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The rules can be found in pre-war France. The world famous pilot André Jurieu returns to France after a solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean. André is disappointed that his beloved Christina did not come to his door, but decided to spend the evening with her husband Robert. Robert has started an affair with Genevieve, but Robert wants to end the relationship and devote himself to his wife again. All this comes to mind during a weekend in the castle of Robert and Christina in a country where no one will return in the same way.

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Rules of the Game (1939) In the pre-war period in France, the impetuous aviator André Jurieu (Roland Toutin) made his solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean and landed his one-seater at the airport of Le Bourget. He is greeted by his good friend Octave (Jean Renoir) who, thanks to his ungrateful work, tells the famous pilot that the love of the very rich and married aviatrix Christine (Nora Gregor), Marquise de la Chain, is not present with the great André. The pilot is upset and tells his disappointment to a radio journalist, who conducts a live interview. Christina listens from her Parisian apartment, which she shares with her husband Robert, the Marquis de la Chainet (Marcel Dalio).

She talks to her faithful servant Lisette (Paulette Dubost) about what it means to be in love. Lisette is married to Roberts Ranger on his Schumacher Manor (Gaston Modot) necklace, but she is having an affair with Octave. Lisette is more devoted to Christine than to her own husband. Lisette knows about Christine’s relationship with Andre, and so does Robert. Christine and Robert discuss Andre’s emotional outburst and promise each other their loyalty. Robert feels guilty and justifies himself by calling his mistress Genevieve (Mila Pareteli) and arranges a meeting the next day to finish his novel.

The next day Robert Genevieve says he has to end their relationship because he is in love with his wife. Robert, however, invites his lover to join him and Christine for a weekend at Le Coliniére. Genevieve secretly plans to bring Robert back, even if it means ruining her relationship with Christina. Christine invites her niece Jackie (Ann Mayen), who feels attracted to André. Octava encourages Robert to invite the now suicidal André to the estate in the hope that they can make a connection between the impetuous pilot and Geneviève who would solve the problems of Christine and Robert.

In The Coligner Schumacher tries to dismantle a rabbit farm. He discovers several traps that Marso’s poacher (Julien Carette) has put there. Schumacher catches Marso, but Robert decides to hire him as a household help so he can use Marso’s ability to catch rabbits. As soon as Marso actually enters the grounds, he starts flirting with Lisette, who reduces his affection to Schumacher’s grief.

Robert’s guests begin by arriving at the estate. André’s arrival attracts all the women who want to meet him, including Jackie. The next day the guests hunt on the territory of the Schumacher Manor. During the hunt Robert tells Genevieve that he no longer loves her and she threatens to tell Christine about his novel. Robert can reassure her by kissing her for the last time when Christina testified with the twins. Back in her room, Geneviève prepares to leave defeated. But Christina convinced Genevieve to stay by telling her she knew about Robert’s affair. Christina hopes that Geneviève will keep Robert busy so that he can pursue other interests.

That night Robert and Christine organize a masked ball and play different songs for different guests. At night different love relationships are formed. Andre and Cristina declared their love for each other after Cristina flirted with another man at the party. The couple is planning to run away together. Marceau continues to chase Lisette and leads Schumacher into a jealous rage. Schumacher tries to shoot Marceau during a party, and Robert fires the two men. Robert and Andre argue about Christina and start arguing before they settle their differences. Octave also explains his love for Cristina, which makes Cristina doubt her feelings for André.

Octavian and Christine plan to run away together. In between, Schumacher and Marceau see the couple together and confuse Christine with Lisette, because she wears Lisette’s cape and hood. Octavian returns to the castle to get his things and meets Lisette and André. Lisette begs Octavian not to go with Christina. Octavian sends Andre to the greenhouse to meet Christine. At the same time Schumacher takes the gun and goes back into the greenhouse. He shoots Andre and thinks he’s Octavian, who he thinks is trying to escape with Lisette.

Robert hides the murder and tells the other guests there’s been a terrible accident. He hires both Schumacher and Marso, who both know what’s really going on. Marso and Cristina seem to follow the loss of their dear friend and lover. But they’re silent about what’s really going on.

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