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Ringmaster aka Finale is a Danish horror film from 2018, written and directed by Søren Juul Petersen, based on the novel All the Things She Wanted She wouldn’t Understand Stin Langstrup. The film stars Anna Bergfeld, Karin Michelsen, Damon Younger, Christopher Fabrizius and Mads Kudal.


On the night of the biggest sports final of the year, two women working in an isolated petrol station are confronted with strange incidents. Is this just a joke or something more aggressive?


Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

Personally, I could have used less realistic violence, but the film captivated me. I took care of the heroes and I was impressed by the way Petersen led. Along the way, there are also some interesting social comments, including how the Internet and Big Brother deny public privacy and provide access to more and more disturbing things. The final is a daring ride that will leave a lasting impression. Pleasure above all

…there are layers of spectators, from those shown at the edges of the arena of the ring host, to the possible presence of gas station cameras, to those watching at the cinema or at home. In the end there is not much to say about the fact that this is new – it even seems to be part of the subject – but there is still impressive work to be done here…… An eye for a movie

A change in attitude means that viewers no longer have a certain appetite, whether the bad guys take revenge or not. It makes sense when it comes to the level of violence and what is described as extreme. The trauma and the Serbian fairy tale had no end for her. Movie news

The finale is a horror film that builds a plot based on the original mystery. And then he delivers with brute force. The study of torture as a form of entertainment provides an extra focus…The presentations were remarkable. The power of the actors shines through their characters and shows us the range of emotions they feel – from boredom to fear and pain. Master Guild Games

The action in the finals is not told chronologically. We know from the start that the girls will be trapped, but we stay at the gas station to see how the evening went for Agnes and Belinda. Do you like this kind of flashback, which is told in a very individual way […] it provided the necessary comic relief and helped us to put ourselves in the characters’ shoes. The paradise of horrors.

It’s a rather unexpected development, which is interesting, but it’s a kind of fiction between The Purge, Hostel and Saw. There are also elements of inspiration from Wes Craven and his ability to break through the infamous fourth wall. The horror we see is visceral and disturbing. More importantly, he avoids the pitfall of showing grief for the sake of grief…. The ringmaster himself becomes less frightening when he becomes more theatrical and seems to lead the Joker in many ways. HeyUGuys

For the first time, director Søren Juul Petersen offers an interesting perspective on voyeurism and violence. Despite a strong first part, which is mainly a thriller with cats and mice, the film was ruined half the time. Here the finals sink into madness and a few slow, enlarged plots are defused. Hollywood News

The first half is well played and appreciated, and the tension between the women is interesting, but the second half is much more formulated with a long torture session – and the climax of the fight.  The result is an interesting and insignificant cynical innovation, which relates to something that is a little embarrassing in most films about a sick Internet subscriber, namely the theory that the immoral master of the escape doesn’t care if his own followers live or die, or if his victims die or run away, because anything cruel enough enslaves his clients … Kim Newman’s website

Based on a solid core of actors Anne Bergfeld and Karin Michelsen in the roles of Agnes and Belinda respectively; a truly evil antagonist in The Ringmaster, played by Icelandic actor Damon Younger; and scripts, stories and structure designed for a tiring viewing experience, Finale’s Frightfest felt like a breath of fresh old-school air in a sea of horror and as such was very welcome and much needed. Detention of nerds

…the film allows a series of other cameras and intradigestive viewers to reflect and break our own random vices as chasers of voyeuristic pleasure. The cameras are everywhere, as one client said – and Finale offers a theatrical sensation reminiscent of My Little Eye or Dhogs, which, in a long tradition of sadistic shows and pastoralism, puts us in an uncomfortable position and makes us wonder what painful curiosity drives us to seek horror in the first place. SciFiNow

The finals are generally an exciting journey from start to finish, with great performances by the actors. Petersen gives you a pleasant and exciting click. The most shocking moments are not scenes of torture, but an acute reflection of the human psyche – humanity’s deepest and darkest aspirations and our efforts to survive. Not only does the end not hit, but she also refuses to admit that the fun is over. The impatience of the screen



In Great Britain, Danse Macabre is releasing the Ringmaster, which will be available from the 2nd quarter. December 2020 with the release date of the DVD and Digital 30. November in the theaters will be broadcast.

The actors and characters:

Anne Bergfeld… Agnes Berger
Karin Mihelsen Karin Mihelsen … Belinda Andersen
Damon Jr… Main wing door
Christopher Fabrizius … Benjamin
Mads Kudal… Kenny
Kim Sanderholm… Escape of accomplice #1
Gustav Skavenius… The escape of accomplice #2
Lars Knutzon … Prologue guide

Technical details :

100 minutes

Here we go:

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