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Frank Drebin and the police are back! This time Drebin and his partners stumble upon a plot to kidnap a prominent scientist who is about to publish his report on the energy supply of the future. The coal, oil and nuclear industries are concerned about this report and join the diabolical plans of Quentin Habsburg, head of a major oil company, and Jane Spencer’s new boyfriend. But when Drebin sees Jane, will he be able to put his personal feelings aside and thwart the evil plans of the sinister energy managers?

nude firearm 2½: Scent of Fear Movie Summary

Below is an overview of the spoilers.

Scent of Fear (1991) Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) is back! This time he’s leading a delegation of law enforcement officials to Washington. He is honored at the White House by President George W. Bush (John Roark). At the awards dinner, President Bush announced that he will rely on the advice of Dr. Albert Meinheimer (Richard Griffiths), a leading expert on energy generation and a proponent of renewable energy sources, to develop recommendations for the nation’s energy program. Dr. Meinheimer plans to present his recommendations at the National Press Club dinner next week. The president’s reliance on Meinheimer worried leaders in the coal, oil and nuclear industries.

Meanwhile, Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley) is still trying to recover from the end of her relationship with Drebin. Jane is also in Washington and currently working for Dr. Meinheimer. One night, while working late, she saw a man driving away in a van. Shortly thereafter, a technician found a bomb that exploded in the lobby of the building. Several people are killed, but Jane survives unscathed.

The next morning, Drebin and the police are called to investigate the explosion. Drebin is joined by his boss, Ed Hawken (George Kennedy), and his partner, Detective Nordberg (O.J. Simpson). Drebin knows nothing about Jane’s work at the Meinheim Institute. He also ignores the existence of Jane’s new boyfriend, the director of Hexagon Oil, Quentin Habsburg (Robert Goulet), of whom Drebin immediately becomes jealous. Jane tells Drebin about the man she saw just before the explosion. But Drebin’s jealousy ruins any chance of reunion.

Later that evening, the leaders of the coal, oil and nuclear industries secretly meet with Habsburg, where he reveals that he has kidnapped Dr. Meinheimer and found him an exact copy, Earl Hacker (Richard Griffiths). Hapsburg plans to have Hacker pose as Meinheimer and advocate a continued reliance on fossil and nuclear fuels at the Press Club dinner.

Meanwhile, Drebin and a police unit track down a potential bomber and bus driver, Hector Savage (Anthony James). Savage barricades himself in a house and asks for money and a car when he hears the police are after him. Drebin awkwardly moves the SWAT team in and out of Savage’s house, allowing the bomber to escape. Eventually Drebin destroys the city zoo and releases many animals into the streets of Washington.

Later that evening, Drebin attends a formal dinner and notices that Dr. Meinheimer does not immediately remember him, although Jane tells him that the doctor has a photographic memory. Drebin goes to Jane’s apartment that night and tells her about his suspicions. Still, Jane dismisses Drebin’s accusations as yet another hoax from a jealous ex-lover. Moments later, Savage enters Jane’s house and tries to kill her while she is in the shower. Drebin hears Jane’s screams and comes to her rescue. Savage and Drebin fight, and Drebin kills Savage by sticking a fire hose in his mouth and running it full throttle. Jane realizes Drebin was right all along, and the two former lovers are reunited.

The next day, the police team uncovers the Hexagon Oil headquarters where Dr. Meinheimer is being held. Drebin tries to break into the building, but he is captured and tied up by Habsburg men. Finally, Drebin and Meinheimer are released and meet the rest of the police for dinner at the Press Club. Drebin, Ed, Nordberg and Dr. Meinheimer went out to dinner dressed as a mariachi band. The hacker is intercepted and arrested, allowing Meinheimer to give his original speech.

Hapsburg escapes from dinner and takes Jane with him. Drebin and Hapsburg’s men are shooting up the roof of the building. Finally, Drebin catches up with Habsburg, who informs a police officer that he has equipped the building with a small atomic bomb that will destroy much of the fight between Washington Drebin and Habsburg. Drebin is trying to get the deactivation code from Hapsburg. Ed walks into the room and pushes Hapsburg out the window. Fortunately, the Habsburgs landed safely on the canopy, despite the massive fall. Unfortunately, he is immediately torn to pieces by a lion that escaped from the zoo.

Desperate, Drebin and Jane try to defuse the bomb while Ed and Nordberg try to evacuate the building. After a few setbacks, Drebin gives up and grabs Jane to escape. He tripped over the bomb’s power cord, unplugged it, and stopped the countdown. President Bush again praised Drebin and offered him a special position as head of the Federal Bureau of Police Detachment. Drebin drops out because he wants to spend more time with Jane. He asks Jane to marry him, which she gladly accepts.

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