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Some doors should never open.

The Dark Sleep is an American horror film from 2012 about a mysterious woman who is tormented by a giant rat and surreal nightmares.

Written and directed by Brett Piper (Outpost Earth; Muckman; Bite Me!; Arachnia; Drainiac; Queen Crab; and others), freely adapted from H.P. In Lovecraft Dreams in the House of Lovecraft, movie star Taylor Nicole Adams, Steve Diaspora (Third Genus Shark Encounters; Amitiville Exorcism; Frozen Snowman; and others), Ashley Galloway, Ken Van St. James, and others. (Return to a splash farm; Werewolf Bride; Bigfoot against Zombies; etc.) Produced by Marc Polonia, who also plays the role of cameo.

The soundtrack of the score was composed by John Graithouse (Triclops; Bacteria; History of the Killer; Sorceress 3: Demonic Fire; and others).


After a recent divorce, the author moves to a new house to start writing her next novel. Doesn’t she know there are dark secrets in this house?

A giant rat visits him in the middle of the night, and in his basement there is a way to enter another dimension. Soon the ghost dreams will begin…

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

The film is stronger when it follows the story of Lovecraft. A lot of attention was also paid to the work of the stop-motion animation effect in the film. Well, well done. But just because the click function works well and has good special effects, it doesn’t mean you should recommend it. Tadpole

…The Dark Sleep shows the brilliance of a possible twist with a red thread through the fairy-tale landscapes that change reality […] If those few fragments of real fairy-tale ideas had not been erased by meaningless scenes of actresses running against the green screen and fighting against skeletal creatures of Play-Doh, The Dark Sleep might have come closer to becoming something almost visible… Cultural Pit

The installation is a bit of a slogan, but not because the house is not at all historical or atmospheric […] and not because it combines clean stop movements and visual effects, similar to the cage gutters and the touch of an angel; it is a brutally subdued main character. Although its tendency to scour is taken into account in the dialogue, it is generally seen as the least likeable character…… DVD player

Acting is amateurish, and you can’t help but wonder why the second take is not done at certain times, so you don’t have to watch the actors stumble over their lines…. Let’s say that Piper and her crew wanted to do a retrospective with green screen effects and a stop pattern. There’s nothing wrong with those techniques, they’re just very bad here. List of DVDs

Dreaming in the house of a wizard is not the biggest job of HP Lovecraft, but he has many chances to do it. What we have here with this adjustment is the worst way to put it. All promises, such as the idea that dreams and reality influence each other, are lost in the haze of a disgusting game, embarrassing visual effects and comic attempts that fall on them. Games, Brrrrraaains and a life to make your head spin

Let’s face it, we don’t watch Brett Piper movies because we’re expecting a drama workshop, but because we want to see a nice, friendly, shitty B movie with a bit of yeast and a lot of special effects. And we’ve got this. Rivets on the poster

The acting was first-class in all areas […] The camera, lighting and sound work were professional and competent. The location is perfect, with nice little accents, so the dream house isn’t everything it seems […] Brett Piper’s effects are a real reason to get in the mood for this movie, and he doesn’t disappoint here. Broken or destroyed

It has elements of the Elm Street nightmare, such as nightmares that become reality, but dreams are much more loving forces with a little surrealism than fabulously hideous dialogue […] Good funny dialogue, above average acting, cheap effects and nothing good, but not without its charm and fun. The pulp slaughterhouse of the world.

The actors and characters:

Taylor Nicole Adams… Kelly Garner
Steve Diaspora… Pete Peterson
Ashley Galloway… Nancy Peterson
Ken Van Saint… Walter Gilman
Bob Dennis… Plague monitor
, Mark Polonia… The man from the Pest Control Department

Technical details :

80 minutes
audio : The stereo ratio is 1.85: 1

That’s what it looks like:

CHAPTER OF ALTARA CRIMESON (1968) Examinations and Reviews

The trailer:

Here we go:

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