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On Christmas Eve, a little girl named Marie falls asleep at home after a party and dreams of herself (or herself?) in a fairytale world where toys come to life. Her beloved nutcracker comes to life and protects her from the Mouse King, only to turn into a prince after Mary has saved his life.

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The Nutcracker (1993) The Nutcracker starts at a Christmas party and tells Kevin Kline The holiday is held in the house of Mr. Stalbaum (Robert LaFossa), chairman of the city council, and his wife Mrs. Stalbaum (Heather Watts). Adult family members and friends gather in the living room to decorate the Christmas tree, while the children of Stalbaum, Marie (Jessica Lynn Cohen) and Fritz (Peter Resnick) are eager to come in and see the Christmas tree for the first time. Finally, the parents let their children into the room and see the splendour of the Christmas tree as soon as the guests arrive and the holiday begins.

A march is organized to launch the festival, and shortly afterwards gifts are handed out to the children. Suddenly the owls of the bell strike eight times and Godfather Marie, Mr. Drosselmeyer (Bart Robinson Cook), arrives with his young nephew (Macaulay Calkin).

Throttlemeyer, magician and toy maker, brought toys for the children. A cousin the same age as Marie. Throsselmeyer starts with conjuring tricks to entertain the children and proudly shows off his life-size dancers he brought to the party. Two toys, Harlequin (Katrina Killian) and Colombina (Roma Sosenko), start to dance and the children are happy. Throttlemeyer also shows the little nutcracker, made the way of an old man. Marie has a weakness for nutcracker and claims it’s hers. But his jealous brother grabs the nutcracker and tinkles him out of his anger.

It breaks Mary’s heart because she’s lost a toy, but Drosselmeyer comforts her. Drosselmeyer’s nephew brings Marie the doll’s bed, so she can put a broken nutcracker in it and touch Marie. He and his cousin have become good friends. The party continues until the grandfather’s waltz is played and the guests start to leave. As soon as everyone’s gone, Marie and Fritz will go to bed.

However, because of the excitement of Christmas coming up, Marie has trouble sleeping at night. She sneaks in and lifts the nutcracker from the bed. She falls asleep on the couch in the living room with a broken toy. Frau Stalbaum finds her daughter on the couch and covers her with a blanket. Suddenly Throttlemeyer appears and takes the nutcracker to repair it. Then he disappears as fast as he came.

Marie wakes up at night. She sees a living room full of life-sized mice. In addition, the Christmas tree magically reaches an enormous size, just like the Nutcracker’s toy bed. All the toys in this room, including the Nutcracker, come to life. The Nutcracker (Macaulay Culkin), now as big as a man, grabs his sword and starts fighting an army of gingerbread soldiers against an army of mice. The mice eat gingerbread soldiers until they are accompanied by toy soldiers who fight the mice. The nutcracker attracts the Mouse King (Robert D. Lyon) for a duel. The Mouse King takes over and prepares to kill the Nutcracker, but Mary throws her slipper at the Mouse King, beats him and distracts him. It allows the nutcracker to stab the Mouse King by killing him. Marie faints right away.

The bed on which Mary rests begins to move by itself, as if by magic. The nutcracker sprouts and the bed falls into the snowy forest. The nutcracker returns and suddenly turns into a prince (Macaulay Culkin) who resembles Drosselmeyer’s nephew. The prince was transformed into the Nutcracker by the evil Mouse King, but after the death of the king he regained his human form. He goes to the Mouse King’s body and cuts off the crown from the dead king’s head. He holds the crown, goes to Mary, wakes her up and puts the crown on her head. Then two children go hand in hand into the forest.

Then the falling snowflakes begin to take human form and come to life. They’re dancing the Snow Waltz. Mary and the Prince appear after the dance. They go with a star that looks like a poinsettia. The first act of the ballet ends.

When the second act begins, Mary and the Prince arrive at the Kingdom of Sweetness. The kingdom is ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy (Darcy Kistler). In the pantomime the prince explains to the fairy what happened to them. In honour of Marie’s courage, a series of dances with live sweets will be presented, including Spanish dance, Arabic dance, Chinese dance, Russian dance, reed flute dance, clowning dance and flower waltz. Then the Sugar Plum Fairy and her rider (Damian Voetzel) perform a pas de deux with a beautiful adagio. When the party starts, the sugar fairy kisses Mary goodbye. The prince bows down before you, and she and Mary fly away on deer sleighs, and all in the kingdom of sweetness say goodbye.

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