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This is the story of the toy master who discovered the magical fairy empire at the North Pole and became Santa Claus. But as Santa waits impatiently for the Elf Patch to leave the North Pole for the great streets of New York, he is confused with the evil toy magnate’s plans to take over Christmas. And so begins Santa’s adventure: saving his faithful elf and saving Christmas for all the children of the world!

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Santa Claus: Letter from the film

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Film (1985) Santa Claus : The film begins in the 14th century. It was in the 19th century, when our famous toy (David Huddleston) worked as a woodcarver in a small village. Together with his wife Anya (Judy Cornwall) and two deer, the cutter delivers Christmas presents to children in the surrounding villages. One Christmas day, the couple was caught in a blizzard and gave in to the cold. The couple is rescued by elves known as Vendequm, who lead them to the icy mountains at the top of the world. The couple was surprised that their arrival was expected. You’ll meet a wise elf named Dooley (John Barrard) and an extremely old elf known only as the Old Man (Burgess Meredith), who tells a woodcutter that his destiny is to deliver toys to children all over the world every Christmas Eve. Dooley shows a woodcutter a large toy shop where elves, led by a brilliant elf named Patch (Dudley Moore), make all the toys. The couple’s deer, Thunder and Lightning, are accompanied by six other deer and fed a magical food that enables them to fly. The old world renamed the woodcarver Santa Claus and a legend was born.

Centuries go by, and towards the end of the 20th century, Santa Claus begins to be exhausted by his ever-increasing workload at the beginning of the 21st century. His wife suggests that Santa Claus chooses one of the elves as Santa’s assistant. Santa Claus has two of the best elves, Patch and Puffy (Anthony O’Donnell), applying for the job. Puffy follows the plan of the traditional elf toy, while the ingenious patch designs a radical mechanical assembly line for her toys. Patch wins the race, but he doesn’t know his car is making defective toys. Santa delivers defective toys for Christmas and befriends a homeless 10-year-old orphan named Joe (Christian Fitzpatrick) in New York City. Santa Claus takes a skeptical boy on a sleigh ride through the many monuments of the Big Apple. Santa Claus allows Joe to help him give birth, and the young man meets Cornelia (Carrie Kay Hame) at her rich uncle’s house. Cornelia’s an orphan, too, and she saw Joe living on the street. Before returning to the North Pole, Santa gives Joe a homemade elf statue.

The next day, the patch toys begin to fall apart, leaving children all over the world doubting the truth and validity of Santa’s legend. Worse, Patch’s failure has led him to give up his job as Santa’s assistant and leave Puffy at the office. Patch leaves the North Pole in disgrace and goes to New York. Patch meets the famous gymnast B.Z. (John Litgow), a businessman being investigated by Congress for his many dangerous toys. Patch thinks B.Z. – is a good toy and suggests using his magic and elf knowledge to help B.Z. make better toys. The first batch of toys consists of lollipops made with deer food that lets children fly. Patch is also building a hovercraft, the Patchmobile, which will be launched on 25 September. March candy delivered all over the world, some B.Z. calls Christmas 2. Patch insists on giving away free lollipops, and they become a big hit, fuelling demand for the next creation. For example, it will give children all over the world a beating by raising the price.

Santa keeps an eye on Patch’s activities and is disappointed because he doesn’t know that Patch is working with B.Z. to get back to Santa’s good intentions. Santa Claus is also disappointed by the persistent apathy he gets from children all over the world. Meanwhile, Patch is disappointed when B.Z. plans to make the new face of Christmas. For example, Patch insists on increasing the amount of deer feed in the next batch, which Patch decides as sugar cane.

Patch works tirelessly on the production of sugar cane. So much so that he doesn’t even notice how B.Z.’s assistant, Dr. Eric Towser (Jeffrey Kramer), is spying on him. Tauzer notes that candy canes are unstable and explode when placed near a heat source. Tauser informs the B.Z., who decides to raise money and flee to Brazil, so Patch has to take the consequences. Cornelia, B.Z.’s cousin, heard a malicious conspiracy with Joe. Joe was found, and B.Z. tied the boy up and silenced him in the basement of the B.Z. factory… Patch recognizes Joe and an image for Joe that looks like Patch. Patch understands that Santa takes care of him, so he frees Joe, packs almost all the candy and drives Joe to the North Pole in the Patchmobile. Meanwhile, Cornelia writes a letter to Santa Claus to inform him about the B.Z. plan and Joe’s capture. After receiving the letter, Santa Claus went to New York with his six deer. He took Cornelia, and they both went looking for Patch. As soon as Santa Claus approaches the Patchmobiles, he notices that the candy canes start to glow because they are placed next to the rocket motors. Santa drives his deer team to the Super Duper Luper to catch Patch and Joe when the Patchmobile explodes.

Back in New York, B.Z.’s crimes are solved when Cornelia calls the police and warns her. B.Z. eats a lot of sugar cane to escape the police. For example, it cannot control its ascent and soon finds itself in orbit. Back at the North Pole, Anya and the elves greet the return of Santa Claus and Patch. Santa Claus decides to adopt Joe and Cornelia, who are happy to live with Klaus and the elves.

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