The sausage lovers… Don’t watch this movie!

The Mad Butcher is a 1971 Italian-German horror comedy about a psychopath who strangles women and turns them into sausages. Also known as Meat is Meat.

Directed by Guido Zurli [as John Zurli] (The Little Eyewitness; Either All or Nothing) to a screenplay written by co-producers Doug Moline and Dick Randall [as Robert Oliver], based on the novel by Charles Ross [as Carl Ross].

Neptunia (Rome)-Regin Film Production stars Victor Buono (Mal; Strangler; Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte; What happened to Baby Jane?), Franca Polecello, Brad Harris, Dario Michaelis and Karin Field.

The playful and optimistic score of the soundtrack was written by Alessandro Alessandroni.


Vienna, Austria : Butcher Otto Lehman (Victor Buono) is released from the asylum where he spent three years locked up for attacking a customer with a liver. Not wanting to go home with his wife Hannah (Karin Field), he settles into a room above his shop.

Here he is caught by his wife spying on a woman who is undressing. He strangles his wife and disposes of her body by making sausages out of it. Because his own sausages are popular with customers, Otto will also kill other women to make food for them…..

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It’s essentially a piece of sleazy European curio that’s interesting thanks to Buono’s participation and a heavy dose of topless nudity. It is a black comedy, and despite the cannibalistic themes in the film, there is no bloodshed. ….. DVD player

The best part of this film is Victor Buono’s portrayal in the title role, his measured delivery and confident use of gestures and business make it a pleasure to watch, and he remains the main reason to go see this film. But even that tension begins to evaporate as the film progresses. Fantastic music movies and trolls

The murders are limited to strangulation, while the shredding scenes are limited to darkly humorous images of sausages spilling from Otto’s car. Instead, the film gets an R rating thanks to heavy injections of topless nudity […] just for comedic effect. Buono is actually pretty good in the lead role….. Mondo Digital

…This 1971 black comedy is a confusing – and ultimately sordid – affair that just can’t decide whether it wants to be a biting satire or a simple, grand guignol. Instead, he sits on the fence, stammering aimlessly and without much direction. Buono, however, is still under surveillance…. The horror trap

The actors and characters:

Victor Buono… Otto Lehmann
Franca Polesello … Bertha Hensel
Brad Harris… Mike Lawrence
Dario Michaelis … Inspector Klaus 19 Karin Field… Hannah Lehman (as Karen Field)
Luca Sportelli … Karl Brunner
Hansi Linder … Frida Ulm
Tina Buronzo … (as Tina Buronzo)
Giacomo Pergola
Dino Peretti
Claudio Trionfi
Dick Randall … Police officer (uncredited)

Technical details:

83 minutes, format
: 1.85 : 1
Eastman Colour

Alternative names :

Lo strangolatore di Vienna (Italy)

Data recording :

The film was shot in 1970 and received a certificate from the Italian censor on 13/10/1970.


Check out Meat is Meat on YouTube.

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