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The Christmas holiday takes place in the Prinzenschloss some time after the events of the first film Beauty and the Beast. There was a debate about who saved Christmas last year. The film then reminds us of an unpublished story that took place during Belle’s imprisonment in the castle, when the prince was still the beast. Beauty prepares the castle for Christmas against the will of the beast, while the evil organ of Forte creates the magic spell that turns the prince into a beast and under no circumstances may it be broken. Will beauty and beast find love in each other and regain the true meaning of Christmas?

Beauty and the Beast Film Magic Christmas Short Review

Below is a brief description of the spoilers.

Enchanting Christmas (1997) Christmas party takes place in the castle of the prince (Robbie Benson) some time after the first film Beauty and the Beast Almost everyone in the neighboring village participates in the celebration of the now healthy prince. Lumière (Jerry Orbach) and Cogsworth (David Ogden Stijers) discuss in human form who saved Christmas last year when Belle (Paige O’Hara) was captured by the beast. Then Ms. Potts (Angela Lansbury) the story of last year’s magical Christmas.

Flash until last December, shortly after the beast (Robbie Benson) had saved the beauty of the wolves. Belle is looking forward to the Christmas season, just like most of the castle’s residents. However, the beast is categorically against the celebration of Christmas because it has turned into a beast on Christmas Eve. Beauty tries to arouse the hatred of the beast for the holidays by taking it on skates. The couple were seen at Forte (Tim Curry), a tube organ firmly attached to the west wing of the castle.

Forte was a composer at the court of the prince and did not want to break the spell, because he was more useful in his enchanted tubular organ form. Forte sends her accomplice Piccolo Fife (Paul Rubens) to sabotage the budding friendship between Beauty and the Beast, and plunges the couple into the snow. Beauty mocks autumn and makes a snow angel. But if the beast does the same, it sees the shape of the beast. The beast roars furiously and destroys the statue before it enters the castle.

Belle decides to celebrate Christmas without taking into account the feelings of the beast. But the beast slowly begins to warm up to the idea of celebrating after the Light has spoken. In the west wing beauty meets strength, and the organ with chimney system invites you to go into the forest in search of a Christmas tree for the castle. Beauty, and Forte tells the beast that Beauty leaves him. In exchange, the beast destroys all Christmas decorations in the dining room and goes looking for Belle in the forest.

In the forest of Belle and several servants find and cut down the perfect tree. But on the way back the beauty falls through a thin layer of ice and almost drowns. The beast comes and saves Belle in the middle of time. The beautiful thing is that the beast has saved his life for the second time, but the beast is still angry and locks him up in jail because he broke his promise not to leave the castle.

The beauty is visited and comforted by many servants while sitting in the dungeon. Eventually the beast discovers a storybook that Belle had designed for him as a gift. He read the book, changed his mind and let Belle out of his cell. The beast gives Belle permission to celebrate Christmas in the castle. Forte is angry at the blossoming love between beauty and beast. The body of the pipe tries to kill everyone and uses its power to destroy the castle. Fife betrayed Forte and decided to help Beauty and the Beast. The beast rushes to the west wing to stop Forte. Two fights didn’t last long, but Forté’s keyboard was damaged. The Forte collapses and falls to the ground.

Shortly afterwards, the damaged castle is restored and everyone gathers in the castle to celebrate Christmas. The castle and the servants are decorated for the feast. Beauty and the Beast perform their style dance from the first film.

The film then returns to the present tense, in which Mrs. Potts concludes that it was Belle who saved Christmas last year. The prince and the belle enter the court, so that the greats can gather for the feast. Belle presents Chip (Hayley Joel Osment) with a short storybook. The new court composer, Fife, leads the orchestra in Christmas music. The prince and the beauty share a moment on the balcony where he offers a rose to his love.

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