KISAPMATA is inspired by the real crime story House on Zapota Street.

In no time it was, as it is also called, a popular place for beginners in the country. It is considered a classic of epic proportions, not only because of the contradictory storyline from which the film draws, but also because it was shot by an esteemed director, the elusive Mike de Leon. And that’s not all, the film itself is a classic film, with metaphors from a painting by Vic Silajan, showing a macho, chauvinistic and noisy father, who eventually murders the whole family, down to the smallest details of the production design, supporting his father’s breathtaking nature.

Read one of our favorite reviews about Kisapmata, written by our friend Ogs Cruz, film critic.

Written for the painting by Claudioaldo del Mundo, based on the authentic and non-artistic criminal works of Quijano de Manila/Nica de Ocampo, entitled The House on the Via Zapota.

The stars of the film Harito Solis, Jay Ilagan, Charo Santos, Ruben Rustya and Vic Silayan are the psychological drama of Dadong, a former dominant policeman, who loses control when his daughter Mila and son-in-law Noel defy his rules and try to escape from the despotic house.

Kisapmata is also known as the first film in which incest was actively discussed, which was a courageous step for the film at the time. Murder, suicide and fatherhood were also covered.

The restored version will be presented to the Prime Minister on the 19th. December 2020 (Saturday) online. Viewers from all over the world can access the building via Vimeo from 7 am to 11 pm (Pacific time) and watch it on the Facebook page of the Philippine cinema Casa Grande Vintage.

Kisapmata’s film was voted one of the best films of the decade by the Manunurgic Peliculang Pilipino. The restoration was carried out at the Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna (Italy), which was also responsible for the restoration of classical works such as Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag, Batch ’81 and A Portrait of the Artist as a Filipino, as well as the Wildsound Studio. Co-financed by UnionBank and Mike de Leon himself. The first theatrical release of the restoration took place in August at the Ritrovato cinema in Bologna, Italy.

To celebrate the film’s return, watch this poster with an exhausting dinner scene from the Pamanihikan, also known as Kisapmata. For this we can just organize a party of one hour. Stay with us.

The restoration is dedicated to the memory of the actors Harito Solis, Jay Ilagan, Ruben Rusty and Vick Silayan, and artist and director César Hernando.

Kisapmanta was screened at the 1981 Manila Film Festival where she won 10 awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress for Vic Zelayan, Best Continued Actress for Harito Solis, Best Continued Actress for Jay Ilaghan, Best Story and Best Screenplay for Claudaldo del Mundo, Raquel Villavicencio and Mike de Leon, Best Production Design for Jess Navarro, Best Production Design for Cesar Hernando and Best Recording Technique for Ramon Reyes In 1982 the film was presented during the two-week Cannes Film Festival Directors’ Week.

Stay on Saturday the 19th. December, on the Facebook page of the Casa Grande vintage cinema with us to get a direct link to the premiere of Vimeo.


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