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Once again, someone has stolen the world-famous Pink Panther diamond, and it’s up to Inspector Jacques Clouseau to find the thief. On two continents, an inept detective will do anything to prove that Sir Charles Phantom is the proverbial Litton! Along the way, Clouseau must also fight his oriental servant and a mysterious assassin who wants to kill him.

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In the Arabian country of Lugash, an unknown thief prowls the marble floor of the country’s heavily guarded museum to steal the world’s largest diamond, known as the Pink Panther. The thief then leaves in place a white glove with the letter P embroidered in gold. When a national treasure goes missing again, the shah of Lugasha summons the head of the French Sûreté and asks for the same inspector who found the diamond last time: inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers).

In Paris, Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) despises Clouseau so much that he literally drives him crazy. He has already demoted the idiot to a simple patrolman, but when Clouseau fails to prevent a bank robbery by chasing a blind man and his monkey, Dreyfus suspends him for six months without pay.

Then Dreyfus’ boss calls.

He must retrieve Clouseau immediately and send him to Lugash. Clouseau receives this news in his apartment when he fends off a surprise attack by his servant Cato (Bert Kwuk). Clouseau ordered him to attack when he was least suspicious, to keep him on his toes.

He just hangs up the phone when a hidden figure knocks on the door and hands him a burning bomb. The explosion almost blew Cato’s yellow skin off, but both survived. Clouseau is now convinced that a mysterious killer wants him dead, and that it has something to do with the mystery of the Pink Panther.

Once in Lugash, Clouseau investigates the crime scene and clumsily smashes some priceless antiques before accusing Sir Charles Litton (Christopher Plummer) of being the infamous ghost and diamond thief. He began to search and arrest in the name of the law.

He first made an offer on Sir Charles’ property in Nice, France. Disguised as a telephone repairman, Clouseau meets Sir Charles’ wife, Lady Claudine Lytton (Catherine Schell), but she and her butler Mac (David Lodge) come straight to him. They claim Clouseau overheard a phone conversation in which Lady Litton says she is meeting a man on the other end of the line at the Gstaad Palace Hotel in Switzerland. Clouseau then follows her by train to Gstaad.

Meanwhile, Sir Charles went to Lugash to clear his name. At the beginning of the film, Lady Litton teases him about the theft, and they decide that he needs to find the real thief because someone threw down the gauntlet to him.

He starts by finding Fatty (Eric Polman) to find out more. But Fatty orders his men to kill Sir Charles because the secret police are using the robbery as a pretext to eliminate his political enemies. With his death, life will return to some semblance of normalcy.

Sir Charles, however, escaped the assassination attempt and returned to his hotel room. In the room, Colonel Sharkey (Peter Arne), head of the secret police, is waiting for him. Sharkey confirms that Fatty’s understanding of the situation is largely correct, but he says the diamond must eventually be recovered. Sir Charles agrees to participate in the investigation – or pretends to for the moment.

The next day, at their headquarters, they show Sir Charles video footage of the day of the robbery and hook him up to a lie detector. Each time, the machine registers no real reaction from the people in the museum, except one – a young man with a goatee.

As soon as he’s done with the police for the day, Sir Charles reunites with servant Fatty Pepi (Graham Stark) to sneak out of the country in a truck. However, this is another trap by Fatty to kill Sir Charles, but he escapes again. Meanwhile, Sharkey secretly follows Sir Charles, believing he will lead him to the diamond.

Back in Gstaad, Clouseau is hot on Lady Lytton’s heels, but he’s no closer to solving the case than he was at first. While taking a bubble bath, Dreyfus calls him and orders him to arrest Lady Lytton in her hotel room. He accepts, but after hanging up, he realizes he has no reason to arrest her. He calls Dreyfus to Paris to clarify the mission, but François (André Marant) tells him that Dreyfus is on vacation.

At the same time, Sir Charles of Lugash arrives at the hotel, where he tells Lady Lytton that she has stolen the Pink Panther. After some playful prodding, she admits she stole it because they needed entertainment in their lives.

Colonel Sharkey arrives to take the diamond and kill them both. But just as he is about to kill her, Inspector Clouseau enters to arrest Lady Lytton. Sir Charles unmasks Clouseau, because he does not yet know the truth and does not know the danger he is in. Sharkey is more than happy to kill all three of them.

Meanwhile, Dreyfus is being held in a room in the same hotel. Judging by his position, he has a clear view of Lady Litton’s room. We learn that he is the mysterious killer who has been trying to kill Clouseau all along. He picks up the gun and points it at Clouseau, but when he pulls the trigger, Clouseau falls into Sharkey’s trap – his flash has disappeared. Clouseau ducks down to check his zipper as Dreyfus shoots in. He misses Clouseau and kills Sharkey.

Now completely insane, Dreyfus starts shooting blindly into space. When the hotel concierge (Victor Spinetti) and his bellboy (Mike Grady) arrive to check on Dreyfus’ room, Dreyfus attacks them with his bare hands until the local police arrive to arrest him.

Now that the Pink Panther has returned safely to the Lugash National Museum, Surete Clouseau promotes to the vacant director position. Sir Charles realizes that his wife was right and that he is bored, and resumes his career as a jewel thief.

The film ends in a Japanese restaurant where Clouseau is eating with François. When a Japanese waitress gives him a fortune cookie, Clouseau realizes something is wrong. Suddenly the waitress attacks him and we see that it is Cato in disguise. This leads to an argument between them that destroys the restaurant.

Dreyfus ended up in a straitjacket in a mental institution for his actions. In his isolation cell, he writes Kill Clouseau with a blue pen with his foot.

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United Artists releases The Return of the Pink Panther on the 12th. May 1975. Blake Edwards directed the film with Peter Sellers and Christopher Plummer.

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