The Paper Tigers is a dark comedy-thriller that follows two millennials who are best friends, and their journey to survival. They’re terrified of being alone, so they constantly hang out with others, but when a life-changing incident happens, they realize they’re tiring of superficial friendships. The film’s title is meant to refer to the over-optimistic attitude of many millennials who think they won’t be affected by anything that happens in the world.

Well Go USA has been releasing some pretty good blu-ray movies in the last few years, and their upcoming release of The Paper Tigers (2020) is no exception.

The Paper Tigers is a drama directed by Jeong-gyun Oh, who also served as the film’s screenwriter, and stars Gerard Plunkett as a Korean man who returns to his hometown to attend his mother’s funeral. The film, which is based on Jeong-gyun Oh’s 2014 film of the same title, follows its main character as he reconnects with his deceased mother and tries to find answers about his family’s past.



The Paper Tigers is an incredibly surprising and hilarious film that is part coming-of-age story, part mystery, part martial arts adventure, with three very engaging characters. I enjoyed every minute of it.


Three estranged friends reunite after the death of their martial arts instructor ….. and begin the hunt for his killer.


Danny (Allen Wu), Jim (Michael Shannon Jenkins) and Hing (Ron Yuan) have been brothers since childhood, growing up under the guidance of their father, Sifu Chung (Roger Yuan). But after an event in their youth that changed their lives forever, the three went their separate ways and never looked back. Decades later, Hing comes to Danny with the shocking news that Sifu has died under suspicious circumstances. He suggests that Danny investigate whether or not their beloved master was murdered, since the facts are inconclusive. Their first step is to reunite with Jim, and when they are reunited, it is not exactly a happy reunion, as there is animosity between Jim and Danny. While the three men awkwardly agree to continue the investigation, they must use martial arts against the enemies they encounter. Not an easy task, as they have resigned themselves to their lifestyle and have long since abandoned the teachings of their Sifu. They meet an old foe in Carter (Matthew Page), who was no match for them as teenagers, but who over time has become a formidable opponent and dedicated martial arts student. They also meet a new enemy: a vicious assassin working with the Tongs, an infernal warrior (played by Peter Adrian Sudarso) who may know something about their sifu’s death. To achieve their goal, the three paper tigers must hone their long-dormant skills and learn to get along as brothers.

Paper Tigers is an incredibly surprising and hilarious film that is part coming-of-age story, part mystery, part martial arts adventure, with three very engaging characters. I loved every minute. The martial arts story is deeply woven and perfectly integrated into the plot, and the characters, with all their weaknesses (especially Danny, going through a divorce, custody and responsibilities) are incredibly well written and empathetic by writer/director Quoc Bao Tran. The fight scenes, impressively choreographed and executed, don’t feel overly staged like many action films these days. The film has enough action, comedy and drama to fill two more films. This is my favorite movie so far, released in 2021.

Well Go USA hosts Paper Tigers on the 22nd. Released in June on Blu-ray, following the film’s recent theatrical release. The Blu-ray contains a number of special features, including behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, outtakes and a trailer.

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