesticks! McCoy will scream with obvious disdain if you talk about COVID-19. You want me to inject my patient with the exact thing that will kill him? This is the kind of barbaric thing we do in the 23rd century. The century is over. I’m only synthesising an inert copy of the virus, thank you very much!

Imagine that!

Imagine if doctors could create a 21st century equivalent of nanites. We could create a new virus for the 21st century that could be injected into a patient long enough for our immune system to learn to produce antibodies to that particular virus. Look at COVID-19! Our white blood cells tell us. This is exactly what happens with the flu shot and most other vaccines we get: Tiny fragments of a deadly or debilitating disease are injected – not enough to kill us, but enough to teach our bodies to defend themselves.

But Dr. McCoy (or Dr. Crusher, or Dr. Bashir, or EMH…. But not Phlox, because he has with all the alien space aliens) the best way to completely avoid a deadly virus. He is only copying a synthetic version that cannot harm his patients at all! It comes in, renews the immune system, and is quickly broken down and removed from the body.

The cure for the future…. Today!

Dr. McCoy is likely using a specially designed messenger RNA (mRNA) to perform all of these futuristic vaccination miracles. But like smartphones, video calls and computers that can hear our voices, 21st century medicine has a lot to offer. Last century’s Star Trek has caught up, more than 200 years earlier than expected!

Our medical researchers here on earth have (currently) been studying and working with mRNA for decades. With other viruses such as influenza, Zika, rabies and cytomegalovirus, scientists have used mRNA vaccines to teach the human immune system to fight certain infections WITHOUT ACTUAL VIRUS.

So when my friend said that the new vaccine hadn’t passed more than four months of clinical trials…that’s not really true. Using mRNA to make a non-lethal copy of a virus (I like to think of it as 3D printing a virus) is something we’ve been doing and testing in humans for years. All the scientists had to do was figure out how to 3D print a specific copy of COVID-19 and prevent it from degrading along the way before injecting it. This is one of the reasons why these vaccines were developed so quickly: The scientists were way ahead of the game!

Here’s the CDC explaining it all in a nice table…..

Click to enlarge

You can also read it here.

Another crazy rumor is that mRNA will change someone’s DNA. My father-in-law really believes that …. And he studied medicine (in the 60s). But I’m sorry, Papa Bill, but you’re confusing mRNA with gene therapy. I mean, I wish I could inject myself with something that would change my DNA! I would get rid of the insulin resistance that makes it hard to lose weight; I would improve my eyesight, prevent my hair from graying and falling out, and maybe add a few more super powers like invisibility or super speed!

But unfortunately, the mRNA protein cannot enter our cells and reach all the sacred DNA in the nucleus. You can read more about it here, but in a nutshell, the mRNA is standing outside your kitchen window offering you a recipe to make dinner. It doesn’t remodel your house.

All of this is to say that the new COVID vaccines are not a scare tactic that will turn you into the Pod Man, or rob you of your ability to dance like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, or whatever else you fear might happen to you. On the other hand, treatment with COVID-19 is like playing Russian roulette with your taste and smell (if you’re lucky) and your ability to breathe if you’re not.

More than half a million people in the United States are now covered by COWID-19 (2.6 million worldwide). And even now that 1 in 5 Americans has received at least one dose of the vaccine, two people still die EVERY WEEK in this country as a result of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Think about it.

Now tell me how many people have died or even gotten sick after taking one of several vaccines….. out of hundreds of millions of doses? Certainly not two 9/11 deaths a week! Mathematically we write this as: risk COVID-19 > risk VACINA. And much more! Almost infinitely more!!!

Media attention, you say? Well, it must be a damn conspiracy, folks! And all over the world… in the liberal and conservative media? No doctor talking their mouth off (even though they took an oath to do no harm)? No journalist or media is confused? There is no Lois Lane or Clark Kent on the (daily) planet who decides to tell the story of the century – Pulitzer guaranteed! – There is a massive international cover-up of thousands, if not millions, of dead and dying vaccine patients who are not even admitted to hospitals for fear of leaving a paper trail or a pile of corpses ?????

Come on, guys.

Anyway, this blog is not for those of you who don’t believe in all this nonsense, but for the doctors and scientists who secretly want to destroy humanity faster than COVID-19 by developing not one, not two, but three (or more) deadly vaccines designed to alter DNA and….. What? Are the lines shorter at amusement parks? Finish what Thanos started in Infinity War and Endgame? Conspiracy theories usually don’t make sense.

Who needs an infinite vaccine when you can just use vaccines, right?

The fact is, the vaccine brings me a peace I haven’t felt since the world turned upside down last year. COVID won’t kill me…. – is a great way to wake up in the morning and relieve stress!

And for fan films in general, knowing that everyone on set is vaccinated will eliminate most of the annoying precautions that had to be taken last year….. but only if EVERYONE is vaccinated. It’s all or nothing, guys. If only one unvaccinated team member, volunteer or visitor shows up, everyone should wear a mask, as this unvaccinated person may be carrying a variant that is not yet fully covered by the vaccine. Just because you’re young and healthy or have already contracted COVID (people have contracted the virus twice, friends) doesn’t mean you can’t be a suitable host for the virus to live, multiply, and maybe even mutate into something even worse.

And if you happen to get a new variant of COVID that vaccines can’t protect you from, the whole world goes back to masks, social distancing and increasing Christmas….. And it will all be your fault for not vaccinating yourself.

Shoot, damn it! That’s what Dr. McCoy/Crusher/Bashear/EMG/Even Phlox would tell you to do.


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