After an intense competition that lasted for six seasons, the creators of “The Right Stuff” announced on June 29th 2019 that they will not be returning to Disney+.

The “the right stuff season 2 picked up” is a cancelled show by Disney+! The show was picked up for streaming on Hulu.

The Right Stuff Season 2: Cancelled By Disney+!

the right stuff season 2

Are you enjoying the new season of the astronaut series on Disney+? The Right Stuff, based on Tom Wolfe’s novel, is in need of a second season. Where is the Mercury 7 team, which NASA has picked to be the first team to journey into space?

After one season, Disney+ decided to discontinue The Right Stuff historical drama series for a second season. The series will premiere on National Geographic before transferring to Disney+. The first season of this space drama launched in October of last year to make room for other National Geographic shows.

The Right Stuff was picked up by Disney+ as the original drama after The Mandolorian, but it didn’t achieve enough traction for the platform to produce a second season.

It’s the first written program to be canceled by Disney+ for a second season, and Warner Bros. Television is in discussions to revive it. However, this time they are looking forward to publishing the series on a different platform or, to put it another way, finding a new home for the series to be released in the future.

the right stuff season 2

According to Deadline, Disney+ is working on a means to broadcast its second season so that they may continue the series with a new cast and a new objective.

This sitcom was offered $13.7 million to relocate from Florida to California for its upcoming season, but Warner Bros. Television is currently looking for a new home for the show.

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Season 2 of The Right Stuff has a release date.

Still waiting for The Right Stuff Season 2 to be released, but Disney+ cancelled the second season, leaving the fanbase disappointed.

However, we remain hopeful that any streaming service or network will take up the series in the near future, as Warner Brothers is seeking for a new home for this space thriller, but The Right Stuff has yet to be picked up or announced by any network for a new season.

We completed #therightstuffseries in one night, @halfadams. I’m hoping that @disneyplus will take it up for a second season since I’m genuinely interested in continuing to follow their adventures… and watch John Glenn launch into space! 🚀

Arianna (@MyLifeIsAthread) (@MyLifeIsAthread) (@MyLifeIsAthread) (@MyLifeIsA 24th of January, 2021

Is There A Teaser For The Right Stuff Season 2?

Because the series was cancelled by Disney+ after the first season, there is no teaser or trailer for the new season of The Right Stuff.

However, you can still watch the official trailer for the first season, which is embedded below.


Season 1 of The Right Stuff is now available to watch.

The first season of The Right Stuff is available to watch on a variety of platforms, including Apple TV, Vudu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Youtube.

the right stuff season 2

Last Words

There has been no official news on whether or not The Right Stuff season 2 will be picked up by any network, therefore the show will stay cancelled until then. On IMDB, the first season received a 6.8 out of 10 rating, while Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 55 percent approval rating.

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The “the right stuff season 2 filming” was cancelled by Disney+! The show will not be returning for a third season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a season 2 of the right stuff on Disney?

A: As of now, there is no confirmed season 2. However, the showrunners have stated that they would like to bring back the series one day and would love for fans to come along with it.

Is The Right Stuff series over?

A: The Right Stuff series is not over yet. There may be a sequel coming soon, though no official announcement has been made by the studio (the company that owns and runs Its Alive Studios).

How many seasons of the right stuff is there?

A: There are three seasons of the right stuff total.

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