It’s time to officially add Hardcore Henry (2015) to the list of ultimate action classics!

If you’re a fan of action movies, you may have played a first-person shooter role once or twice in your life. After all, what could be better than feeling that your enemies like John Rambo or James Braddock have shot hundreds of people? Not much use has been made of the first-person perspective of the activists, one example of which is a strange and otherwise uncomfortable doomsday scenario.

Caught: Scott Edkins and Isaac Florentin are at it again.

Action video game

Supervisor and musician Ilya Nichuller. He made a short first-person action film, which was actually a music video for his band. His work left a dignified impression and Neuschuller was given the opportunity to make a complete portrait of himself. After three years of hard work, hardcore Henry was released.

As in many video games, the plot of the film can be summarized in two lines: Henry wakes up in a secret lab and discovers he’s a cyborg. A mysterious super villain tries to catch him and a merciless hunt begins. The starting point of a film is similar to that of films like Universal Soldier or Robocop, but almost all the questions the viewer asks about the background story remain unanswered. But that’s not a problem. The film’s starting point is merely a pretext to plunder the archives of militant history and expose as many terrible excesses as possible.

Field shots of sniper films (1993 – 2020).

High octane action and fierce fighting

If you compare it to a video game again, Hardcore Henry sounds like a bloody game, and it’s the hardest game ever made. Henry possesses superhuman strength and speed, which helps him to overcome many impossible situations. He is also a sandbag for his enemies, which will probably give him a wink at the evil ashes of the dead.

The density of the high-ohmic action scenes is incredible, it’s the disassembly after disassembly. Grenades and projectiles fly left and right, and a fierce battle rages. Each new confrontation becomes more violent and explosive, and the finale is the real climax, stirring up chaos the moment you thought you couldn’t go crazy anymore.

The camera is always moving as Henry walks, climbs and jumps at breakneck speed. The choreography of each scene in the plot is excellent, and the camera on Henry’s forehead creates an impressive perspective. The performance of the stuntmen cannot be appreciated enough to remove some really crazy and dangerous scenes.

Why should Bruce Campbell be recognized as the ultimate action hero?

But how safe is it?

The film is also incredibly cruel and sometimes even bloody. To be honest, it never gets really rude, because the camera moves quickly from one scene to the next. Despite all the confusion, hardcore Henry has a distinct cheerfulness, which is mainly due to the character of Charlto Copley. It’s always nice to see him in a movie, but here he takes a cake with an incredibly funny performance.

Henry Hardcore has a body that makes Stallone’s 2008 Rambo look like a PG-13, and an energy that leaves even Crank Jason Statham in the dust. Ilya Neyshuller has made a very entertaining film that you can wear out afterwards. It’s one of the most spectacular films I’ve seen in my life, and it’s added to the official list of action film classics.

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