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Flash Season 6 – Heroes in Crisis

Ramsey: You know, I don’t understand you, Barry. You face death without fear, just like Mom. Where do you get your authority from?
Flashlight: Probably where she is: with the people I love.

Dead Man Running (Season 6, Episode 3)

Lightning got confused. The third season collapsed and burned down after the first two big seasons. In the fourth season he stumbled, but he recovered. The fifth season is not so high, but closer than average to the first two seasons.

Could the sixth season of Flash beat the double crisis of the Endless Lands and the COWID-19 that will follow? Well, let’s see.


Current classmates

Chester: Are you sure you don’t need help? Cause, I mean, I’m done. I want caffeine too, sir. Put me down, Coach!

Grodd Friended Me (Season 6 Episode 13)

New characters are expected in the cast, but in the sixth season of The Flash they are almost added to the new assistants.

The first newcomer is Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight), an exciting scientist and streamer. He accidentally made a black hole in his body. Flash and his allies neutralized the black hole and invited Chester to join their team. In addition, they learned that he was smart enough to build advanced technology out of waste.

Then there’s Allegra (Kayla Compton), a metaphysical teenage thief. Allegra spent her entire life in juvenile detention for felonies and was brought to the team’s attention when she was framed for murder. She joins the team after her innocence has been proven and offers her the opportunity to build a better life for herself. Allegra can see radiation and shoot ultraviolet rays out of her hands.

The third newcomer is Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfus), a young woman from the company who has disappeared. To find her, they hired a man in that lay. When he finally found Sue, the public learned she was a thief and a spy investigating the 6th season of the Big Bad. Sue and The Elongated Man quickly entered into a Batman-cat relationship.

As always, the new incarnation of Harrison Wells is the premiere of Tom Cavagnya this season. This version is called Nash Wells, a multidisciplinary archaeologist and treasure hunter who looks like Indiana Jones. It is presented in an attempt to take revenge on a creature called the Monitor, associated with the never-ending earth crisis.

Bloody cases

Ramsey: I am the savior of the world. He came to save him from what was bothering him. Soon the whole world… The blood.

The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1 (Season 6, Episode 7)

Several villains have threatened Flash’s heroes. Crazy speeders, criminals and serial killers have desecrated our heroes from the beginning. But all these threats seem a breeze compared to this bloodthirsty super villain.

Dr. Ramsey Rosso (Sandhill Ramamurti) is a haematologist with HLH cancer. He asks the Flash team for help and thinks he can develop a remedy with the accumulated dark matter. They refuse because dark matter is too dangerous for the experiments, but Rosso steals a monster and makes a prototype medicine.

Nobody’s surprised. Rosso tried the drug on himself right away. This suppressed his cancer, but it also allowed him to manipulate his blood and create vampiric tendencies. By infecting people with his blood, Rosso can manipulate them and turn them into blood brothers.

Rosso started calling himself blood and spilled his blood away. Unlike the wicked who would do this for reasons of power or conquest, the Blood truly believes that it helps others by giving them eternal life. It’s nice to see a friendly bad guy after five seasons of psychotic nonsense. Use the cold force and the terrifying aesthetics of horror that form one of The Flash’s best villains.

Reset button

Frost’s killer: The crisis is over. We beat the bad guy, and you’re still worried because…
Sisko: Because, uh… …an infinite number of Earths have just experienced death by cosmic heat, only one of which… only one Earth. So now not only Superman, Super Girl and Black Zipper live here, but our whole history has been rewritten so they’ve always lived here [ripping off the jacket to show off Superman’s shirt] and I’m not taking his shirt off!

Marathon (Season 6, Episode 10)

The crisis of the Infinite Countries had a major impact on Strelka. Many characters have died and entire universes have been destroyed by noise. Heroes managed to solve everything by condensing the multi-version into one universe, but he created his own problems and tricks.

All the characters in the Rapid Arrow series now live in one universe, so you don’t have to jump for global transitions. The merger was imperfect, which led to countless consequences, changes and upheavals in the past.

The biggest advantage of The Flash is that they now have their hands free to redesign the bad guys and present their new versions. In Flash it was always unwise to kill characters, but now you can replace them.


Mirror, mirror

Carver: I had the best minds in the world studying the mirror. Do you know what they found? It’s incompatible with the human brain. This place distorts the mind until the person is no longer recognizable.

Success is assured (Season 6 Episode 21)

Flash immediately resurrected some bad guys. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding the new Mirror Master cause him to crash and burn.

Throughout the season, Flash’s wife Iris finds clues about a mysterious organization called the Black Hole. She follows a lead at McCulloch Tech and sneaks in for a checkup. By passing in front of a mirror, she enters another dimension called the mirror.

Iris meets a woman named Eva McCulloch, former CEO of the company, who can now handle mirrors. She’s been stuck in the mirror for years. Instead of explaining her journey and asking for help, Eva begins a complex plan to replace the Flash team with mirror copies, starting with Iris.

No one understands that Mirror Iris is an impostor. That’s ridiculous, because the team is constantly confronted with werewolves, doubloons and twins. She’s acting very suspicious, and Flash keeps saying she’s acting weird, but no one thinks for a second that anything is wrong.

The mirror story is very pale compared to the first half of the season. It’s too complicated, it takes too long and it forces the heroes to be stupid to take the first step.

Real Life Writes Action

Ralph: What are you gonna do?
Nash: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll figure out how to leave.

Success is assured (Season 6 Episode 21)

You can’t prepare for every event. No matter how many losers you have, real life will eventually hit you with a chess move. Even the Flash can’t outrun him.

Actress Danielle Panabaker took leave of absence during her first pregnancy. The writers saw their Killer Frost character badly hurt by the bad guy. The team put Frost on the bench as a replacement and sent him to a hospital specializing in metamans for treatment. Delays caused by the coronavirus can make this sub-satellite insignificant.

The Lengthen Man became a minor in the sixth season of Flash. He got more screen time, more love for Sue and more fame. Unfortunately, it was played by Hartley Sawyer, who was fired after discovering many offensive tweets he had made in the past. The authors announced that the role will be redesigned for one episode and that the extended man will be removed from the story.

The biggest bomb to hit lightning season 6 was Covid-19. The actors and crew were forced to finish the episode early in the morning, with the writers reworking it until the end of the season. This leaves some stories and characters unsolved until the seventh season. It was the right decision and the unexpected question, but it really spoils the rhythm.


The sixth season of Flash is an even distribution. The first half is great, with many new characters, a great villain and a work in progress for the crisis. The second half of the trip is based on a complicated plot and real complications. The sixth season of Flash is good, but there is still a seventh season for the mountain sprint.

Extra flash

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Jared Bunakos

Jared Bunakos wrote for 2016.

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