Star Wars fans are in for another treat as the third Star Wars movie in five years is about to hit the theaters. The first trailer revealed that the movie will continue the story of the Mandalorian, a bounty hunter trying to survive in the harsh world of the Star Wars universe. This is the first of a six-episode series and looks like it will continue the feel of the first season of the tv show. The story was written by the same writers as the tv show, which followed the rise of a smuggler in the Mandalorian criminal underworld. The first season received mixed reviews, but the critical reception for the second was much better. The sequel continued the story of the Mandalorian, but introduced a new character: Boba Fett.

The first season of The Mandalorian, the Star Wars live-action series set before the events of A New Hope, has been officially released. The Mandalorians are the most dangerous force in the galaxy, and now their leader emerges to bring peace to the galaxy at any cost.

Much has been made of the fact that the first season is over for The Mandalorian, and it appears the creators have no plans to make a second (at least not at this time). This means that the story of the title character, as well as all the other characters, including the details of their respective backstories, are wrapped up for the time being—and there is no guarantee that the tale will be continued.. Read more about the mandalorian season 2 review and let us know what you think.

The Mandalorian brings thereward

Core team: Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog
Created by: John Favreau.

Armsman: If you choose the path of the mandalore, you become both hunter and prey.

Sin (Season 1, Episode 3)

Mandalorian is the most popular Star Wars series in recent years. He changes from a quasi-mystical Jedi to a robust bounty hunter. The big battles between good and evil have been replaced by smaller, more personal quests. Characters can’t just be divided into heroes and villains, Jedi and Sith.

Is Mandalorian worth it or should the series be put on hold? We’ll find out.


The man without a name

Mandalorian: I can wrap you warm… or cold.

The Mandalorian (Season 1, Episode 1)

The titular Mandolorian hero is a very different Star Wars hero. He’s not a pawn who became a Jedi, that’s for sure.

The Mandalorian, often shortened to Mando, is depicted as a silent bounty hunter. He is forthright and constantly moving from contract to contract. He hates droids and avoids them at every opportunity. Despite his aloofness, Mando makes no effort to help the few who have gained his trust.

Mando uses several weapons: a blaster, a flamethrower strapped to his wrist, and a whip strapped to his other wrist. Soon he is given armor made of Beskar, a nearly indestructible metal sacred to the Mandalorians. Mando is an experienced fighter who often uses ambush tactics and dirty tricks to defeat his opponents.

The Imperial Remains, led by the director (Werner Herzog), hire Mando to retrieve the object for them. After a long battle, he discovers that Trump is a young child who looks a lot like the great Jedi master Yoda.

The True Mandalorian Star Season

Armsman: The child] is too weak. He’s going to die. You have no choice. You must reunite him with his people.
Mando: Where?
Armsman: It’s up to you to decide.
Mando: You expect me to search the galaxy for this creature’s home and deliver it to a race of hostile wizards?
Armsman: This is the way.

Redemption (Season 1, Episode 8)

The Mandalorian is popular, but he has nothing in common with the child known as Little Yoda.

Mando fights to get the child back to his client. Many bounty hunters try to kidnap the child, and various creatures want to make the duo an appetizer. Mando defends his meal ticket, gradually begins to care for the child, and wonders if he should finish his reward.

The child soon discovers he has strong Force powers and lifts a nose-like monster with little effort. He often pulls interesting things for himself, usually food or a pen from Mando’s ship, which is his favorite toy.

Mando entrusts the child to the director, but quickly returns to him after a crisis of conscience. Mando asks another Mandalorian to protect the child. The duo begins to travel the galaxy in search of the child humans, dodging bounty hunters and Imperial agents.


Kara! Well, until our paths cross.
Mando: Until our paths cross.

Sanctuary (Season 1, Episode 4)

Mando and Child are the main characters in Mandalorian, but they are not the only ones.

Rocky’s Carl Weathers plays Griff Karga, the leader of the Mando bounty hunters guild. He is a kind and clever manipulator who gives orders to Mando. He won’t intimidate his guild members for money, but anyone who breaks his rules or gets in his way will be in big trouble.

Gina Carano plays Kara Dune, a former Republican shock trooper and member of the rebel movement. After the defeat of the Empire in Return of the Jedi, Kara could not adjust to civilian life. She traveled the galaxy looking for battles, but eventually ran away because she had made too many enemies.

Nick Nolte, a three-time Oscar nominee, lends his voice to Misty Rosas, who plays Quill, a former Empire slave who serves as Mando’s guide in his search for the child. Kuiiil also repairs the IG-11 assassin droid by reprogramming it into a servant. Finally, he lends IG-11 to Mando as an extra reserve for one of the missions.

Emily Swallow plays Squire, leader of the Mandalorians on Tatooine. She often breaks up quarrels and disagreements between her subordinates by using the teachings of the Mandalore Way to convince them to stop fighting. The gunsmith is an expert in casting beskark and forges most of Mando’s weapons and armor.

Lower deck

Mando: What is your greatest reward?
Vultures: Not really. 5.000.
Mando: Nowadays, that’s not even enough for fuel.

The Mandalorian (Season 1, Episode 1)

The characters in Mandalorian’s first season spend more time exploring planets than saving galaxies.

Unlike most Star Wars heroes, Mando has to deal with logistics. He’s always working on something he doesn’t have enough money, ammo or time for. Several episodes are devoted to his participation in missions to obtain funds to continue his search for Child’s people.

Mando’s missions allow the series to experiment with different styles. Most of them give the series a space western feel in the spirit of Firefly. Mando can help a novice take out an outlaw sniper or join a team planning a prison break. The episode in which Kara appears is practically a Star Wars adaptation of The Magnificent Seven.

By focusing on small situations, Mandalorians get to focus on interactions between characters, explore new environments, and hint at future actions. There’s still enough action to keep fans interested, but the pace is more relaxed than in the Star Wars movies.


What is a Mandalorian?

Mando: I haven’t heard that name since I was a kid.
Vultures: On Mandalore?
Mando: I wasn’t born on Mandalore.
Vultures: But you’re a Mandalorian?
Kara! Mandalorians are not a breed.
Mando: It’s a creed.

Redemption (Season 1, Episode 8)

The Mandalorians have a rich history in the Star Wars universe. There are dozens of books, games and comics about their history, culture and traditions. Unfortunately, the Mandalorian requires that you go into it with certain knowledge.

In the very first episode, we hear several references to Mandlorian culture, such as. B. Armsmaster who asks if Mando has discovered his seal, or complains about the Great Purge. Various traditions and tools are mentioned throughout the season without being explained to newcomers.

Viewers unfamiliar with the Mandalorians will understand some things, but miss a lot of context. The series emphasizes that the Mandalorians regard the Beskar as sacred, place great value on their armor, and are never seen without a helmet. This lack of detail doesn’t make the series uninteresting, but it does make it difficult to understand Mando’s actions.


The first season of Mandalorian mixes Star Wars and Westerns into one brilliant show. The diversity of the cast and the family threat keeps the viewer’s attention even without explosions or space magic. Mando’s Creed could have been explored a bit more, but Mandalorian is worth your time.

Jared Bunakos has been writing since 2016.The first season of the highly anticipated Star Wars TV show, The Mandalorian, wrapped up this past week. The series, which is set prior to the original Star Wars film and theme, is a loose adaptation of four original novels in the Star Wars universe:  Star Wars:  The Old Republic:  The Hutt Gambit , Star Wars:  The Old Republic:  The Rise of the Empire , Star Wars:  The Old Republic:  The Cestus Deception  and Star Wars:  The Old Republic:  The Lost Suns . The show will be coming in 2019 to Starz .. Read more about mandalorian season 1 trailer and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mandalorian a good show?

Is the Mandalorian a good show? It’s a complicated question to answer, since the show has already been renewed for a second season. I’m not going to say whether the show is great or bad, because there are plenty of other places you can go to do that. What I will say is that the first season is a solid 9.5 out of 10. Recently the internet got all cracky about the show of the same name that will be premiering on the Disney+ streaming service in the fall of 2019.

Is the Mandalorian just one season?

The literal meaning of the word “Mandalorian” is “one who is guarded” the literal definition doesn’t really apply to Star Wars: The Mandalorian, though. The series is a spinoff of the main storyline, and set more than a thousand years before the original Star Wars films. It follows a lone Mandalorian warrior, called Mandalore, as he travels back to the past to secretly help a rebellion against the Galactic Empire. The first season of the new “Star Wars” live action show has come to an end. If you’re anything like me, you were sad to see the show end, but excited to get a few more episodes in before season 2 begins. The review I wrote for season one doesn’t really provide an intro, but it will give you a brief overview of what season one of the Mandalorian was about.

Is the Mandalorian kid friendly?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. The last Star Wars movie was just released, The Last Jedi. While I won’t spoil it for you, I will tell you this: the saga’s eighth installment is one of the best entries in the franchise, with some truly stellar performances from the cast. But what of the titular Mandalorian, the main villain of the show? Is he as dangerous and menacing as he’s supposed to be? Will he eventually join the Jedi and fight the forces of evil?

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