Mandalorian quotes from the second season.

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The Mandalorians and the baby, a.k.a. Little Yoda, are back in the second season of Star Wars: Mandalorian at Disney+.

And if there is such a thing as the first show of the new season, then we have some great quotes from S2. The -> favorite quotes from the Mandalorian S1.

*Spiler warning below if you haven’t seen the new episode yet!

You know this is no place for a child. – The Mountain of Koresh // Everywhere I go, he goes too. – Mandalone

I was asked to take him to someone like him. If I can find more Mandalorians, they’ll help me. I’m told you know where to find them. – Mandalorians // Talk immediately. Enjoy it. – Mount Koresh

Do you play, Mando? – Mount Koresh // Not if you can avoid it. – Mandalone

I’m willing to pay you for the information. I don’t leave my fate to chance. – Mandal language for Koresha mountain–.png

I promise you won’t die by my hand – Mandallophone

I spent a lot of time on Tatooine. I’ve never seen a Mandalorian there. – Mandalo // My information is good, I tell you. City of Mos Pelgo. I swear on Gotroy. – Mount Koresh

Glory to power! This little thing worries me a lot. Come here, you little bitch. – Peli’s motto

It looks like he remembers me. How many do you want? Kidding. But not quite. – Peli’s Slogan–.png

If this problem ever divides or occurs, I am willing to pay for the offspring. – Peli’s Slogan

Watch what you’re doing! He doesn’t trust people like you. You want to give all the droids a bad name? – Peli’s motto

I’m here on business. I need your help. – Mandalo

Do you mind if I look at this wrinkled creature while you’re looking for adventure? – Peli’s Slogan

I have been asked to restore it to its original form. – Mandalone

If I can find someone like me, I can pave the way for a network of secret agents – Mandallophone

This is a pre-war map of Tatooine. You have Mos Aisley, Mos Espa and the whole Mos Pelgo area. – Peli’s motto // I don’t see anything. – Mandalorian // Well, there she is, or at least she was. There is nothing to discuss. This is a former mining settlement. You’ll see that big piece of metal long before you land. – Peli’s Slogan

Does your field marshal wear Mandalorian armour? See for yourself. – week

What brings you here, stranger? – Cobb Vant // I’ve been looking for you many times. – Mandalorian. Well, now you’ve found me. Weequay, two sniff spots. – Cobb Vant

Why don’t you come for a drink with me? – Cobb Vant on the Mandalorian

I’ve never met a real Mandalorean before. I’ve heard the stories. I know you’re good at killing. And I don’t think anybody’s too happy to see me in this outfit. So, uh… I think only one of us is gonna make it. But then I see a little boy. …and I think I may have misunderstood you. – Cobb Vant–.png

I’m Cobb Vant, Marshal Mos Pelgo. – Cobb Vant // Where did you get the armor? – Mandalorian // Bought in Jawas. – Cobb Vant // Return it. – Mandalone

Look, man, I’m sure you’re responsible where you come from, but here I’m the one telling people what to do. – Cobb Vant

Take them off, or I’ll do it. – Mandalorian for Cobb Vanta // Do we do it in front of the baby? – Cobb Vant. He’s been through worse. – Mandalo–.jpeg

I think the two suns occasionally shine on the rat’s tail. – Cobb Vant

Java wild crystals. They offered the best of themselves in return. And my darling bought me more than a full watercoat He bought my freedom – Cobb Vant

If we fight each other, the beast will kill us all – Mandallophone

I’ve lived on Tatooine my whole life. There are no abandoned pits in Sarlacca. – Cobb Vant // Yes, if you eat Sarlacq – Mandallophone

Let’s hope our paths cross again – Cobb Vant // Like me. – Mandalone–.jpeg

This section will be completed with new quotations in the second season of Mandalorian chant. Check for updates.

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