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It will never end.

Night is a 2020 horror film about an Iranian man, woman and child trapped in an American hotel. Treacherous events force them to confront the secrets that have come between them, and the night never ends…

Directed by Kourosh Ahari (Generations; Yellow Wallpaper), based on a screenplay written with Milad Jarmuz and based on the story of Milad Jarmuz, movie stars Shahab Hosseini, Nuriha Jafarian, Lia Oganyan and George Maguire.

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Together, Ahari and Jarmuz bring an exciting plot, although the myths leave much to be desired […] Fortunately, the focus is on more mysteries and ghostly manifestations of those mysteries, making it easier to get past some of the flaws. The excellent performances of Hosseini and Jafarian and the sinister atmosphere of the hotel contribute to this intense film. The Banshee blog!

Although the night never reaches the dizzying heights of Shining, the film, even if only half as good as Kubrick’s, is still a great film, and Ahari’s directing skills are undoubtedly of this type. However cerebral and confusing it may be, the night is a terrifying journey into the surreal, the unknown and the terrifying real. Rattle

… Although the secrets themselves shock the characters, they are unfortunately too predictable for genre lovers and more observant viewers. Still, the performances of Shahab Hosseini and Catherine Hawari are very strong, and the atmosphere and tempo are very good, with an ending that will certainly leave the audience with their jaws down. He’ll be here soon.

It is not necessary to have a budget for crazy effects to tell a story that depends on tension and atmosphere, as is often the case with this story. Between the nocturnal events and the increasingly violent reactions of Babak and Neda, it is easy to be in the same main space as these characters: scared, confused and without knowing how the situation will turn out. Daley dead

Wow. This film kept us awake at night and we still thought about what had happened and what it all meant, not to mention leaving the lights on. The psychological thriller is full of excitement and will definitely blow you away. Edhat

He never ends up in a dirty or brutal reality, but creates a sense of masterly tension in everything when he fights for and against the two main characters. Of course it slows down between the paranoid sequences, but these moments are slow but seem important because the camera / the light / the sound – it all gives a strong feeling: Irritability. Crazy movies

…the night causes more pain and anguish than any film that’s tried to reach them since. Babaku and Neda don’t know that the horror hotel where they stay doesn’t let them leave quietly or sleep all night. At least until they reveal a dark secret they’ve been hiding from each other. Absolute terror

Night is Ahari’s first exquisite thriller, an elegant and informative thriller with both beautiful images and an exciting, well-structured story that takes you along and captures you to the end. Conceived as the festival favourite, one can only hope that the independent distributor will take the film and reach the audience it so deserves. Independent assessment

Ahari and co-writer Milad Jarmuz will not shock experienced fans of the genre with the revelations of the third act, but they should certainly be impressed by the incredibly seductive look and vibe of the film. In fact, the sinister and vivid work of cameraman Maz Mahani goes beyond the category and lays the foundation for every gruesome moment. I highly recommend… J.B.’s running

This film has all the atmosphere. All those dark rooms and shadows. All about not being able to leave. Things that float. Strange noises. Everything happens in such a way that the heart beats and the stomach cramps. It’s kind of like pulling a sweater, the story goes a little… OrcaSound

A beautiful lush cinematography (including some POV images) underlines the richness of the night. The partition adds a layer or a shower that’s just great. Despite the fact that the script skillfully uses a number of classic trophies, it is also complex with many original images that make the viewer nervous from the start. I’ve been thrown in a noose more times than I can count. Scooter news Daily

Even though I could feel more or less any twist before it appeared on the canvas, Ahari’s painting managed to unbalance me with her beautiful memory of Kubrick’s horror, an aesthetic that had eluded countless followers, including last year’s Doctor Drag. RogerEbert.com

The director, Ahari, treats this film like a magic trick. Identify sufficient information by holding hands, sometimes obtaining two important pieces of information at the same time. This only applies if you’ve solved one of the puzzles, if you’ve grasped a lot of strange details from a previous scene. The scariest things

I thank director Kourosh Ahari for his cute little thriller. The film is a terribly hard fairy tale and uses silence and shadows for a great effect. He also uses the fact that the film is a mix of English and Persian to further reduce the tension […] when you get the chance to watch Night. Invisible films

…this predominantly Farsi production sneaks into the audience and presents a knockout finale. Ahari’s spectacular first feature film will certainly satisfy fans of the genre and attract a demanding audience with its emotional weight and elegant production values. Diversity


The Night premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, followed by the Fajr, Sitges, Cinecquest and Night’s Dream film festivals.

In the United States, Mammoth Pics The Night Theatrically and On-Demand will be released on the 29th. January 2021.

The actors and characters:

Shahab Hosseini… Babak Naderi
Nirikh Jafaryan… Neda Naderi
Lea Oganyan… Shabnam Naderi
George Maguire… Hotel
Receptionist of Hotel Gia Mora … Sarah
Michael Graham. Policeman
Elester Latam… Displacement
Steph Martinez… Sofia (Voice)
Armin Plus … Farhad
Khan Rahimzade… Mani
Sam Tarazandehpur… Barbados
Kara Fukua… Woman in black
Amir Ali Hosseini Amir Ali Hosseini Amir Ali Hosseini … Young man
Ali Cusheshi… Mohsen
Golbarg Hawari … Elae
Boshr Hagigi. Woman in black
Lily V.K. … Sofia

Technical details :

105 minutes

Original name:


That’s what it looks like:

THE SHINING (1980) Reviews and criticism of horror classics

The trailer:

Here we go:

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