Recently, the Sea Monster (a.k.a. Kraken) has appeared in the waters off New England. It’s causing a huge problems for ships traveling through the area, and the Coast Guard has declared a state of emergency. Mark Bergman, a marine biologist and one of the world’s leading authorities on the monstrous creature, has come up with an elaborate plan to bring the Sea Monster to the surface. His plan will involve a series of strange rituals, culminating with the laying of an oak sapling on the beach, where the Sea Monster will wait for the magical day when it will rise from the depths and rise to power.

It’s been an interesting day. First, the president was visited by a sea monster, then he visited that sea monster , then he was visited by a sea monster , then he visited that sea monster, then he was visited by the sea monster , then he visited the sea monster, then he was visited by the sea monster , then he visited … you get the idea.

Jon has been a fan of the fantasy drama series Game of Thrones for many years. Now that the final season is upon us, he can’t wait to see what will happen. A few weeks ago Jon watched the new trailer that aired during a panel at a gaming convention. He was surprised to see a new species of sea monster appear in a clip. Jon wanted to know more about the mysterious creature.

The action-horror film ‘Megalodon Rising,’ which is a sequel to the 2018 film ‘Megalodon,’ sees the biggest aquatic predator in cinematic history return. Brian Nowak takes up directorial duties from James Thomas, who directed the last part based on an Andrea Ruth script. As with its predecessor, Asylum First Class Productions presents this film, which stars Wynter Eddins, Freda Yifan Jing, O’Shay Neal, Tom Sizemore, and Zhan Wang. On August 27, ‘Megalodon Rising’ was made available for streaming and VOD.

Asylum is, of course, known for producing low budget direct to video mock busters, including twists on classics such as ‘Snakes on a Train,’ ‘The Da Vinci Treasure,’ ‘Pirates of Treasure Island,’ ‘Battles of Los Angeles’ among others. However, they have also released a thread of their own original titles, including ‘Mega Python vs Gatoroid,’ ‘Two Headed Shark Attack,’ ‘Bermuda Tentacles,’ and ‘The Doctor Will Kill You Now.’ The studio has also expanded into making some family-friendly titles with the recent mentions being ‘Princess and the Pony,’ ‘CarGO,’ and ‘A Beauty & The Beast Christmas.’

A Chinese vessel with three crew members is on a mission to perform tests on a secret espionage gadget just off the coast of the United States in ‘Megalodon Rising.’ When a gigantic shark slams into and wrecks their ship, the research is considered a success. Except for Dr. Lee, portrayed by Freda Yifan Jing, who is picked up by a US destroyer under the leadership of Captain Lynch, played by Wynter Eddins, all of the crew members perish with the vessel. A Chinese warship then arrives, demanding Dr. Lee’s surrender. Failure to comply with their demands will result in a violent confrontation and an armed standoff.


Apart from the two opposing sides, the previously thought-to-be-extinct gigantic killer shark has reawakened, and all the sophisticated equipment attempting to destroy the terrible beast seems to be no match. 

The formula for the second chapter is quite similar to that of the first. For example, Captain Lynch is the sister of the same-named Captain from the first film, Tom Sizemore from “7 Deadly Sins” replaces Michael Maden, well known for “Shark Season,” as a guest actor, and the Chinese replace the Russians as the antagonists from the first film. For an action-horror thriller, the film is already sluggish. There is much too much emphasis on the Sino-American confrontation, as well as the XO’s personal goal, which neither adds tension nor injects enthusiasm, resulting in a boring drag.

Considering the likes of renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws,” which set the standard very high, “Megalodon Rising” isn’t even close to being among the greatest shark pictures ever produced in Hollywood. Despite the fact that it is a low-budget film, it is one of Asylum’s more recent releases. However, this does not imply that it is exceptional, since the film lacks any kind of wow effect. Even for a film of this level, the quality is obviously poor. It should have done better, but it is Asylum after all. Surprisingly, the sharks seem to be very good, having a genuine feel to them, especially for an Asylum film, which is something the production team should be commended for. The movie’s poster, in fact, featured a normal-looking shark. Surprisingly, none of this was shown in the movie.

There are many plot flaws in the story that are difficult to overlook since they undermine the film’s believability. For example, the Chinese manage to smuggle an army of warships across the Pacific without anybody knowing, which even in a movie makes no logic. Another flaw is the battle between troops and man-eating sharks at San Diego, where no one on the beach appears to notice or flee the sea despite the monsters repeatedly striking the warships and the men frantically shooting at them with their massive machine guns. There is also a discussion regarding sharks and their swim bladders, and according to facts, sharks do not have these and instead depend on the lift produced by their huge pectoral fins, similar to how aircraft wings give lift in the air, which is why they must constantly moving to avoid sinking. 


The ship’s visuals were impressive, however if one looked closely, one could see that the ship was an old WWII cargo ship named SS Lane Victory, not a contemporary battleship as portrayed in the film; the letters KECW on the bridge proved this. Words and phrases were used in ways that were completely out of context for a battleship. ‘Wire the Admiral,’ for example, was one of the phrases used. The captain kept referring to the communications officer as ‘Wilco,’ which is a colloquial term for copy that or roger that. Another intriguing element of this feature is that the company continued to recycle and reuse previously used material in the same film many times. 

Despite the absence of shark action, the completely ridiculous exchange between the clearly few personnel of both the American and Chinese navy is rather hilarious in its lack of wit. No airstrikes seem to have hit the battleships, and no fear among top government officials has been reported, despite the magnitude of the problem. It seems absurd that crew members at all levels are questioning instructions.

The performances by the different actors were not spectacular, but they were adequate. Of course, the writing may have played a role, since it wasn’t one of the better ones. The performers and actresses both managed to remain afloat in this tumultuous narrative, surpassing many people’s expectations. Freda Yifan Jing as Dr. Lee, on the other hand, delivered an outstanding performance.

‘Megalodon Rising’ isn’t the title for you if you’re hoping for a thrilling shark film that will get your blood pounding. It’s entertaining to watch if you’re trying to see the many faults that might have been avoided with a few rewrites and basic fact checking.

RATING: 4/10

The Sea Monster is a new sci-fi horror movie set on an isolated island off the coast of New York state. On this island lives a creature that was captured by the U.S. government decades ago. The government referred to the creature as a Sea Monster, but local fishermen, who called the creature Behemoth, assumed the creature was malevolent and living proof that the government had something to hide.. Read more about biblical monsters and let us know what you think.

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