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Risen from the bowels of the earth….

The Slime People is a 1963 American science fiction horror film about an underground reptile race that invades Los Angeles.

Directed by Robert Hutton (his only directorial effort, though he co-wrote the screenplay for Stalking) from a screenplay by Blair Robertson (Ghost Shooter), Joseph F. Robertson [as Vance Skarstedt] (Aunt Lee’s Meat Pies).

Movie stars: Robert Hutton (Man Without a Body; Vulture; Trough); Les Tremayne (Monolith Monsters; Angry Red Planet; Piedras Blancas Monster); Robert Burton (I Was a Teenage Frankenstein); Susan Hart (City at Sea; Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine; Ghost in Invisible Bikini).


A race of underground reptiles (called Slime People because of their slimy skin) create a wall of frozen fog around Los Angeles and set out to invade the city.

A pilot (Robert Hutton) lands in Los Angeles after some flying problems, and ends up finding the city practically deserted after a mysterious war. He then meets other survivors, including a scientist and his two daughters, and the group does everything they can to prevent another invasion of slime….

Production :

The film gained notoriety for its use of fog machines, which created such a dense fog that it was almost impossible to see the actors.

The film was shot at the KTLA television studios and ended after nine days of filming, with the actors finishing the film without payment. According to director Hutton in a 1989 interview, more than half of the film’s total budget was spent on designing and making the slime costumes.

Exams [click on the links for more information] :

…For all its awkwardness and clumsiness – some parts of the film look and act like they’re literally filming a rehearsal – The Slime People works in very brief moments as a bad movie that’s quite entertaining. It offers none of the pleasures of the work of Edward D. Wood, Jr. but as an example of a popular and cheap form of entertainment of a certain era, it has its own limited appeal. AllMovie

The filmmakers do a tour de force by giving us the whole story through archival footage found on a television channel. Of course the fog helps to hide the flaws, but by the end of the film it’s very, very thick and since the film is shot in black and white anyway, the thick grey fog quickly becomes annoying as you tell yourself that the action hidden there isn’t worth seeing. Wrong film report.

Drooling doesn’t make the audience wait until the last 15 minutes to see the monsters. They appear before the name. Rubber suits are not too badly made and it is advisable to keep them in a clearly visible place, so that they can be seen for a very short time. During prolonged viewing (for example, during battle scenes), the low-budget nature becomes apparent. Classic Sci-Fi movies

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The Slime People have become a bit of a treat for fans of classic monster movie camps. You’re going to laugh at the flat…. Female characters screaming and complaining, and bad lighting, and static camera angles, and, of course, annoying Slime Men. David Elroy Goldweaver, Claws and Saucers.

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Strictly for the amount of coarse erosion. John Stanley, Characteristics of Creation.

The first few minutes are the best. Tom Loughlin, who later directed Billy Jack, makes an early appearance. There’s a big line: In a romantic situation, you hear when I’m with you, I don’t even think about slimy people. Down at the Z Theater.

Ninety percent of the film is literally in fog, so much fog that you can barely see the actors. Fortunately for us, Horton and the few other survivors found a way to clear the dense fog and return the plague victims to their places of origin. dvd player

When stupid monsters, lame action scenes, terrible dialogue, bad acting, and clumsy direction are the best you can find in a movie, the viewer either needs (A) a delicious pot of hot, sticky, cinematic cheese, or (B) a severe burst of deep pain. People with phlegm tend to do it first – assuming your tolerance for shock is very high. An eccentric cinema

While fog can be used effectively to create atmosphere and mood, here it just regularly obscures the action and makes many scenes hard to see (not to be confused with hard to see scenes). Thus, watching the film requires more work than necessary, and the film is simply not interesting enough to merit this extra work. Therefore, despite the potential interest in the film, there is nothing interesting to see. Fantastic music movies and trolls

…monster suits… are actually pretty cool. It’s also really good that the monsters are smart and use spears to attack people, rather than the norm for these types of movies where they just come and pull out their arms and hug people to death. The rest, however, is basically a 1950s horror movie, and aside from these monsters, it’s pretty banal. Canned films

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The bullets were fired in black and white with almost no dollars in the trunk, and the producer and his wife played the part of the shearwomen…. All of this is a virtue in the villa… Another advantage is that the snails, which crawl to the surface from the manholes, look like two-meter-long hermitages, made of the same materials found in the sewers.  The movie house.

The slime looked decent (if you could see it through the fog). Too bad there was a maximum of three per shot. As I said, it was hard to imagine that any of them could be captured. Another drawback of this film is the excessive use of smoke machines. Monstershack

The droolers themselves are quite beautiful (and they should be, since they cost almost half of the film’s meager budget), with a memorable mask and a characteristically low-running pose.  Unless you can see them fully, in which case it’s suddenly obvious that their scaly fur looks like a very heavy coat with the actor’s skinny legs sticking out from underneath. And of course, it’s your traditional three-man occupying army. Rivets on the poster

It might have been more exciting if the effects of the fog hadn’t obscured much of the action, creating a general gloom that sometimes makes it impossible to understand what’s going on. Some have found humor in the underfunded attempt to relieve tension, but even for a film that’s only a little over an hour long, it tests your patience. Rotate the image

…the droolers were roundly entertained in a strange and fascinating way. Oddly enough, this film may not seem so terrible in the early morning hours, but if you see it in broad daylight, you should avoid it and its titled nudibranchs.  Definitely bad, but surprisingly good. A great mind

…The creative method by which you kill a snail (if that’s the right term) is remarkable. There is no need to tear them off or remove them, as their flesh will immediately adhere to the frost. You need a gun or a hollowed-out tube to pick them up or roll them up…. Fast and fancy, this is one of the last of the big double-billed creatures. The horror trap

The creatures are fantastic, and the land acting and waterfalls really make this movie fun.  Even before The Walking Dead, horror filmmakers realized that the real dangers of the apocalypse aren’t so much monsters as they are people, and the same is true of this film. Zissky Emporium for B-movies

The actors and characters:

Robert Hutton… Tom Gregory
Les Tremaines… Norman Tolliver
Robert Burton… Professor Galbraith
Susan Hart… Lisa Galbraith 19 William Boyce… Cal Johnson
Judy Morton… Bonnie Galbraith…
John Close… KTV reporter Vince Williams
Edward Finch Abrams… Tramp in the Theatre (not credited)
Bob Herron … Slime Man (not credited)
Jock Putnam … Slimeman (uncredited)
Tracy J. Putnam… Dr. Timothy Brough (not accredited)
Blair Robertson … Ms. Castillo (not accredited)
Joseph F. Robertson … Tramp in the Theatre (not credited)
Fred Stromsay … Slime man (not credited)

Shooting Locations:

Lancaster, CA
Mandeville Canyon, CA
Whitman Field Airport in Pacoima, Los Angeles, CA

Fun facts:

Susan Hart didn’t have to audition for the role of Bonnie Galbraith; she was automatically screened based solely on her good looks when she started casting. Due to the low budget of this film, she only got $35 to buy her own wardrobe.

The butcher shop and freezer scenes were filmed in a real butcher shop owned by actor Robert Hutton’s father-in-law in Lancaster, California.

The scenes of destruction allegedly caused by the shooting (briefly shown as the group leaves the airport) are actually shots from the Hollywood Hills shortly after a forest fire broke out in the area.

The original trailer is set to music from the 1959 film Angry Red Planet.


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