For K2, Cliffhanger and the vertical boundary, there was the Eiger-sanction, which imitated the spy thrillers of its time, like in the 007 movies of that time.


The retired killer gets a pension with a huge salary, and the government gets out of taxes and jail without a card. But his mission is almost impossible: It must find its destination on the top of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps, and the only way to climb it is up.

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The retired government killer Jonathan Hemlock (Clint Eastwood, who falsely believes he’s the main character in the film he’s directing) is cornered by his former boss Dragon, a creepy albino (played by Thayer David), and has to impose two sanctions (murders) on him before he can fully call for his dismissal. Hemlock requires an exorbitant amount of money for the murders, but also demands full immunity for the priceless works of art he has stolen and/or collected over the years. The first murder is a girlfriend to him, but his second and final mission is almost impossible: He has to go to Switzerland and join a small team of elite climbers who will climb the Eiger, the insurmountable summit that Ciguë itself has not been able to climb twice. He’ll be on the team, but he doesn’t know who it will be, and to get in shape he spends time with his old friend Ben Bowman (George Kennedy), a climbing teacher. After an intensive training Hemlock travels to Switzerland, meets a team of climbers (each participant comes from a different part of the world) and starts his difficult climb of the Eiger. The trick is not to find out who his target is, but to try to survive Ascension while he’s doing it.

For K2, Cliffhanger and the vertical boundary, there was the Eiger-sanction, which imitated the spy thrillers of its time, like in the 007 movies of that time. The film lasts 129 minutes and oscillates between play, plot and Eastwood, while the solid and unique American movie star doesn’t really fit the role she’s playing, and her staging is usually languid and lazy. With non-PC subtitles and dialogue (with which I have no problem), sex, nudity and a few funny expressions, this film may work well for the right audience today, but I think for most in today’s touching and unfortunate market it will probably be considered very outdated. Some of the pictures are deliberately dark and cloudy, even wobbly, which is interesting to see with today’s view that is agitated and cloudy. The finale at the top is well choreographed and withdrawn, and the score is by John Williams.

Kino Lorber has just released a new Blu-ray film, The Eiger Sanction, and it has been presented in a brand new 2K master, but as I said, the film is sometimes deliberately cloudy and dark, so the new release reflects that. There are new audio commentary by the film critic, a new interview with a co-star, an archive interview with a co-star, a period ad, a poster and photo gallery, TV commercials, radio commercials and a theatre trailer.

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