The second DC movie of the summer isn’t one of the eight live-action movies set to hit theaters in 2020, but it’s coming soon enough (according to the New 52 as established in 2011; the original version of this site began in 2014). This one, currently known as the Suicide Squad: 2021 movie, is the second of the DC films that will arrive in 2021, and will star the team of supervillains that DC comics fans know as the Suicide Squad. There’s a lot on the way for DC’s up-and-comers over the next few years. As you know, the Joker is set to make his first appearance in a live-action film in 2020, and one of DC’s most popular characters, Harley

This is it. The climax we’ve all been waiting for. The Suicide Squad is about to come together. This August, we’ll get to see the first all-female version of the team, and, all things considered, it should be a pretty interesting movie!

With the Suicide Squad franchise having received its fair share of criticism over the years, there’s a lot of pressure on director David Ayer to deliver a knockout punch to the DC Cinematic Universe in his upcoming solo film. But what would a David Ayer movie look like if the Suicide Squad series was given a complete overhaul? What if the film was a sequel to the team-up film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice instead of an ordinary standalone film?

Meet the new team, which is the same as the previous one.

“You know the deal: If you execute the assignment successfully, you receive ten years off your sentence,” Waller says. I’ll explode the explosive device at the base of your skull if you don’t obey my instructions in any way.”

The Suicide Squad is a group of people who commit suicide. is a group of people who commit suicide. is a group of people who commit suicide. is a group of people who commit suicide. is a group of people who commit suicide.

Suicide Squad, released in 2016, was a strange film. Despite poor reviews and an overabundance of dull combat sequences, it developed a cult following and even won an Academy Award (for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, but still.) After a five-year hiatus, DC is back at it with the Squad. The Suicide Squad is coming, but no one knows whether it’ll be a sequel or a reboot.

I hope that’s enough background information for you, since we’ve got 16 characters to go through. So, who has become a member of the Suicide Squad? Let’s have a look.

Harley Quinn is a fictional character that appears in the Batman

Margot Robie and Kaley Cuoco star in the film.

“You got us uniforms!” Shark King exclaims. [takes a look at a T-shirt] Suicide Squad, eh? “Does that happen to be our name?” “Ugh, some organization keeps trying to persuade me to join,” Harley says. –

Harley Quinn (Season 1, Episode 5 of “Being Harley Quinn”)

Harley Quinn may be most known as The Joker’s mistress, but she has plenty of Suicide Squad experience.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel worked at Arkham Asylum as a psychiatrist. She attempted to help The Joker, but was gaslighted and turned crazy in the process. She renamed herself Harley Quinn and became a supervillain and the sidekick of the Joker. Her violent pranks were ultimately channeled into the Suicide Squad, where they could be focused against even worse enemies.

Check out Harley Quinn’s background if you want to learn more about her.


Idris Elba and David St. Louis star in the film.

“Robert DuBois,” Waller says. He’s in jail for using a Kryptonite bullet to put Superman in the ICU.”

The Suicide Squad

Will Smith refused or was unable to reprise his role as Deadshot, but fortunately, he isn’t DC’s sole assassin. Let me introduce you to Bloodsport.

Robert DuBois avoided the conscription because he was afraid of dying in Vietnam. After being injured, Robert’s brother took his name and fought in his place, ultimately having all of his limbs severed. Robert went insane as a result of his obsession with the Vietnam War.

Robert was duped by Lex Luthor into attempting to assassinate Superman. Bloodsport was handed to him, along with numerous prototype weapons and Kryptonite bullets. Bloodsport used Kryptonite to murder Superman and then went on a killing rampage. Superman recovered when the Kryptonite was medically removed, and with the aid of his brother, he was able to calm Bloodsport down.

Rick Flag

Joel Kinnaman and Adam Baldwin star in the film.

“Tell me, Colonel, what has Waller got on you?” says Deadshot. “Not a thing,” says the flag. Some of us do not need to be bribed to serve our country.”

“Task Force X” in Justice League Unlimited (Season 2, Episode 4)

These psychos, monsters, and clowns must be kept in control by someone. Rick Flag, the Suicide Squad’s commander, is the person in question.

Colonel Rick Flag was the only survivor of a Yeti-fighting army unit. Flag was chosen to head the Suicide Squad because of his military record and ability to vanquish the beast. He was first hesitant, but he quickly grew to care about the squad.

Inadvertently, Col. Flag was the one who made the Squad’s existence known. After a string of black ops operations, he had a nervous breakdown and attempted to assassinate a senator who was blackmailing the Squad. He was stopped, but only because Deadshot stopped him before he could murder the senator. Col. Flag has since recovered and resumed his role as the team’s commander.


John Cena portrays the character.

“My name is Peacemaker,” says the Peacemaker. I wish to live in peace. I adore tranquility. Enough that I’d be willing to die for it.”

#36 in Vigilante Vol. 1

A superhero is usually assigned to the Suicide Squad to keep them on a tight leash. This time it’s Peacemaker, a guy who is so passionate about peace that he is ready to fight for it.

Christopher Smith was a Nazi commandant’s son. He despised his father’s heritage and went on to work as a pacifist and diplomat. He was also known as the Peacemaker, a vigilante who toppled warlords and tyrants who refused to be ousted through negotiation. Yes, a committed pacifist fighting is hypocritical, but at least he used rubber bullets and non-lethal weaponry. Or at least he did before he became an assassin.

Peacemaker is mentally sick, as readers ultimately discovered. He thinks that everyone he kills or who dies in his vicinity is imprisoned within his wacky helmet and can communicate with him. Peacemaker was killed after his chopper collided with a villain’s tank. Several more heroes have stepped up to take up the role. 

King Shark

Sylvester Stallone and Ron Fuches star in the film.

[Bites the head off a goon] King Shark “Hey, Takashi, could you make a rainbow roll out of this?” I’m trying to keep my figure in check, so I’m going easy on the rice.” 

“New Gotham” Harley Quinn (Season 2, Episode 1)

Although the Suicide Squad has a number of vigilantes and gunslingers, they also have some powerful villains. Superpowers don’t come much stronger than King Shark’s.

Nanaue is the Shark God’s son. He was transformed into a super-strong half-human, half-shark hybrid, but he was also cursed with a shark’s bloodlust and appetite. Before being apprehended by Superboy, who dubbed him King Shark, Nanaue ate many swimmers.

King Shark got away and went on a feeding binge. He was apprehended and compelled to join the Squad. When King Shark isn’t hungry, he’s typically shown as a geeky film lover. His intellect varies according to the writer, ranging from illiterate to a tech-savvy social media expert.

Captain Boomerang is a character from the movie Captain Boomerang

Crispin Freeman and Jai Whitmin star as Jai Whitmin and Crispin Freeman, respectively.

“It’s not a bloody children’s toy,” Captain Boomerang says. It’s a sophisticated and beautiful weapon capable of lopping yer bloody head off in the hands of a master like yourself!”

#7 in Suicide Squad Vol. 1

The woman disguised as a clown is most people’s first guess as the Suicide Squad’s comedic relief. You’re either a blooming drongo or you don’t know Captain Boomerang if you believe it.

“Digger” Harkness was a thief and an Australian immigrant. Captain Boomerang, the mascot of a toy business, recruited him. Harkness drew on his boomerang experience as a kid, but the crowd wasn’t thrilled. Harkness became a criminal after being angry.

Captain Boomerang possesses an armory of trick boomerangs, including acid-spraying, explosive, and razor-sharp variants. Captain Boomerang is a jerk who is often racist, sexist, or homophobic. This typically leads to him being ridiculed by people he offended or being beaten up by the person he just ticked off.

The Philosopher

Peter Capaldi and Neil Sandilands play the roles of Peter Capaldi and Neil Sandilands, respectively.

The Thinker: “Allen, you may be the quickest man living. “I have the quickest mind.”

“As a result, I Am,” says the Flash (Season 4, Episode 7)

There are old and new villains on the Suicide Squad, but The Thinker was committing crimes when the majority of the ensemble was still in diapers.

Clifford DeVoe was an unsuccessful lawyer who thought that most criminals were too stupid to get away with their crimes. In return for a share of the profits, he started advising them and organizing heists under the moniker The Thinker. Jay Garrick, the original Flash, was ultimately able to apprehend him.

To fight The Flash, The Thinker escaped from prison and stole a gadget known as the Thinking Cap. He gained telekinetic abilities and the capacity to mind control people thanks to the hat. Unfortunately, DeVoe developed fatal cancer as a result of his extended usage of The Thinking Cap. He retired after burying the hatchet with The Flash. Until the very end, Jay assisted DeVoe with his condition.

Polka-Dot Man is a character in the film Polka-Dot Man

David Dastmalchian portrays the character.

“But look at me…,” Polka-Dot Man says. I went head-to-head with Batman. “I am who I am.”

Aftermath of the Final Crisis: Get Out! #3

Batman, Holy Swingin’ Sixties! The Polka-Dot Man is one of DC’s most gimmicky characters.

Abner Krill, the man who would become Polka-Dot Man, is a mystery. It’s suggested that he became a criminal only to compete with Batman in wits. Buzzsaws, teleporters, and a sun-themed flashbang are among the polka-dot shaped devices on his outfit.

Polka-Dot Man was a laughingstock among Gotham’s criminal elite, and he ultimately succumbed to alcoholism. His claim to fame is that he was the one who got Gotham cop Harvey Bullock in trouble for police brutality. Polka-Dot Man met an untimely end when his skull was crushed by a manhole cover in Final Crisis Aftermath.

The second installment of the Ratcatcher series

Daniella Melchior is the actress that plays her.

“Don’t worry, yeah?” says the bloodsport. I’ll get you out of here alive.” “I’m going to get you out of here alive,” says Ratcatcher II. –

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad assembles A-listers and long-forgotten adversaries. It also introduces a new enemy in the form of Ratcatcher II.

Otis Flannigan was a pest control operator who was apprehended after murdering someone in a street brawl. While imprisoned, he learned to train rats and ultimately escaped, kidnapped the authorities who condemned him. Otis adopted the moniker “Ratcatcher” and tortured his captors with a rat army.

Before he died, one of the jailers escaped and informed Batman about the Ratcatcher. Batman was able to vanquish the criminal despite the vermin army and Ratcatcher’s poison. Before being killed in Infinite Crisis, Ratcatcher made a few more appearances. His daughter and successor is Ratcatcher II. The Suicide Squad teasers appear to suggest that she and Bloodsport have a surrogate parental connection.


Michael Rooker portrays the character.

“I still believe I could take you,” Savant says. We’ll never know, fortunately for me, since… I don’t mind cheating.”

Vol. 1 #56 of Birds of Prey

Not every member of the Suicide Squad is well-known. Meet Savant, the Birds of Prey’s recurrent foe.

Brian Durlin was a wealthy pampered child who aspired to be a superhero. Batman ordered him to go since he didn’t care about other people’s safety. Durlin reinvented himself as Savant, a hacker who utilized his newfound abilities to set up a blackmail business.

When Savant abducted Black Canary in order to discover Batman’s secret identity, he came upon the Birds of Prey. Oracle, the leader of the Birds, rehabilitated Savant in order to keep his blackmail out of the hands of evildoers. Despite a few missteps, Savant ultimately evolved into a much more balanced figure; he wasn’t a hero, but he wasn’t a villain either.

Sol Soria

Alice Braga portrays the character.

“D-didn’t you ever watch Star Trek?!,” Juan Soria asks. The mysterious red-shirted man always dies! This is how you know Kirk is in jeopardy! You’re screwed if you don’t have a name!”

#33 in Suicide Squad Vol. 5

Who the heck is this, anyway? Sol Soria does not exist in the DC world. Juan Soria, a one-off figure, is the closest we’ve come. So, I suppose, that’s his tale.

Juan Soria was a fan of the Justice League who lost his hand in a workplace accident. He injected himself with nanomaterials that enabled him to unlock any digital lock. When Juan became a bank robber, the Justice League refused to let him join and arrested him.

Juan was recruited for a mission by the Suicide Squad, who made it clear that they despised him and viewed him as cannon fodder. He had no idea that their target was fueled by good feeling, therefore the Squad depressed him in order to weaken their adversary. Juan was granted a nicer jail cell as a thank you for his service. Unfortunately, Killer Croc, who had indicated a desire in devouring him, is his cellmate. Since then, Juan hasn’t been seen. Make the calculations.


Pete Davidson portrays the character.

Harley: “Oh my God, is that a werewolf!” exclaims Weasel. “You seated me next to a werewolf?” Blackguard exclaims. Yo, let me out!” he yells as he tugs on his seatbelt.

The Suicide Squad

Wow, we’re starting to get into the nebulous baddies now. What is Blackguard’s claim to fame, apart from being a member of the Suicide Squad?

Dick Hertz (facepalm) was a member of a gang known as The 1000, and he was an enforcer for them. He was given armor that may be used to produce an energy mace and shield. Batteries are available for purchase separately. He was the first enemy to face Booster Gold, the heroic time traveler.

Blackguard was ultimately persuaded to quit The 1000 by Green Lantern. He joined the Suicide Squad, but his first assignment resulted in his death. And nothing of worth was lost in the process.


Sean Gunn portrays the character.

“Hey!” says Col. Flag. He’s not a werewolf, after all! O.K.? He’s a scumbag. He’s not a threat. He’s not innocuous; he’s murdered 27 children, but y’know…” –

The Suicide Squad

Whatever you think of the rest of the Suicide Squad, one thing is clear about Weasel: he scares me out. The guy simply seems to be creepy.

John Monroe was a bullied kid who later became a teacher. He was driven insane by the pressures of teaching. He disguised himself as a weasel and attacked his tormentors. The Weasel attempted to murder Firestorm, who was trying to get employment at the school, but was assaulted and imprisoned.

The Suicide Squad only sent the Weasel on one mission. He was put down by Col. Flag with the Thinking Cap after killing The Thinker partway through the operation. Later on, an animalistic Weasel emerged, apparently unrelated to Monroe. 

The Javelin is a throwing weapon.

Flula Borg is the actress that plays her.

“Beware The Javelin, My Son!” says the cover.

#173 Green Lantern

We all know that many Suicide Squad members will perish, but the major question is who will be the first to die? Sol Soria and Blackguard are plausible candidates, but I’m betting on Javelin, a former Olympian who turned criminal for unknown reasons. Prior to joining the Suicide Squad, he was an adversary of Green Lantern and battles with a variety of trick javelins.

In the comics, Javelin seems to have died many times. He’s been stabbed by his own javelin, blown up by his explosive javelins, and ran over while defending a comrade. Regardless of what occurs, Javelin always rises to try again. It’s also possible that the authors have forgotten he’s meant to be dead. It’s either one or the other.


Mayling Ng is the actress that plays her.

“It wasn’t a request,” Mongal says. By right, I claim [Maxima’s] sword, her title, and the Crown of Almerac after the ashes of the fallen have been dispersed across the universe.”

Our Planets Are at War

I’m really shocked Mongal is in The Suicide Squad before Mongul, her much more famous brother.

Mongal is a conqueror from Debstam IV with Superman-like strength, speed, and durability. Mongal battled a number of space-faring superheroes, but he was never well-liked by fans.

During the event Our Worlds at War, Mongal rose to the position of king of a planet named Almerac. Unfortunately, it was insufficient to rescue her. Mongul ultimately murdered her because he believed his family was weakening him.


Nathan Fillion portrays the character.

“My power will amaze you!” says T.D.K. Watch how I remove a limb from my body and turn it into a lethal weapon!”

#46 in Secret Origins Vol. 2

One of the weirdest heroes ever created by DC Comics is the last member of the new Suicide Squad. The Detachable Kid (T.D.K.) was initially known as Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. Yes. This was the genuine deal.

Arm-Fall-Off-Boy has a long and illustrious history in DC Comics, with many pivotal appearances in – nope, no way. When the Legion of Superheroes was auditioning for new members, he appeared in one of their issues. Arm-Fall-Off-enthusiasm Boy’s was matched by his lack of talent, helpful abilities, and anything else the Legion need or desired.

Which of the new Suicide Squad members is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

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